Best Small Sewing Machine

In contrast to a typical sewing machine, the best mini sewing machines bring many advantages. These are often bought by children who just learn the ability and have little or no practice before. Often, beginner seamstresses often use mini sewing machines to move them around the home, to be taken into any sewing classes they may prepare. Although these mini machines are not as portable as the lower priced sewing machines, in fact, they perform much better, and it’s certainly worth extra money and size.

There are examples of electric and computerized mini sewing machines with a number of unique features and advantages. The main advantages of mini sewing machines are their small, typically very light weight, easy-to-use and also great for beginners to learn. If you’re a beginner, you might be the ideal candidate for the small sewing machine, particularly as it is so easy to handle and can only be tailored to a small amount.

Things appear to be getting exciting within this growing world of sewing. You can knit almost anywhere, at any moment now more than ever. You only need a portable sewing machine. Luckily, most of the sewing machine producers have produced mini sewing machines that give all the functions and characteristics of a regular model in a light and compact layout. The best mini-sewing machine not only provides you with the advantages of a larger one, but also saves you the space needed by bigger models. A mini sewing machine is better still, especially for children who learn how to sew.

In addition to consuming a small storage area, mini sewing machines have additional great features to make them a household item. You can work very quickly, perform various functions, consume less power and are trendy and sleek in appearance. Mini sewing machines can be moved easily because they are not large. Better yet, mini sewing machines are good for people in smaller apartments or for people who think that traditional sewing machines are too large and heavy.

#1: SINGER | Start 1304 6 Built-in Stitches

SINGER Start 1304 6 Built-in Stitches, Free Arm Best Sewing Machine for Beginners, 11.46 pounds

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The sewing machine Start 1304 has 6 stitches that you can choose from and you select it by a simple dial turn. Because the width and stitch length of this mini sewing machine are predetermined, this is the ideal option for beginners or hobbyists. You can choose a straight sewing stitch, repair a round stitch with a blind hem stitch, sew a zigzag stitch or sew a decorative stitch, which can decorate almost any item.

The Start 1304 has a Four-step Buttonhole feature, so you can easily add buttonholes to items like kids ‘ clothes, pillows, fashion and more in four easy steps. You are free to take out the extension table to unlock the Free Arm for hemming skirts and jeans or knit for other small projects. The Start 1304 is compact, lightweight and easy to move or store. If you’re looking for a basic and very user friendly sewing machine at an unbeatable price, look at the Singer Start 1304. This mini sewing machine promises to produce, whether you are trying out new projects or alteration of the clothes. Better still, this machine will last a lifetime with its metal body and its robust structure. Besides being excellent for beginners, the Singer Start 1304 is also enough for pros with little maintenance.


  • It has a practical design
  • It is small sized and portable
  • It is inexpensive
  • It has a metal frame
  • It has a stainless steel bedplate
  • It has smooth fabric feed
  • It has an intuitive dial
  • It can be transported easily
  • It features an all purpose foot
  • It has a buttonhole foot
  • It has 6 built-in stitches
  • It includes an LED light


  • It is only suitable for beginners
SINGER Start 1304 6 Built-in Stitches, Free Arm Best Sewing Machine for Beginners, 11.46 pounds
  • BEST SEWING MACHINE: The SINGER Start 1304 sewing machine is basic, simple, and easy-to-use thanks to 57 Stitch Applications, all with...
  • : SINGER Start 1304 Start Free Arm Model Sewing Machine has 25 Year Limited
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: This lightweight and portable machine weighs only 7 pounds, making it great for sewing in smaller spaces or taking...

#2: AGM Portable Sewing Machine

AGM Portable Sewing Machine, 12 Stitches 2 Speed Heavy Duty Sew Machine, Handheld Quilting...

