Best Presser Foot for Singer Sewing Machine

A presser foot is a deceptively simple device that on the surface. But look deeper and you’ll find nothing but simple. Attaching your Singer sewing machine with a good presser foot can and will go a long way. Sure, you may say, all it does is hold down the fabric while sewing, isn’t this exactly the same thing you’d do with your hands?

Absolutely not! Not only are there countless different types of presser feet out there ranging all the way from gathering to cording to button sewing and buttonhole feet, you’ll find that each of these are built to do things slightly differently based on incredibly specific nuances. 

While your sewing machine’s all-purpose presser foot may seem to do the job for your current projects just fine but mark our words, going the extra mile and getting yourself a new presser foot will fundamentally change the quality of your sewing creations for the better. You’ll be able to achieve professional-grade results, be able to work through stitches much faster and find your sewing becoming far more accurate with a solid presser foot.

So, if you truly want to improve your sewing, we implore you to trust our words and get a presser foot for yourself. To that end we’ve reviewed and compiled some of the best presser feet out there for Singer sewing machines so just continue reading on to peruse through our little list.

Best Presser Foot for Singer Sewing Machine of 2020

1. SINGER | Sewing Machine Accessory Kit, Including 9 Presser Feet

SINGER | Sewing Machine Accessory Kit, Including 9 Presser Feet, Twin Needle, and Case, Clear -...

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The first product on our list is ideal for anyone out there who doesn’t know specifically what they’re looking for. Not only is it produced by one of the most trusted brands in the industry, Singer, but you’ll find that this accessory kit equipped with anything you might need when it comes to presser feet.

Coming with 9 entire unique presser feet, you’ll be able to have a different foot for every potential and possible occasion during your sewing journey. From blind hem to overcasting and to even satin stitch, you’ll be prepared for anything. If that wasn’t enough, this all comes with an included durable case with its own padding, so you’ll be able to safely store, organize and prolong the shelf life of your presser feet without a hitch.

2. SINGER | Side Cutter Attachment Presser Foot

SINGER | Side Cutter Attachment Presser Foot, Simutaneously Trims & Hems Edges, Zig-Zag or...

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Now if you’re surer and more certain about what type of specific presser foot you need for your projects, you could consider the side cutter attachment. Coming at a very light weight of 3.52 ounces with a product dimension of 3 x 2 x 1 inches, this nifty accessory not only is compatible with low-shank sew machines but is incredibly easy to install and use.

If you’re still unsure about this, note that this product comes with downloadable instructions along with complementary video tutorials online on Singer’s product page to guide you through. So, if you’re looking for a nifty device to both seamlessly trim and finish edges in one fell swoop while you work on sewing seams, Singer’s side cutter attachment will be the ideal presser foot for your Singer sewing machine.

3. SINGER | Narrow Rolled Hem Foot for Low-Shank Sewing Machines

SINGER | Narrow Rolled Hem Foot for Low-Shank Sewing Machines, 1/8 Inch Hem, Light to Medium Weight...

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Continuing on our trend of more specific presser feet, Singer’s Rolled Hem Snap-On Presser Foot also offers an equally impressive experience. Again, it is compatible with virtually all low-shank sewing machines including not just Singer machines but Kenmore, New Home, White and Bernina and even comes with product warranty so long as you are based in the US or Canada.

It also is incredibly compact given its product dimensions of 0.8 x 1 x 0.2 inches and weight of 0.32 ounces so if you’re looking for a presser foot to sew on some tricky, narrow rolled hems and are looking for an incredibly accurate edge finish of an eighth of an inch, then look no further for this product is here for you.

4. SINGER | Stippling, Darning & Freehand Embroidery Presser Foot

SINGER | Stippling, Darning & Freehand Embroidery Presser Foot, Stipple Quilting, Repair Holes,...

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Looking for a solid darning foot for your sewing projects that deal with free form stitching during your adventures in quilting? This Singer product strives to bring out the very best in your creations by enabling you to work with your sewing at varied heights based on your personal preferences which of course, promotes visibility and thus, accuracy.

Better yet, it doesn’t just stop there. You’ll also be able to work on your stippling, monograms, thread painting and even on repairing those unsightly tears in any garment piece with this adaptable foot.

5. SINGER | Stippling, Darning & Freehand Embroidery Presser Foot

SINGER | Quarter Inch Piecing Presser Foot, Creates Perfect 1/4 Inch Seams, Great for Quilting, Baby...

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If you’re a quilter looking to bring out the best in your piece and just can’t wait to work with hugely intricate and ornamental designs, then Singer’s Quarter Inch Piecing Presser Foot should definitely be on your radar. With this accessory, you’ll be able to quilt with a fourth of an inch of seam allowances which is essential for piecing quilt tops and if you’re looking for a foot that can adapt to your constantly evolving needs, you have met your match.

With this device, you’ll be able to work with other small projects such as working with clothes for babies and toys and like the other pressing feet on our list, you’ll find this tool to be compatible with any low-shank sewing machine.

