9 Fun and Creative Sew-on Patches

best sew-on patches

Whether you’re looking for the ease of iron-on, or the staying power of a sew-on, applique patches are a fun, creative way to jazz up a fabric bag or t-shirt, or repair a small tear in a favorite garment so that you can keep on wearing it for many years to come.

Bright, cheery cartoon characters that are great for enlivening kids’ backpacks and giving them something fun to show off to their friends at school. Pithy slogans that provide an easy, fun, and accessible way for teens to signal their attitudes and affiliations.

Whatever design you choose, sew on patches have something for all ages, and can revitalize your wardrobe or fabric luggage, bringing a new lease of life to your fashion style.

Fun Patches for Kids

#1: Disney – Tyrannosaurus Rex from ‘Toy Story, The Movie’

REX Tyrannosaurus Rex green dinosaur in Disney Toy Story Movie Embroidered Iron On / Sew On Patch...
  • Dimensions: 3 inches X 2.5 inches
  • Easy to apply on apparels.
  • Great for patching up holes, adding to bags as fun decoration.

A great little patch that offers the ideal way to accessories the backpack or lunch bag of the little dinosaur fan in your life, this bright, cute patch is 3” x 2.5”, making it small enough to fit on even a small lunch bag, but still large and bright enough to stand out.

#2: Large Baseball

(2-1/4") Baseball - Red/White - Sports - Iron on Applique/Embroidered Patch
  • High quality, detailed embroidery applique can be sewn or ironed onto polyester or cotton. Wash cold, dry on no-heat.
  • Easy DIY craft project for kids or beginners. Great for sweaters, beanies, hats, bags, jeans, jackets, clothing, masks, and more!
  • Upcycle and be environmentally friendly! Patch up a hole or cover a stain and repurpose your wardrobe.

A fun way to enhance your little star’s sports bag, this patch lets your kid show off their enjoyment of America’s national sport, and, at 4” x 2.5”, would look equally at home on a kit bag or t-shirt, helping your child stand out, and, hopefully, make friends.

#3: Disney – Mickey Mouse and Friends

Disney Character Mickey Mouse and Friends Group Embroidered Iron On Movie Patch DS-89
  • New Officially Licensed Embroidered Iron On Patch.
  • Size is approximately 4 1/4" wide and 2" tall.

Featuring the whole Mickey Mouse gang, and ideal for livening up your child’s luggage, especially if your family vacation is going to feature a certain theme park!  At 4.25” x 2.5”, this is a good size patch that will fit most items, whilst still standing out.

Why Buy Sew-On Appliques for Kids?

Children like having clothing and bags that show something of their personality, and these sorts of expressions offer a quick, easy way to help a child starting a new school make friends, by making it easy for other kids to identify shared interests.

When children have something they enjoy, they let it into every aspect of their lives. Applique patches offer a fun way to extend the remit of your child’s enjoyment in their favorite hobbies and passions.

Cool Patches for Teens

#1: “Down Vote Thumb” Anti-Social Media Patch

These Are Things Antisocial Media Embroidered Iron On or Sew On Patch
  • EXPRESS YOURSELF - Show off your personality with this embroidered patch designed by These Are Things
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR STUFF - Perfect for your favorite jackets, shirts, bags, hats, and more
  • EASY TO APPLY - Iron for 30 seconds or sew around the edge for a quick and easy DIY project

For the counter culture teens who affect disinterest in social media, this sew-on patch is a great way to find your tribe, and build another form of social network, offline and out of sight.

Whether worn on a rucksack, jacket, or t-shirt, this is a subtly ironic patch that cocks a snook at established attitudes about young people.

#2: Pack of 24 Emoji Patches

Popculta 24Pcs Emoji Iron-on Appliques Emoticon Faces DIY Embroidered Patches (Pack of 24)
  • 24 adorable emoji face applique of 12 different emoticons, super value set.
  • Great decorative items to show your unique style.
  • Easily iron or sew onto your clothes.

For as long as human beings have been sentient, we’ve accessorized ourselves in ways which tell others important things about us  In the 21st century, one of the most important things young people want to convey, quickly and simply, is how they’re feeling – hence the rise in the text-messaging phenomenon that is emojis.

Offering just about every emotion you could want, this great value pack gives your teen an ideal way to jazz up their jacket, t-shirt, or rucksack, and make a genuine fashion statement.

#3: 32 Pack of Pop-Culture Icons

24pcs Random Assorted Iron-on or Sew-on Embroidered Patch Motif Applique
  • Package: 24pcs/lot weight:55g box size:3*9cm
  • Size:Mixed 3-15cm Color: randomly mixed colors
  • Iron-On Sew-On embroidered patches

Looking cute, and fitting in; this handy pack of patches that will easily decorate a backpack, and accessories a jacket or t-shirt, effortlessly meets the two most pressing needs of today’s teens.

Striking Patches For Older Teens and Adults

Whether you’re looking for a quick and stylish way to cover a small hole in your favorite t-shirt, or a subtle stroke of flair on a bag or jacket, an applique patch is an affordable and easy way to show the world a little of your personality, and to share the things that matter to you.

#1: X-Ray Anatomic Heart

X-Ray Anatomical Heart Embroidered Badge Iron On Sew On Patch
  • SIZE: 2.5 * 2.75 Inches. The patch is 100% embroidered.
  • Backing: Super strong heat seal glue backing. This patch can be iron on or sew on to any garment. Excellent machine wash performance. It...
  • Safty: The raw material of our patches have been passed the test. Our patch is safe.

Whether you’re part of the Goth or Emo subculture, a tattoo fan, or a medical student, this bold, striking patch has immediate appeal, and will look good stitched on to a black bag or t-shirt. For Goths, stitching this heart patch over the breast pocket of a long cotton or denim duster jacket could look especially striking.

#2: Sun & Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon Over Sun Embroidered Celestial Badge Iron On Sew On Patch
  • SIZE: 3.8 * 4 Inches. The patch is 100% embroidered.
  • BACKING: Super strong heat seal glue backing. This patch can be iron on or sew on to any garment. Excellent machine wash performance. It...
  • SAFTY: The raw material have been passed the test. Our patch is safe.

One for the more spiritual, esoterically-minded individuals, this patch would look great stitched onto a t-shirt or satchel bag.

#3: Roaring Bengal Tiger

ZEGIN The Roaring Bengal Striped Tiger Embroidered Badge Iron On Sew On Patch
  • SIZE: 3.2 * 3.5 Inches. The patch is 100% embroidered.
  • BACKING: Super strong heat seal glue backing. This patch can be iron on or sew on to any garment. Excellent machine wash performance. It...
  • SAFTY: The raw material have been passed the test. Our patch is safe.

A unisex patch for the tattoo fans out there, this is a classic, retro-style patch that would look good on a backpack or jacket, providing instant, affordable, effortless style.

Whatever your reasons for buying an applique patch, there’s a wealth of options out there, and something to suit every age and style.  Whether you’re jazzing up a backpack or jacket, or covering a hole in a t-shirt, applique patches are a striking, eye-catching option.