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Cricut is a well-known die-cutting brand for the creation of crafts such as cards, flyers and postcards. These are also used to print fondant objects into cakes and different mediums can be pressed into tops, molded fabrics and other artistic uses. They are essentially known as tools for creatives and are often used to make art objects that are painted, worn and consumed as part of a decorative food arrangement. The devices are bought at the price of a common device and brought into your house as another electronic device that can be used for special tasks.

In this article, we will present products that are equipped with all required software required to communicate with each function. To get started, you simply install it on your PC, tablet or smartphone. The interface of the program is basically a graphical table, where imported or generated images are placed, changed and assembled to allow the computer to crop, score and print correspondingly. View them as substitute printers.

One of the most critical aspects of your Cricut system is how deeply the blades can cut and how the materials with which you decide to work are ordered. Many machines use a variety of blades to accelerate cutting; others use a rotating model to improve accuracy and cuts strength. If pace is important to you, consider picking up a Cricut device that can cut during write or score simultaneously. In particular, you want a Cricut device to accommodate the width of the product you need to cut. However small or large it may be, most Cricut machines are able to cut, but smaller models like the Cricut Mini do not support sheets larger than 8.5x 12.

If you are looking for a Cricut machine, but it still isn’t clear which model would be more suitable for your needs, you are in the right place. We have selected 5 of the best-selling products on the market and reviewed them so that you can make a decision based on facts. While reviewing them, we looked at technical aspects, design, functionality, ease of use, as well as affordability and consumer feedback. Check them out below.

#1: Cricut Maker, Champagne

Cricut Maker - Smart Cutting Machine - With 10X Cutting Force, Cuts 300+ Materials, Create 3D Art,...

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The high-performance cutting capabilities of this professional vinyl cutter stand out. The unit is a beast for fabric cutting, the maker says. But what would you expect from a machine with a full rotary blade? The rotary knife, as you learn, uses rolling and gliding to eliminate slices. This increased speed of cutting naturally allows you to attend to more customers if you plan to use it commercially. In fact, you won’t have to deal with hand-cutting because the machine can handle materials as thick as denim and linen as light as cloth and silk. Of all other Cricut equipment, none of them are equipped with the rotary blade. Explore Air 2, Explore One, Personal/ V1 to Experiment and Cake. 

The manufacturer then simply has an advantage over them all. Such a knife, as you know, removes the need for a backer material equal to more versatility in design.  Planning a chipboard, balsa or mat board cutting? This is the knife for the job. With the power to cut materials as dense as 3/32 inches thick, the knife blade is the vision of each designer. Sadly, you won’t find the knife blade on any Cricut device other than the Maker.  Note: You’ll need to push the star wheels on the roller bar to do this.

The stylish tool delivers 4 kilograms of cutting force, which is 10X more than Cricut Air’s sibling does. The Maker also has a USB port, a spinning knife, a blade and a washable cloth plumb.Besides the realistic devices, Cricut’s rich sewing pattern catalog also offers unlimited access to the cutter. So if you want to knit, this is a major boost for you, because you enjoy slicing. Essentially, almost any sewing pattern here is viewed as a model of the object to be sewed. The models are made of paper, so all you’d need to do is draw your preferred pattern on the fabric you’re going to use, and it’s done pretty much.


  • It is great for creating any design
  • It can be used with paper, vinyl, leather etc
  • It has a wide suite of tools
  • It has a rotary blade
  • It offers hundreds of digital patterns
  • Its app is easy to use
  • It has multiple USB ports
  • It has a premium housing
  • It has a beautiful design


  • It does not have an engraving feature
Cricut Maker - Smart Cutting Machine - With 10X Cutting Force, Cuts 300+ Materials, Create 3D Art,...
  • A POWERFUL, VERSATILE SMART CUTTING MACHINE - Take your decorative art & craft to the next level with the original Cricut Maker that...
  • CUTS 300+ MATERIALS IN A WHIZ - Cuts everything from delicate paper & fabric to matboard & leather. The included Rotary Blade practically...
  • APP BASED CRAFTING TOOL WITH WIRELESS-BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY - With just a few clicks, create personalized and custom designs with this...


#2: Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint

Cricut Explore Air 2 - A DIY Cutting Machine for all Crafts, Create Customized Cards, Home Decor &...

