Best Sewing Thread

The first step is to change the machine needle if you face problems with your sewing machine. If you still have problems, the next thing you have to ask yourself is if you use a good sewing thread. You might assume that there’s no difference and that you can save money by purchasing the kind selling for a dollar for five spools. But nearly every well-known sewing machine dealer says you should only use high quality thread. What is going to change? The thread goes through many eye holes and through disks as it is directed throughout the sewing machine. The thread moves everywhere to maintain the pressure of the system.

The pressure disks are covered in a protective cover in most of the older systems. This protects the disk against dust and damage, but also prevents you from seeing what is going on. You can damage the disks if you don’t buy quality thread. You will finally have trouble keeping the pressure even while you thread the computer.

The debate between sewers on the best thread often leads to lengthy discussions on the best thread. It is a balance that is sparkling but wants a finished product of quality. What is the difference between different thread characteristics? A home experiment is to acquire a 60X microscope to analyze the various types of threads in the sewing bag. If we see the different types of thread, weigh the remaining thread and consider that thread moves through the cloth and the free fibres, which are trapped in the fabric. Therefore, it is important to work with the best thread you can find whenever you want to use the sewing machine. Are you still confused regarding the best thread types on the market? See the product reviews below, consider looking at the pros and cons of each product and make the best choice.

#1: MILIJIA Sewing Threads

MILIJIA Sewing Threads, 24 Colors Polyester Thread, 1000 Yards Each Spools, Sewing Kits for Hand &...

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The MILIJIA sewing thread, 1000 yards long with 24 bright and vivid colors, is our top choice. It is made of highly durable polyester with long-lasting colors and stitches even when you wear and wash your clothes many times. You can find the thread spools easy to work, comfortable and suitable for spinning, knitting, brodering and hand stitching of machines, whether you are a novice or an expert. It works perfectly with automatic winding sewing machines hat can help you work on customized fashion or transform your house with new decorative curtains / pillows or design your original costumes. 

Due to its sleek look and high-quality design, many customers recommended it. In contrast to several sewing rolls, the sewing thread from MILIJIA is perfect for decorative stitching and application and is great for regular sewing because it does not easily break or fray. Several consumers have said it retains lint, however; therefore it is not the best thread in sewing machines, in particular for anyone who wants to work heavy-duty fabrics.


  • It is made of high-quality polyester
  • It is difficult to break
  • It is great for regular sewing
  • Its colors are long lasting
  • It is suitable for all skill levels
  • It is ideal for all sewing machines
  • It comes with vibrant colors
  • It includes 24 rolls
  • It is suitable for hand sewing, too
  • It includes free needles


  • It is not suitable for very thick materials
MILIJIA Sewing Threads, 24 Colors Polyester Thread, 1000 Yards Each Spools, Sewing Kits for Hand &...
  • 【High-Quality】Made of high-quality durable polyester, it will not be fraying and breaking easily, works well for regular sewing. The...
  • 【Wonderful Assorted Thread】The colors are bright and vibrant. 24 different color spools with 1,000 yards on each spool, meet most of...
  • 【Suitable For All Skill Levels】Whether you're a professional or a beginner, you'll find these thread spools convenient and...

#2: HAITRAL Polyester Sewing Thread 24 Colors

LIANTRAL Polyester Sewing Thread 24 Colors 1000 Yards Each Spools Embroidery Thread for Hand and...

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The HAITRAL Polyester Sewing Thread contains 24 unique thread spools, ideal for your everyday needs and for the enhancement of your work. It is 100% polyester with superior quality and strength, which eliminates puckering to increase its efficiency. This sewing thread is perfect for crochet, crochet stitching, hand sewing, quilting, stitching, etc. There are 1000 yards per spool, enough to finish many tasks, and if your string goes off and you buy another package, you may be able to ruin the color game. 

The color is perfect, although the spools are too thin, which makes it a great thread for the repair of sewing clothing. The strings, which never shorten, have a superb thread-lock feature on plastic bands. We mix with several standard devices to prevent loops and knots. Its cones are however too small and sometimes the spools are inclined to slide off. Few users said these threads have no strong tensile strength and sometimes their devices snap each time they stitch regardless of pressure. Others said that the thread was dull as well.


  • It includes 24 spools
  • Each spool has a different color
  • It has nice color combinations
  • It is made of durable polyester
  • It eliminates looping
  • It can be used for a wide variety of projects
  • It is covered by 30-days guarantee


  • The cones are too small
LIANTRAL Polyester Sewing Thread 24 Colors 1000 Yards Each Spools Embroidery Thread for Hand and...
  • Assorted Colors: This sewing thread including 24 different vibrant colors, each color per spool,high-quality embroidery thread meet your...
  • Excellent Tensile Strength: 100% Spun Polyester , superior strength and durability,The highly durable polyester thread eliminates looping...
  • Wide Uses : This sew thread provides good performance,ideal for quilting stitching, hand sewing, machine sewing, cross stitching, crochet...

#3: New brothread 25pcs Assorted Colors

New brothread 25pcs Assorted Colors 70D/2 (60WT) Prewound Bobbin Thread Plastic Size A SA156 for...

