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Since 1921 Janome has been known as a global brand that produces high-quality sewing machines. It introduced groundbreaking home sewing innovations such as the first computerized sewing machine, the very first embroidery machine, and the first long-armed quilting.

Janome offers a wide variety of sewing machines, as well as sewing machines of all levels of expertise, differ by size, complexity and number of functions. In consideration for Janome’s success, we decided to check the best Janome sewing machine models and the features that make them tick.

Thanks to their simplicity, flexibility and durability, we have been impressed by some of Janome’s models that you will find reviewed in this article.

We tested the performance and number of stitches that each of every sewing machine has, to see how versatile these machines are and how efficient they can be. We have noted the adjustability and durability, as well as the width of the stitch for different fabric designs. We have reviewed the optional devices for comfort and added value and the warranty terms and protection against potential faults and malfunctions.
These machines have some critical and optional features. Not only do these features differentiate them from each other but they also have a strong impact on stitch quality.

When looking to buy a Janome sewing machine for your home business, hobby or professional workshop, there are several things you must pay attention to, besides the obvious. Not only it is important for your device to adapt to your needs, but it is also essential to know what the features that it can offer are. Generally, Janome sewing machines come with a dial that brings you a selection of functions.

Using the dial, you can also select the length of your thread. The knob is replaced by a touchpad set in these computerized systems, which make sewing machines even more awesome. Decorative stitches are used in the tool, including numbers, alphabets, lines and curves, but if you’re a novice, you can begin with a straight and zigzag stitch. A buttonholer can solve your hustle by sewing your buttons.

If you want freestyle or complicated holding, the feeding dog is another essential feature. In most computerized devices you can disable or change the feed dog according to the requirements of your cloth.

When reviewing the below products, we looked at all features, as well as the materials, durability of the machines, warranty and prices. During our analysis, we took into consideration personal observations as well as consumer feedback. Check the 5 products below.

#1: Janome 8077 Computerized Sewing Machine

Janome 8077 Computerized Sewing Machine Includes Exclusive Bonus Bundle

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The Janome 8077 is probably your best bet from this brand if you are looking for something very powerful and flexible, but also easy to use to and that can sew straight from the shelf. It can easily sew on almost any type of fabric, whether it is thin cotton or something as thick as heavy denim. Given its simplicity and user-friendliness, you will have no problems similar to those that you can observe in some of the inexpensive and simple sewing machines.

The efficiency of Janome 8077 certainly exists, and even something that a Brother can not handle easily works very smoothly. Such a statement is extremely valuable giving Brother’s amazing reputation when it comes to such machines.Janome 8077 can also easily be adapted to your sewing style and gives excellent quilting results.  It may not make much noise like a few of the other computer-controlled sewing machines in that price range, yet it is fairly powerful to be used as your tool for almost any kind of sewing project. The build quality is also higher than at this price point, making Janome 8077 a perfect choice for both beginners and experts. It’s computerized, especially given the long lifespan and the building efficiency, so do not hesitate to purchase it, as it will be worth your investment.


  • It has a practical design
  • It can be used to sew on all types of fabrics
  • It can handle thin and thick materials
  • It is easy to work with
  • It has a wide variety of features
  • It easily competes with more advanced sewing machines
  • It has 30 stitches
  • It includes a bonus bundle
  • Oiling is not necessary on a daily basis
  • It is a low shank machine
  • It is sturdy


  • The user manual is not very detailed


#2: Janome 2212 Sewing Machine

Janome 2212 Sewing Machine Includes Exclusive Bonus Bundle

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When buying the 2212 you will notice that the box is packed with many accessories which make it a bit easier to use. The blind foot is provided, with bobbin, foot control, needleset, seam ripper, zipper foot, foot button and vinyl pot cover. A screwdriver is also provided to unlock and operate the sewing machine quickly. The instruction sheet includes a clear description of how this sewing machine can be used the right way.  This sewing machine is designed for beginners and facilitates the start of a sewing project as much as possible. The bobbins will be placed first by users by pushing the bobbin winder.