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One of the best Cricut cutting devices on the market, Explore Air 2 has all the energy you need to play with light commercial work. The machine comes with a double device holder. Which implies it can hack, copy and sear at the same time. The development is also intended for anyone searching for an easy-to-understand computer. Explore Air 2’s other cool attribute is its Bluetooth wireless technology. Such innovative technology means you can submit models straight to the computer. Unlike with its brother, Explore One, you wouldn’t have to buy a separate Bluetooth dongle.

Cricut Explore Air 2’s main selling point is its cutting and writing pace. The machine’s two working modes. The default mode makes cuts at the usual speed. Nevertheless, the quick mode allows you to do the job twice as fast. Notice, remember that this Cricut system comes with Cut Smart 2 software. This patent-pending software increases the value of your actions at all stages. What’s the thickest product this robot could cut? Okay, the Explore Air 2 will cut wood.

This system includes great pens that can be added to make personalized handmade items. Besides the right to choose from more than 370 fonts offered. When you activate your preferred font, all you have to do is wait and watch the cutter compose through your selection stuff.  When you get this tool, you can browse through 500,000 printable frames. This means that you can print around 1000 patterns. And best of all, you can always upload your very own printable patterns and images. So what you get with Explore Air 2 is unparalleled printing capacity and versatility in layout. Regardless of your degree of design experience, there’s always something you can do with Air 2.


  • It is great for creating stickers, cards and custom designs for clothing
  • It can use you images
  • It has a wide variety of images included
  • Its software is free
  • It can be connected to any smart device
  • It features Bluetooth
  • It is lightweight
  • It is easy to use


  • The software is quite limited
Cricut Explore Air 2 - A DIY Cutting Machine for all Crafts, Create Customized Cards, Home Decor &...
  • ART AND CRAFT CUTTING MADE SIMPLE, EVEN FOR BEGINNERS - Designed with simplicity and value in mind, bust out your DIY dreams and create...
  • CUTS 100+ MATERIALS WITH EASE – The included Premium Fine-Point Blade lets crafters make precise, intricate cuts from a variety of popular...
  • APP BASED CRAFTING TOOL WITH WIRELESS-BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY - With just a few clicks, create personalized and custom designs using the...


#3: Cricut Easypress 2 12″X10″-Raspberry

Cricut EasyPress 2 Heat Press Machine (9 in x 9 in), Ideal for T-Shirts, Tote Bags, Pillows, Aprons...

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The Cricut Easypress system is not a cutting machine, but an ironing device that allows you to press down your crafts for a perfect result. However, it deserves its place in this list, as such a machine will help you obtain the desired results. It was designed to deliver a minute or fewer of competent ironing output. The pace of a traditional heat press and the simplicity of a modern iron box are combined in this device to produce quick and stupid results that last for long even after repeated washing. A continuously heated plate and simple controls position it upside down on most iron-on containers. This rocks up to 350 ° F (180 ° C) changing temperature control settings, making it ideal for large or layered works.

In contrast, the Easypress comes with a few security features, such as self-stopping and an integrated rest platform. The product line up comprises an Easypress SKY-9′′ X 9′′ circuit, a RASPBErry 6′′ X 6′′, a RASPBERRY 9′′ X 9′′ circuit and a RASPBERRY 11′′ X 10′′ circuit. The Cricut Easypress is obviously advantaged by its compact dimensions over a traditional heat press. First of all, the Easypress has a size of 9′′x9′′, which makes it easy to place in any storage  place such as a box or cabinet On the other side, even small heat machines require bigger frames and are more rigid than the Easypress of Cricut. As a consequence, large storage spaces are needed which may not always be available in small workshops. The Easypress is the most compact of the two devices, weighing about 5 pounds.

The heat press can produce a ton more than 400 levels while the Easypress just reaches 350 ° F at its peak. With products, such as printed head transfer and sublimation which involve 350 ° and above temperature, this extra temperature range is useful.