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The prewound plastic-side bobbin threads come with clear plastic faces that do not trap or alter the oils of your system and help you easily sort your bobbins. The measurements 15 (SA156) suit home and industrial broding, and actually it’s among the best Singer sewing machine threads and other threads such as Juki, Elna, Kenmore, Quantum Futura, Brother and Babylock. It also comes with 25 prewound bobbins, in all the colors necessary for DIY sewing and sticking. Due to their high tenacity polyester 70D/2 (60WT) filament, which is designed effectively for pressure removal while sewing, many users chose to purchase it. 

Maintaining the empty bobbins and refilling them with anything needed for upcoming projects, many users claim to use it to daily sewing. Some liked it, because it’s not connected with the hop stitches and bobbins, because there’s a sheet of non-slip papers over them so they don’t unwind or unwind them. Most people have find it super convenient to use and they easily extracted it using a blue painter’s tape or with a scanner over the thread bobbins. However, some people observed that most bobbins had been tangled in their machines inconsistently. It forced them to adjust their spool tension so that the film could not appear on top of the stick.


  • It includes 25 spools
  • Each spool has plastic sides
  • It comes with assorted colors
  • It does not absorb sewing machine oils
  • It is ideal for home or commercial sewing
  • It is made of polyester


  • This model is not suitable for all sewing machines
New brothread 25pcs Assorted Colors 70D/2 (60WT) Prewound Bobbin Thread Plastic Size A SA156 for...
  • Plastic Sided prewound bobbin threads have clear plastic sides that will not distort or absorb machine oils. Plastic clear case helps you...
  • Size A Class 15 (SA156) prewound bobbin threads fit most commercial and home embroidery and sewing machines, like Brother, Babylock,...
  • 25 Assorted Colors prewound bobbin threads meet your basic requirements for DIY embroidery and sewing.

#4: LEONIS 30 Color Polyester All Purpose Sewing Threads

LEONIS 30 Color Polyester All Purpose Sewing Threads 110 Yards/100 m Each [ 93012 ]

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The Leonis fabric is 100% polyester, core Polyethylene and the silver thread and cover are a light vinyl. It has 50 yards of smaller spools suitable for hand stitching and is wrapped in a hard case of polypropylene. The thread of 110 yards is ideal for both the stitching of the hand and the machine and is wrapped in a soft plastic bag. This thread is also fitted with a threaded needle and is suitable for various fabrics, such as synthetics, wool and cotton. The 50-yard thread has a diameter of about 0.7 inch which is equivalent to 1.8 cm and a hole of about 0.98 inch in the middle. The huge range of colors coincides with several fabrics. It is durable, does not tangle or split.  

This comes with a great zip holder! Certain customers have reported that it has a nice selection of threads suitable for crochet, cross-stitching, hand knitting, quilting, and more. Few believed the thread was weak and faced obstacles to get it back into its hole. The threads are visible and the spools are much smaller than anticipated (approximately 1 cm high). This movie often causes lint fibres, and some consumers have proclaimed it to break periodically on some sewing machines and not to be as smooth as expected.


  • It is made of 100% polyester
  • It hs aluminum needle threader
  • All spools are arranged in a nice case
  • Each thread is 50 yeards long
  • It is suitable for hand sewing and sewing machines
  • It is ideal for all purposes
  • It works best with wools, cotton and synthetic fabric


  • The thread will not last very long due to its length
LEONIS 30 Color Polyester All Purpose Sewing Threads 110 Yards/100 m Each [ 93012 ]
  • 50 yard threads: smaller spools for hand sewing, packed in a handy hard polypropylene case
  • 110 yard threads: for both machine sewing and hand sawing, packed in a soft plastic bag
  • For all purpose. Perfect for any small stitching project.

#5: HAITRAL Cotton Sewing Thread Sets

HAITRAL Sewing Thread Sets - 24-Color Spools Thread Mixed Cotton, 1000 Yards Sewing Kits Thread for...

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The Haitrawal sewing kit includes one needle threader, five needles and 24 unique 1000 yard spools. The threads are not only very solid but also very esthetic, as they are made of dense polyester fiber that often does not break easily. The beautiful vibrant colors are great for many sewing projects, including quilting, making blouses, blankets, clothes, handmade dresses and what not. The sewing threads, irrespective whether you are a novice or a specialist, will achieve many home projects on several automatically winding machines. 

The spools are also made of plastic, heavier than wooden thread rolls. Most users have stated that the thread can be very quickly saved on the thread shelf, although you can buy another one if required. Nevertheless, some people have stated that when the thread is broken, for example when you put a bond on your quilt, it is also soft and fibrous. Some found it difficult to get the thread’s end and admitted it was not mercerised, so it didn’t feel silky smooth.