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The Uten AGM portable sewing machine is a compact sewing machine that has been well designed to repair most of the heavy fabrics in a normal house. Indeed, this mini sewing machine is especially produced for this purpose. Robust materials, like leather or even raw car roofs, can quickly be stitched with this tool as well. A variety of needles with various shapes is supplied with the Uten AGM Portable Sewing Machine. This sewing machine gives the user the ability to choose the accessories best suited for his needs by switching the accessories to better match their needs. Independently of its ability to switch easily between needles, Uten AGM Portable Sewing Machine is regarded as the best portable sewing machine.

If you own a large number of leather products, it may be suitable for you to have the Uten AGM portable sewing machine even if you are not a tourist. This unit can be placed at hand for emergencies as it can “do it yourself,” particularly in the case of repairs to damaged equipment. The compact Uten AGM Sewing Machine is an impressive, eye-catching device. The container is made of metal and has a solid wooden handle. It also comes with a waxed thread that can easily hold even the thickest of textiles together. This mini sewing machine is durable because of its robust design.


  • It is small sized and portable
  • It is inexpensive
  • It is multifunctional
  • It has double thread and speed
  • It is safe for beginners
  • It has reverse and overlock functions
  • It is made of durable materials
  • It includes a lighting lamp
  • It has a replaceable foot
  • It features a mini hidden drawer


  • It is not suitable for larger projects such as quilts
AGM Portable Sewing Machine, 12 Stitches 2 Speed Heavy Duty Sew Machine, Handheld Quilting...
  • MULTIFUNCTION SEWING MACHINE - Double Thread & Double Speed helps you create neat, straight and firmer stitch. Supports seam, hem,...
  • SAFETY & EASY USE FOR BEGINNER - Anti-slip Bottom Pads to ensure the overlock sewing machine stay firmly during operation, safe to use....
  • REVERSING & OVERLOCK - This heavy duty sewing machine equipped with lighting lamp, replaceable foot, cut and sew overlock stitches(Use 11...

#3: MICHLEY LSS-505 Lil’ Sew & Sew Multi-Purpose

MICHLEY LSS-505 Lil' Sew & Sew Multi-Purpose Sewing Machine with Built-in Stitches

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The MICHLEY LSS-505 is one of the cheapest mini-sewing machines on the market and is ideal for children and beginners in sewing. Due to its efficiency, price and ease of use this small sewing machine is loved by a lot of people. When you try to keep to a schedule, this is the perfect machine for you. Although this machine lacks construction quality and sophisticated mini-sewing features, it still operates very well and is not jeopardizing sewing efficiency at all. The MICHLEY LSS-505 Lil’ Sew and Sew is in fact equipped with a forward and back sewing, apart from its basic eight-stitch design, which allows a user to stiffen stitches to prevent breakage.

The MICHLEY LSS-505 is fitted with an embedded LED light, luminous enough that the working surface is illuminated or enlightened while sewing. The MICHLEY LSS-505 Lil’ Sew & Sew is lightweight and is extremely easy to use and can take anywhere. It is easy to carry. The MICHLEY LSS-505 Lil’ Sew & Sew is the ideal sewing machine if you are an aspiring sewer out there. Better still, if you’re looking for a sewing machine that can help you grow into a sewer when studying and test your understanding of the mechanics behind the art, then that may be the machine you need.


  • It has a beautiful design
  • It is small and practical
  • It has 2 speed settings
  • It has 8 stitches
  • It comes with automatic thread rewind
  • It has 2 speed settings
  • It has forward and reverse sewing
  • It can do forward and reverse sewing
  • It is capable of sewing sleeves
  • It includes an LED sewing light


  • Threading can be challenging
MICHLEY LSS-505 Lil' Sew & Sew Multi-Purpose Sewing Machine with Built-in Stitches
  • 8 Built-in Stitch Patterns.Automatic Thread Rewind
  • 2 Speed settings.Forward & Reverse Sewing
  • Double Thread

#4: KPCB Mini Sewing Machines with Foot Pedal

KPCB Mini Sewing Machines with Foot Pedal

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A basic sewing machine with only one line of stitching, KPCB Mini Sewing Machine designed to easily sew and handle small materials. Because of its excellent design with a thread cutter and built in lamp, this mini sewing machine is most useful. This mini sewing machine is ideal for young children, but others can use it as well. The fans of this unit are actually present in all ages. For fast sewing, the KPCB Mini Sewing Machine is built. It also has an extension table to make sewing stable and smooth, as well as a integration lamp and thread cutter to ensure sufficient light source and demand for cutting threads.