  • It is great for large clothing items
  • It can be used to iron banners
  • It is a professional device
  • It has an advanced heat plate
  • It has a ceramic surface
  • It uses up to 400 degrees of heat
  • It is easy to use
  • It has a gorgeous design


  • A lot of pressure must be applied if you are trying to stick something to the materials
Cricut EasyPress 2 Heat Press Machine (9 in x 9 in), Ideal for T-Shirts, Tote Bags, Pillows, Aprons...
  • A NO-STRESS HEAT PRESS — Get pro-level heat-transfer results with Cricut EasyPress 2, the speed of a heat press and the convenience of an...
  • ADJUSTABLE TIME AND TEMPERATURE— Control temperature up to 400 ºF (205 ºC) and set the timer to take on just about any heat transfer...
  • QUICK, EASY RESULTS — Featuring an advanced heat plate design with a ceramic-coated surface, the press heats up in under 2 minutes and can...


#4: Cricut Mini Electronic Cutting Machine

Cricut Mini Cutting Machine

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The Cricut Mini is a lightweight, compact, powerful machine. The mini is conveniently loaded with your computer for the next die-cutting event with a paltry 5.2 catalog. What else? What else? The tool is quite strong and can slice more hard materials, even cardstocks of 1.5 mm. The mini is also able to draw apart from carving. Finally, two buttons are installed on the small machine. One of the two keys is to start and stop the computer. The second key is used to mount the pad.

The lovely body is a solid sword beneath. The thickness and strength of the blade however must be manually set. And apart from some cases where the roller of the machine is worked without a pad, this mini device is relatively silent. Another interesting aspect is that Cricut Mini contains a free software edition of Craft Room. You can make custom models with ready-made tools with this program. To use this software, however, you need an internet connection.

On the other hand, you can not build your own designs from scratch with this program. You can buy a few ready-made models mostly for 99 cents in store. This can be a serious downside especially if you are an accomplished craftsman interested in exploring their ingenuity. There is no question, however, that this device has great value for money. You can save money for your workplace. Also, if you fly much and want a portable Cricut boot device, that is the perfect option.


  • It has a beautiful design
  • It is lightweight
  • It is cheaper than larger models
  • It can be connected to Mac and Windows computers
  • It can cut a variety of materials
  • Its Craft Room software is free
  • It has more than 500 free images
  • It includes a Welcome Packet


  • It cannot scan in your own designs and cut them
Cricut Mini Cutting Machine
  • Cuts up to 8.5-by-12-inch paper and other materials. Cut small shapes and fonts from 1/4-inch to larger cuts up to 11-1/2-inch.
  • Extremely precise and detailed cutting capability.
  • Requires a standard internet connection via a laptop or desktop computer, or to be connected to Cricut gypsy.


#5: Cricut Cuttlebug Die Cutting & Embossing Machine

Cricut Brightpad

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This printing device is used for the handling various materials, including cloth, acetate, foils, thin wood, thin felt, thin plastic, chipboard, cardstock and paper. Please be aware that the material’s thickness should not reach 1/8 “and that the extremely thick materials may be trapped into the device. Please be advised that C Plate arrives with the computer itself and is not sold separately. It used to be available for older versions of the cutter but with the V2 model is no longer available. Luckily, if you do not wish to use dies like Spellbinders or Sizzix, you do not really need the C plaque. In reality we believe that Provo Craft has ceased to provide the free C plate to its consumer because it prohibited the use of dietary instruments by other manufacturers. But we are only of the belief, as Cricut still has to make a clear statement as to why they have opted to go that direction.

One thing at this stage you should hopefully find is how smart this device is designed. In addition, the sides must fold up so that they can be comfortably stored and transported. 

Another great feature is that once you fold down sideways, a suction is enabled, which is found below. It causes the device to stay firmly on the floor–a great plus in the case of stabilization. And this fun little machine weights 7 pounds to top it all up. It means you can take it wherever you are without fearing that it may be too much hassle along the way. The length of 14.4 to 7.2 to 12 inches allows it large enough for a standard tote bag to fit in. The best thing to do is to tuck the handle on the bottom to save even more room.


  • It is easy to use
  • It has a practical design
  • It comes with a 6×8 a plate
  • It includes 2 6×8 b plates
  • It has a 6×8 rubber embossing mat
  • It has a collapsible handle
  • It can be used with tissue paper, foild, acetate and thin leather
  • It is more affordable than larger models
  • It is portable


  • The handle sometimes falls off



How do you set up a Cricut machine?