6. SINGER | Open Toe Foot Presser Foot

SINGER | Open Toe Foot Presser Foot, Underside Groove Allows Dense Stitches, Ribbons & Trims to Feed...

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Especially crucial for embroiders or anyone looking to work with beautiful, decorative stiches, Singer’s Open Toe Foot Presser Foot is a mainstay in any sewist’s repertoire. Hugely useful when dealing with top stitching, quilting and appliqueing, not only will you be able to have a clear view of your work area, you’ll find that by being granted increased visibility (especially when observing your stiches for embroidery), you’ll be able to work far more neatly and accurately.

Further, with its hugely compact dimensions of 0.8 x 1 x 0.2 inches and weight of 0.32 ounces, Singer’s promise of giving you an unobstructed view of your sewing project is well earned and justified. And yes, it’ll work with about any low-shank sewing machine out there, Singer or otherwise.

7. SINGER | Flower Stitch Presser Foot Attachment

SINGER | Flower Stitch Presser Foot Attachment, Flower Inspired Circluar Designs, Adjustable Circle...

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Again, mainly applicable to you embroiders looking to add some ornamental flair and decorative flowers, with Singer’s Flower Stich Pressing Foot, you’ll be able to fulfil all your floral fantasies given its daisy-like circular shape and apply them as embellishments on all sorts of projects. This foot is also hugely adaptable to your needs given how you can either enlarge or reduce the size of its circular pattern which will accordingly, allow you to create different sized embellishments.

This little device is a little heavier than the other accessories on our list weighing out at 3.68 ounces, but we assure you that this is totally acceptable when compared to other similar products out there in the market right now.

8. SINGER | Snap-On Cording Presser Foot for Low Shank Sewing Machines

SINGER | Snap-On Cording Presser Foot for Low Shank Sewing Machines, Decorative Stitching & Cording,...

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If you’re looking to securely add on some cords to any given fabric surface you’re working with, then consider Singer’s Cording Foot. With this, you’ll be able to add embellishments to your fabric product with not just cords but braids, yarn and even embroidery floss so you can rest assured that your inner creativity will not be stifled here at the slightest. Just insert this sewing foot onto your Singer machine and you’ll be set to experiment with all sorts of unique and interesting designs!

And of course, not only is this foot compatible with most low-shank machines out there, it even comes with its own instructions and guide videos online so even if you’re a total novice, you should not hesitate to pick up a cording presser foot of your own.

Frequently Asked Questions


What do presser feet even do?

The textbook definition of a presser foot is that it is a type of accessory that holds down whatever you’re working with flat onto your workspace as you feed it through your stitching machine. However, in reality, you’ll find that there is a huge range of presser feet out there that seem to be designed to do different things related to sewing so this definition doesn’t really help much. There are entire lists out there dedicated to waddling through this jungle, so we suggest you do a little searching of your own to find out more!


What is the best presser foot I can get for my Singer sewing machine?

There really is no one size fits all answer to this question, what we always suggest to customers asking this question is to first reflect on their own needs and what they’re looking for as a sewist. And only then after having they given this question some serious thought should they start looking at the market to make a purchase. 


What are the main types of presser feet out there?

Honestly, there are dozens and dozens of different presser feet out there and it is almost impossible to neatly organise every foot into a single, cohesive list. That would require a lengthy separate article of its own! Regardless, some of the most common ones include the following: hemmer foot, buttonhole foot, open toe embroidery foot, quilting foot, sating stich, knit foot, telfon foot, walking foot, zipper foot, edge joining foot, zig zag presser foot, flower stich food, round bead foot, roller foot and pintuck foot.

Regardless, all these can be roughly divided into snap-on and screw-on feet. Both of these essentially do the same thing but are meant to be installed onto your machine slightly differently. Snap-on feet requires you to insert your foot into your machine’s groove and secure it in place while screw-on feet will require you to screw it off and on by twisting it and using screws. If you’re confused, don’t worry too much as you’ll easily be able to find tutorials online to help you through. 

If I want a screw-on foot, is there anything else I should be considering?

Now for screw-on pressing feet, you’ll also need to consider an additional factor: the height of your shank. Machines generally come in either low shank or high shank configurations, so you’ll need to make sure you check on this before making the plunge. However, we will say that 90% of machines out there intended for domestic use are low shanks so you don’t have to worry about any of the presser feet on our list being incompatible!

Anyways, high shank machines tend to me far more specialised and pricier so generally speaking, people who opt for those sorts of machines tend to know what they’re doing.


Are presser feet essential for a sewing machine?

Almost all sewing machines will come fitted with a basic, universal pressing foot (sometimes called a zig zag foot) which will do just fine for most, basic straight and zigzag stich work. You’ll still be able to use it for a range of other tasks including decorative embellishments, but you’ll soon find that doing certain tasks without a good presser foot will not only take far longer but will be a lot trickier to do properly. So no, presser feet aren’t technically essential for a Singer sewing machine, but they’ll hugely complement them when utilised.  

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