The oscillating vertical bobbin also reduces eventual jams. There is no sophisticated needle threading mechanism compared to other Janome sewing machines, so that users have to thread this version manually. It’s a basic thread system, which is easy to clear if jams happen.  The main reason for jams is the fact that the needle needs to be placed in a certain position, but once you learn how to turn the wheel and place the needle, you won’t have any problems with jams. Users need to manually change the pressure of their stitches. This makes the sewing experience extremely controllable. The tool has a reverse lever to secure the stitches when it comes to sewing it in a reverse position and lock it securely. This Janome sewing machine does not contain an extra-wide space in terms of workspace, so you can not easily work on quilting projects. But for this sewing machine this is not the real purpose. And there’s a beam lighting the needle and the foot presser.


  • It is an affordable model
  • It is made to suit the needs of beginners
  • It is a high-quality product
  • It is durable
  • It has a strong motor
  • It can sew through thick materials
  • It features full stitch control
  • It is covered by a 25-year warranty


  • It is noisier than expected


#3: Janome Magnolia 7318

Janome Magnolia 7318 Sewing Machine with Exclusive Bundle

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If your decision is to buy a fairly expensive sewing machine with a lot of advanced features, then this model will be ideal for you. It also looks and feels super cool. Janome Magnolia 7318 Sewing Machine will get you excited as you unpack it, thanks to its nice design and multitude of features. You can use it to work with it on your usual sewing projects.

Nevertheless, its unique and creative features do not fail to impress you. Whereas Janome Magnolia 7318 is one of the few machines that can handle specialty fabrics very well, its unique jam-resistant top load bobbin system helps to avoid well-known problems related to this part. Your 7-piece feeding dog is just as interesting and one of the finest feeding systems in this price range for any unit. It might increase the reliability and precision of the fabric control. Although the Janome Magnolia 7318 is so powerful and has so many unique features, it is surprisingly easy to get to know; and it comes with many accessories that would otherwise cost you quite some money. Yet Janome has not let all of these tales turn into a very costly Magnolia 7318 price tag. In contrast to many of the high-end machines that offer the same range of features, this product is surprisingly affordable.


  • It has a practical design
  • It comes with an exclusive bundle
  • It has a top loading jam proof bobbin
  • It features a 7-piece feed dog
  • It has 18 stitches that you can use
  • It has a carry handle
  • Its bundle includes a muffling mat
  • It includes universal needles
  • It has multiple needle positions
  • It comes with 10 bobbins
  • It is easy to use
  • It offers value for money


  • It does not include a cover
Janome Magnolia 7318 Sewing Machine with Exclusive Bundle
  • The Janome Magnolia 7318 sewing machine comes with features you need for great sewing
  • On the Janome Magnolia 7318 you can choose from 18 stitches
  • The Janome 7318 Magnolia also includes the 4 step buttonhole with balance adjuster for precise results on specialty fabrics


#4: Janome CoverPro 900CPX

Janome CoverPro 900CPX Coverstitch Machine with Exclusive Bonus Bundle

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The CoverPro CoverPro Coverstitch is almost all an overhead computer can be, but it normally comes with without the steep curve of training. It is flexible enough to be used for a range of sewing tasks, and you are guaranteed to impress thanks to the professional results it delivers. Janome CoverPro Coverstitch 900CPXI. If you are a little more precise, you can use up to two needles concurrently. While you only use 1 needle when you make 2 stitches in the thread line, you can use 2 needles for projects that include 3 stitches in the thread.

The simplicity does not sacrifice performance, though, as is the case with some of the other devices in that price range. It can cut up to 1000 points in a minute, but even when working on some of the most demanding sewing projects without many skipped stitching. That ensures you have to devote much less time than you would otherwise, regardless of the type of work you are doing. Furthermore, you have an extra large bed and will have a strong sewing luxury you may not have had before. There is also the Seam Tightening System (STS), which will be much more important than you thought. The feed differential ratio of 0.5 and 2.25 improves the capacity to be used for works at industrial level. Given the rare combination of advanced sewing strength and home use convenience of the CoverPro Coverstitch Machine, it is super easy to use. Make sure that you read the guide carefully and are ready to go.


  • It has a beautiful design
  • It comes with a bonus bundle
  • It includes a needle threader
  • It has 14 needles
  • It comes with a cover
  • It has high speed
  • It is ideal for home use
  • It has a long arm


  • It does not work as a serger


#5: Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX Coverstitch Machine

Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX Coverstitch Machine with Exclusive Bonus Bundle

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The Cover Pro 1000CPX is yet another sewing machine that is all that we have been looking for, but with many advanced features that make it the perfect choice for amateur and professional sewers. Some of the advantages of its rivals are its massive trip cover hemming, arm settings for additional flexibility, and many more that make it the most sophisticated product on the market. But the advanced features have a little learning curve, so you typically must be very vigilant about the configurations that you use to avoid problems.