Basically, die-cutting machines are just like printers, except that accurate cuts and scores can also be performed, as well as words and photos. To set it up, you only need to position the cutter onto a table, mount any optional tin cartridges and plug in the power cable that comes with it. The cutter can be connected either via USB to your PC or Bluetooth to your phone or tablet. You can communicate with the computer remotely by downloading the app on a smart phone or using the provided software disk for your PC and upload photos for cut customization. Therefore, you will also get a source of inspiration for your designs. The sheets of your selected material are taken from a holding plate and modified according to your requirements. Luckily, all Cricut machines come with extensive guides and manuals, so that you will not have a hard time setting the machine up.


What to look for in your first Cricut machine?

We have chosen some key aspects that you should look at when purchasing your first craft machine as a beginner. Any of these features can be crucial in your decision making process regarding cutting sizes, specs of machines, software and group. One of the big differences between the Cricut line and other devices such as a Silhouette is the cutting dimension. Cricuts will only work on a cutting surface, so the cutting area is small. A Silhouette, however, can cut a vinyl roll directly for many-foot long symbols or decals.

Over time, device specs are slowly improving as companies release new models. The new machines will have more power and accuracy, while older models will fall. Depending on the exact materials you plan to cut, the spec of the device could or could not be so significant. You can spend a lot of time with the vinyl-cutter design and cutting software. You will be able to create something crafty if you learn how to use the software and see how intuitive it can be. But if the program feels sluggish, unstable, or it is just meaningless, you could never do anything!

Since many software are downloadable, you can even try it before you buy a craft cutter to make a sense of the software. The group around every form of cutter will provide invaluable help as you learn to use your tool and deal with new projects. Cricut really shines, as you can enter various Twitter, Pinterest and Reddit pages in the official Cricut blog and forums for ideas and support.


Who can use Cricut machines?

Originally, cricut cutters have  been developed as automated electronic versions of older die-cutting machines. Rather than using cookie cutters and manual pressure to cut out paper forms, a little blade is automatically moved to take pictures based on electronic designs.

Since then Cricuts also evolved to cut more material tyopes and perform additional functions such as drawing, writing, engraving and printing.

Hpme crafters and DIY enthusiasts love Cricuts to make their artistic dreams a reality. Among scrapbookers, they are popular for cutting and embossing all sorts of colors of paper.

Artisans and craftspeople can save time by taking a Cricut out and marking their entire fabric pieces. You may purchase one to begin a vinyl promotional company that produces colorful stickers, decorates cups or creates sign letters. These are useful to cut different materials and help students learn to make everything these imagine in builders ‘ spaces and classrooms and mini-CNC machines.

Cricut has produced a number of devices for these different purposes. When slicing paper or plastic, the Explore Line is better used. Some models are more similar to a CNC: it is the best choice of wood or foam cutting and has a variety of functions, such as engraving and printing.

The Maker is also the alternative for craftspeople and those who love to seam, since unbonded fabric can be easily cut. Alternatively, it is a thermal press for producing t-shirts and jackets with iron or heat transfer vinyl. The Cricut Easy Press is not a cutter. Then finally, a lightbox designed to track images then fonts is the Cricut BrightPad.


In the case of Cricut machines, there are two possibilities: you can either cut  cloth, wood, paper and leather with pairs of scissors by hand, or you can opt for a device which can be simple and precise to cut  with. Using such a device will also make it easy to change, resize and apply the design you create before the final product is pressed out.

Die cutters become more and more popular among artists, as they are considered essential to serious work devices involving the cutting of materials of some kind, and while you can manually carry this out manually with a basic knife, it is incredibly boring and risky. These are not suitable alternatives for office printers, but some can print images like that.

Looking ahead, there’s not much to see about die cutters right now. The most of this promise is in 3D printers and although you can’t cut materials you already have, they can definitely produce new in a 3D room. This is a more exciting prospect in many respects.

Nonetheless, with other brands leading the heavy, more industrial side of the matter, Cricut die cutters are generally considered to be the pioneer in commercial-level technology.. It may eventually be possible to integrate the cutting mechanism into 3D presses and create an all-in – one solution for craft development and modification, but at this time it is hard to argue about the performance advantage of these machines in all kinds of production.



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