The KPCB Mini Sewing Machine is the right choice for you, if you’re looking for a small sewing machine with a battery power supply or a battery power converter. The cuff holes, which make sewing pants and sleeves simple to stitch, foot pedal operation and an electronic bobbin rewinding process, are also included in this sewing machine for easy sewing. The KPCB Mini Sewing Machine is also ideal for soft jeans, denim, hard silk, linen and hard wool sewing materials. This specific sewing machine was used by the majority of people to produce and repair items for soft materials such as packs, tapestries, coin bags, aprons, etc. It is highly recommended that the needle be changed based on thickness or hardness of the material with this sewing machine.


  • It is an easy to use mini machine
  • It comes with a unique design
  • It has a large working area
  • It is portable
  • It has a straight line stitch
  • It is electric
  • It can be used with a wide variety of fabric types
  • It has a foot pedal


  • It doesn’t work with thick materials
KPCB Mini Sewing Machines with Foot Pedal
  • 【Unique Extension Table】Provides an exclusive large sewing table to work for the large project and help to stabilize the mini machine....
  • 【Advanced 201 Version】Slot on the bottom, perfect for sewing sleeves and legs. Equipped with built-in lighting lamp and thread cutter,...
  • 【Latest Outstanding Upgrade】Strengthened and lengthen the cable of pedal; changed needles to qualified Organ Needles; Equipped AC/DC...

#5: MICHLEY LSS-202 Lil’ Sew & Sew Mini

MICHLEY LSS-202 Lil' Sew & Sew Mini 2-Speed Sewing Machine, White

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The Lil ‘ Sew & Sew sewing machine is an ultra-light and compact sewing machine that saves you a little bit of effort if you give it some time. A more expensive machine is not necessarily capable of offering you more, for it only knows one simple stitch, but one that is liked by everyone. Now we have to understand what makes this little computer the ultimate stitch machine and why so many people have unfortunately formed a love-hate relationship. The reliability of this handy bare-bones input machine is impressive, unless you want the finesse of an extensive feature. The Michley LSS-202 comes with the lowest possible level, but while it looks like a kit we don’t recommend it to children to learn how to sew for the very first time. It’s a perfect gift to pre-teen, teen and adult sewers that just sew but aren’t quite sure that a larger, more costly machine won’t be exploited.

The LSS-202 Michley is not just a machine ideal for novices. For the managing of small projects, experienced sewers may find it very useful that do not need finishing. Several users lauded the unit for having a narrow stitch that looks surprisingly good. Nonetheless, those lucky ones had to first look up a few videos on youtube about how to thread this girl as the hand manual does not help, and if you are a complete beginner or lack the necessary stamina (more about this in a bit the entire process may be very nerve wrecking).

Moreover, it’s a very portable tiny machine. The LSS-202 can be taken with you anywhere, as the size of a clothes iron and weighs just 1,76 lbs. Even if it operates at US voltage, it is also fitted with a power socket connector that can be connected with European outlets. The unit can also be powered by batteries for extra portability, but we do not recommend using the battery because the its power will be gone in no time. This lightweight unit, on the other hand, isn’t always a good thing as it is not that suitable for large projects.


  • It is one of the smallest machines on the market
  • It comes with knob colors
  • It has 2 speeds
  • It can sew on silk to denim
  • It has a foot pedal
  • it s foot pedal can be used as a hand switch
  • It has a top drop-in bobbin
  • It has automatic thread rewind
  • It includes 4 bobbins
  • It comes with a needle


  • It is not suitable for sewing thick materials
MICHLEY LSS-202 Lil' Sew & Sew Mini 2-Speed Sewing Machine, White
  • Knob Colors May Vary
  • Mini 2-speed sewing machine offers double thread and perfect stitch control
  • For anything from silk to denim; hand switch or foot pedal to start


What Is A Portable Sewing Machine?