  • It includes 24 pieces 
  • It comes with 24 assorted colors
  • Each thread is 1000 yeards long
  • It is made of cotton
  • It does not break easily
  • It can be used for all sorts of projects
  • It is easy to thread
  • It is covered by 30-day guarantee


  • The end of the thread can be difficult to find
HAITRAL Sewing Thread Sets - 24-Color Spools Thread Mixed Cotton, 1000 Yards Sewing Kits Thread for...
  • 【Best Value】Come with 24 different colors thread spools, and each thread is about 1000 yards. And these 24 colors meet most of home use...
  • 【Widely Used】Fits many sewing machines brand. And it can be used for a variety of sewing projects. This thread set could fulfill most of...
  • 【Mixed cotton】The sewing thread made with high-quality durable Mixed cotton,not 100% COTTON, it will not be fraying and breaking easily,...


What are the different thread types?

Given the numerous thread type, finding the right thread can be a nightmare, particularly for beginners! It is understandable! We will present the thread types depending on the fiber and purpose in order to limit your choice. Now: let’s start by explaining the few fiber-based thread types.

For light and medium-weight cotton textiles, a cotton thread can be used. It has a smooth finish and is stretchless. A thread of cotton is heat resistant, so you must not be worried about having it burned. It does not stretch too much, so it could crack if it is used on fabrics other than cotton! Thread that is made of polyester can be used with every kind of material. If you press it with a hot iron, you should however be patient. Polyester threads are easy to burn but they have a good stretch, so that you can stitch and knit them.  Nevertheless, remember that the quality of various polyester threads depends on the product. Thus, carefully select your polyester thread. Since cotton is weaker, it may tear cotton fibers in time. Nevertheless, we tend to ignore the drawbacks of this thread and recommend it for different sewing projects!

Nylon thread is a polyester-like nylon fabric. And can be used for almost any kind of textile work. There are different weights of nylon strings. A thick nylon thread is suitable for heavy duty stitching. It is semi-transparent, the most powerful sewing thread. In addition to those types, professional sewers often use silk thread, metal thread and all-purpose thread.

What are the thread types by purpose?

We stated that depending on the fabric and intent, you can choose the right thread by considering the qualities that you will need for your project to be done impeccably. 

For instance, serger threads, as you suspect when hearing its name, are usually used with sergers and are not as large as regular threads. But sergers usually use more than one strand, so their size is not very important. Elastic threads should quickly absorb and elasticate the material. Shirring is done with an elastic thread in the spool. Please be careful not to wind this sewing threads manually to the bobbin. Device threads in polyester, radium and cotton are available.        

A lingerie thread is a thread of strong nylon, which can be used as a bobbin and beadwork for machine sticking. On the other side, cleaning threads is best when the sewing has been done and the strip of thread is suitable for binding stitches and drying. A dental fleece seems to be a fuse thread. The thread is a nylon thread which melts at a low temp. It’s better to combine implemented parts. A heavier, stronger, thicker polyester thread is a top-stitching thread, however. It is used to thread and bind extensively. Quilting threads are long-lasting and strong threads (machine and hand) used for cutting. And without worry, you can use them to break half of the needle. On the other side, invisible threads are colorless, nearly opaque and translucent polyester fibers. They’re perfect for hemming. If you want a hand sewing thread, the sort of thread you need is button and rug thread. 

What to consider before buying sewing thread?

The fabric you are sewing is important since heavy fabrics require strong and thick sewing thread, unlike light fabrics that can be sewn with fine lightweight sewing thread. If you want to sew denim, you should find the best thread for denim. To make strong stitches, you will need a strong sewing thread-like nylon. What sewing thread you buy depends on the sewing machine you will use too. Regular sewing machines can use thin or thick threads. However, overlock and serger machines operate best with thick threads to skip on lumps, primarily on seams. To pick the proper sewing thread, check the types of threads above.

Tensile strength is the amount of force that the thread can handle before it breaks. This depends on the type of thread. Commonly, a nylon thread has a higher tensile strength than a polyester thread. A cotton thread, on the other hand, has a low tensile strength. The type of threads you purchase depends on the fabric that you plan to sew. Light fabrics require cotton threads, while heavy fabrics need nylon stitches. Color is important as well. As you probably know, sewing threads come in different colors. Some threads are sold in one color while others come in different bobbins and spools, each colored differently. Sewing thread sets in one color don’t offer that many options. However, it all depends on your project.

If you don’t sew different colored projects, one color thread should get the job done. For example, if you stitch curtains for the entire home, you will need one color thread to get even results. However, If you do clothes repairs and work with many colors, you should definitely purchase a multi-colored thread set. Spool size is measured in yards. And you should consider this because it appears the amount of thread you get. So, before you make your purchase, make sure to check the spool length and pick the right size for your project. If you are not sure about the size, always go with the long one. The longer, the better.


We now hope that you can find a fit in our above comparison chart, because you know everything you need to know about sewing machine threads such as varieties of thread and how to choose the best. Please note that the size of yarn, fabric and stain choice will make a significant difference in the stitch quality.

Therefore, it is important to determine which fabric you are working with and choose the correct thread for seaming. Nonetheless, use the machines regularly in order to use your sewing thongs to the best possible degree. Make sure that all threads are stored correctly. Don’t put heavy or heating objects on the thread box, so that plastic bobbins and threads are not damaged.