But if you are prepared to do that, you’ll find a dreamlike cover Pro 1000CPX and hem that looks like nothing you have seen before. Even though the Cover Pro 1000CPX is not the simplest to use on overlay systems, it is surprising that it is simple and reworkable, which can be a nightmare on specialized machines. It is also as flexible as it is sophisticated and would deliver the same consistent results regardless of whether you have a thin or a dense material.


  • It is an advanced sewing machine
  • It comes with a cover hemstitch
  • It has an elastic gathering foot
  • It includes needles
  • It has an extra-large bed
  • It has a vertical needle drop
  • It has a variable stitch length
  • It has a one-hand thread cutter 
  • It comes with a seam tightening system


  • It does not include thread
Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX Coverstitch Machine with Exclusive Bonus Bundle
  • Bonus Includes: - Two packs of Schmetz ELx705 needles - Adjustable Seam Guide - Needle Threader



What are the best features of the Janome sewing machines?

Janome is known for its wide variety of sewing machines which reach different requirements, standards of ability, machine size as well as stitching versatility and development complexities. This allows the right Janome sewing machine to be found for your work, budget, lifestyle and desire. The company manufactures entry-level sewing machines with essential features for domestic use and others for professionals with advanced designs that can serve mass production. Most sewing machines wearing this brand name are designed for diverse and individualized needs. Janome also makes sergers that provide an attractive, skilled finish for your stitches and sides, without spoiling or disintegration. 

This style helps you to manage all manner of dense fabrics using a differential feed with multiple threads. It also accelerates the stitching by cutting the fabric during the sewing cycle. The fast sewing rate, size and width of the stitch can be adjusted to finish the projects on schedule and provide more stitching choices. The ease of use of Janome sewing machines is another outstanding feature. These machines are easily fitted with comfortably placed bobbs and needles and with automated features and separate and built-in guides, to teach you all features. Their ease of use makes them both beginner and professional user-friendly and they work efficiently without any difficulties. Ultimately, innovations that are integrated in this equipment at the detriment of its rivals are still developed, so that you do not have to choose between cost and quality. The Jerome sewing machine provides you with a lifetime investment at a reasonable cost.


What purposes do Janome sewing machines serve?

If you’re a professional who frequently sews, whether you intend to use a client or mass production tool, it’s important to invest in an advanced model that can extend your imagination or accommodate the immense workload. To newcomers or those of you with less stitching jobs, as well as budget sewing fans, a decent machine with basic stitches and essential functions such as Janome 7330 Magnolia and Janome Blue Couture will be enough. You can use it before moving to an advanced model like Janome Memory Craft 6500P to improve your skills. This is another important feature to assess the machine’s intended purpose.

The majority of regular stitching include basic stitches such as straight stitches and zigzags. In fact, a sewing machine with a wide range of stitches can be used for embroidery and other unique stitching uses of sophisticated models. Some special stitches and fabrics require specially designed machines. For example, for overlocking stitches and expanded fabrics such as denim Janome MOD-8933 Serger is fantastic, and Janome 4120QDC is suitable for quilting projects.


How to clean and care for a Janome sewing machine?

Immediately wash any stain with a wet towel and mild soap. Replace the case and needle panel using a screwdriver or a needle plate cleaning key, to remove the lint and fluff collected. Add a drop or two of the oil to the hook-centric wick that houses the bobbin case, and then at least once every 18 months take your unit to your nearest Janome dealer for regular maintenance.


Although several manufacturers deliver revolutionary, reasonably priced sewing machines, Janome is increasingly taking the lead. We have a wide range of consistently high performance, accurate and innovative technological features alongside computerized sewing machines. Stitching with Janome will be enjoyable, inspiring and imaginative.

It’s time to simplify and excel more than ever in sewing ventures with a serger from one of the world’s leading brands today, Janome. Your stitching is like being a specialist with the overlocking and cutting capability of a serger. And with such a small effort! You should rest assured that a good quality unit is accessible to you. The manufacturers covers the mechanical bits for up to five years with Janome; evidence of a strong system. There is a 25-year guarantee on the presses, making the Jenome template a reliable and lucrative long-term investment.


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