Modern sewing machines are usually heavy machinery that are mounted on a table or floor. The sewer would work in the factory with these full-size machines without much versatility in sewing elsewhere. Portable machines are different. Such devices can be transferred much more easily to simpler, lightweight structures, which allow you to work wherever you like. Although small, portable sewing machines often have many of the same features as regular sewing machines. Among the best mobile devices are several points or speed choices, automatic winding of the bobbin and the thread and even a free arm for quick use. Typically portable sewing machines weigh less than ten pounds, so that they can be carried in suitcases or tote bags. Some options weigh 2 pounds and can easily be placed in a bag!

What are the pros and cons of working with a small sewing machine?

Portable sewing equipment has several great qualities that make it popular among sewers.  It may be evident, but the primary advantage of portable sewing machines is that they can be carried anywhere. The choice of bringing such a device along with you helps you to do more work. Portable sewers cost far fewer than their competitors in full size. While a fully-fledged unit can cost a few hundred dollars, most compact machines cost well below 100 dollars, with many alternatives as cheap as 20 or 30 dollars.

Portable computers are simpler and are more flexible in their engineering. When reparation work is done in a small piece of clothing or stitching the child’s craft, you shouldn’t have to have more time set up a big sewing machine. This makes the process of learning to use the machine faster and less complicated. Portable sewing machines were easily built to save time and energy for small projects. Notwithstanding the above, portable sewing machines are not always capable of replacing their full-size components. Take these disadvantages into account: portable sewing machines do not have as many stitches to choose from, and often offer only one basic point. Mobile machines are not ideally suited to sewing large uncommon items such as thick ranges or long clothes with their small size. Portable devices are often constructed of lightweight and non-durable materials such as rubber. Often, a handheld unit can not handle specialized textiles effectively enough.

Who is it for?

Portable sewing machines are more suited than others to the needs of certain sewing enthusiasts types. Take into account the following examples to determine whether this sort of system is right for you. As portable sewing machines are an affordable alternative to regular machines, they are a great choice for beginners and people who rarely sew. If you need a machine for basic tasks, it’s a great way to save money without sacrificing any sewing features to get a portable machine.

Persons who perform sewing tasks only on a small scale, such as simple garment repairs, should consider a portable sewing machine a compact and successful alternative. These machines can help you quickly and easily perform small, simple tasks. Starting on a handheld computer is a great idea when you have kids who are dying to learn how to knit. These machines are simple and intuitive, so that even children can quickly begin sewing. Therefore, if your child changes his or her mind within a few weeks about the will to sew with a low priced unit, it is not as much a cash investment. Did you feel sick of lugging your full-size sewing machine every week? A handheld sewing machine is available to you in this situation. This form of machine is accessible to anyone who needs to be able to sew in more than one place.


When a compact equipment is helped, it does not become difficult to choose the best sewing machine you and your children can use. A high quality mini sewing machine has many benefits. There are a number of advantages. First, you don’t have to worry about carrying such a tool practically everywhere. Furthermore, it’s advantageous to have a high quality mini sewing machine, because you won’t have to worry if there is no power, as these machines usually can power off the battery. 

Another benefit of having a mini-sewing machine is that most are simple to operate and keep in mind that they are suitable for beginners and children. Yet their configuration is fast and they are cheap to buy. If you’re interested in space, then you’ve got mini sewing machines because you don’t need much space. Eventually, with a mini sewing machine of superior quality, you are going to be able to easily stitch or restore your products. Top-quality mini sewing machines are known for their speeds and because one is in place, you can do the designs as quickly as possible. You might also consider buying a serger to help beginners know how to complete the tasks more accurately.