Brother 1034D Serger Review

Brother Serger, 1034DX, Durable Metal Frame Overlock Machine 1,300 Stitches Per Minute, Trim Trap, 3...

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A serger or overlocking machine gives a professional finish to hems and seams.

Sergers do not have as many functions as a regular sewing machine. However, many people who own sewing machines often buy a serger to finish hems on garments.

They also use them to give a quality finish to projects like napkins and towels. In one pass through the machine, it trims, stitches and finishes. It can also give a decorative finish to knits and stretch fabrics.

Let’s take a look at what the Brother 1034D has to offer.

Brother is a well-known name in the sewing machine industry. The company produces lots of machines for all levels of sewing and all types of projects. This 3/4 thread serger is one of the many it manufactures.

The Brother 1034D produces a professional looking finish on a number of fabrics, including linen, knits and formal wear. You can create decorative edges and ruffles or sew narrow sleeves, stitch spaghetti straps and join laces edges.


This machine can overlock with three or four threads. It has 22 built-in stitch options, including a rolled hem, narrow hem, and ribbon lock stitch. There are specialty stitch functions for home decor, crafts, heirloom and reinforcing tapes. It also stitches seams for bridal and formal wear.

Measuring 11 by 11.7 by 13.2 inches, and weighing 19.75 pounds, it sews up to 1300 stitches per minute. This fast speed means you can complete projects quicker.

With a color-coded and numbered threading system for the upper and lower loops, the machine is easy to thread.

The differential feed can be adjusted from 0.7 to 2.0 to prevent fabric from puckering. It adjusts the pressure on the presser foot to help when stitching different fabrics.

As well as enabling you to use light or heavy fabrics, it also allows you to create wavy or ruffled edges. This makes dealing with thin, stretchy or knitted fabrics a breeze.

With an adjustable stitch width, the machine allows you to set the size of your seam and where it is trimmed. The free arm lets you stitch sleeves, cuffs and other cylindrical or circular items.

The 1034D uses standard sewing machine needles. Two snap-on feet make it easy to change between stitches for different finishes.

There is a knife that cuts the edge of seams, which can be easily turned on or off via a lever on the machine. This means you can pintuck or flatlock with ease.

The stitch finger is removable, ensuring the machine produces well-formed stitches consistently.

A useful built-in light can be used to illuminate your projects as you sew.

Included in the purchase price are: an instruction video, printed manual, softcover, needles, and foot controller. There are also 4 spool nets, a cleaning brush, tweezers, hexagonal wrench and a trim trap.

Other feet can be purchased to enhance your learning experience and give you more scope.

The company offers a 25-year limited warranty and free telephone support for the lifetime of the machine.

This YouTube video highlights some of the features of the Brother 1034D:


The Positives and Negatives

The overall response by users of this machine is positive, which meets with our own findings.

The color-coded threading system is easy to follow, although it may take a couple of attempts to get it right if you are a beginner. The numerous stitch types create perfect seams and hems, as well as decorative finishes.

The free arm is a bonus when it comes to stitching cuffs, sleeves, and necklines. Adjustments are available for the differential feed and stitch width. This means dealing with even hard to stitch fabrics is a cinch.

Standard sewing machine needles fit this machine so you don’t have to search around to source specialized ones.

Along with the positives, there are generally a few negatives. This machine has nowhere to store spare needles, feet or tools. It can also be a little on the noisy side when being used.

The machine cannot be used as a two-thread, so chain stitch or a basic coverlock stitch are not available options.

Is the Brother 1034D a Good Investment?

Brother Serger, 1034DX, Durable Metal Frame Overlock Machine 1,300 Stitches Per Minute, Trim Trap, 3...
  • METAL FRAME SERGER: The Brother 1034DX is a durable serger made with a metal frame
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: A high performance 3 or 4 thread serger that can handle multiple layers of denim and other thick materials
  • 1,300 STITCHES PER MINUTE: Serge more in less time by sewing up to 1,300 stitches per minute. Control speed with the included foot pedal

This entry level serger is an affordable choice from the many on the market. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced users. It has many features you would expect to find in a top-of-the-range model.

It has almost all the functions you would normally expect. These include differential feed, free arm, adjustable stitch width and presser foot pressure.

The machine uses standard sewing machine needles and comes with many accessories. It also has a long limited warranty.

“Versatile” is a word we would use for this machine, with its 22 different stitch options. If you are looking for a serger to expand your sewing arsenal then this one could meet your needs. It gives a consistent performance and is easy to operate.