Best Cricut Machine For Beginners

A Cricut is a cutting tool that helps you to slice and create wonderful and exquisite crafts utilizing materials that you did not know existed. The Cricut is a great machine for people who love to make their own designs, and for people who want to slice most items or various kinds of materials. Based on your design, you can also sketch, emboss or build folding lines and make 3D designs, greeting cards, packages etc. Cricut products can be very costly depending on the designs you want to create. That’s why you should purchase a computer, which can also be used to buy slices.
If you do not have an extra budget for you to minimize the other supplies, it is pointless to get the cricut builder.

Here and there are really little items adding up. Products such as basswood can also be very expensive. Working with paper is the best way to learn how you can use your computer with its software because it is just a piece of paper when something doesn’t go right. So if you mess it up, it’s not a big deal. The products Cricut produces must not be exclusive for you. You can get hundreds if not thousands of beautiful materials online or in your own craft shop. The Cricut Adaptive Program is an extremely powerful feature of the Cricut Builder alone. Its technology continuously monitors the trajectory and the knife. Yes, this tool is so great that the blade tension can be adjusted to the products you use!

Such technology enables the Cricut Maker to slice 10x more than any other family computer in Cricut Explore. It does not print the Cricut device. Nevertheless, with the exception of Cuttlebug, all the present devices that Cricut sells has the option of drawing or illustrating stuff such as writings, shapes, etc.

If you are looking to buy a cutting machine for your crafts, Cricut is definitely a good choice. Still haven’t decided what kind of model do you need, though? Then you should take a look at the 5 models that we have reviewed based on personal experience and consumer feedback. Check them out below.


#1: Cricut Explore One Cutting Machine

Cricut Explore One Cutting Machine

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If you want the coolest Cricut device, then that might be this version. The device is lightweight, inexpensive and linked to space design software. More than 50,000 illustrations are available in this package. These free photos help you to easily start a die-cutting project. In any job–be it the layout of a private wedding present, home decor or creative project–you can find it useful. This Cricut device is the right choice, whatever it is.

One great advantage of this design is that it deals with advanced technology which enables efficient wireless working. You would easily be able to come to this cutting machine with wonderful templates on your mobile. Nonetheless, you will have to order a Bluetooth adapter separately. Cricut Explore One is a great Cricut cutting tool. It has very interesting features, good performance and good quality. In fact, the best value for your cash can be given with this cutting machine.

This is Cricut’s most basic electronic cutter. It is better used for the development of personal works since it is not as effective as specialized Cricut devices. The fact that it helps you to build anywhere with its free cloud based software for Ios, Linux, Mac and IOS, is one of its most notable attributes. Alternatively, you can share free of charge your own templates. A spruce, a scraper, and a cutting pad are included with this specific Cricut cutter.


  • It is made of tough plastic
  • It is great for DIY crafts
  • It can upload personal images for free
  • Its software is cloud based
  • It can connect to other devices wirelessly
  • It can cut through a variety of materials
  • It is an electronic machine
  • It is compatible with PC, MAC and iPhone


  • It does not include the Bluetooth adapter
Cricut Explore One Cutting Machine
  • Electronic cutting machine for DIY crafts and projects
  • Upload and cut your own images for FREE
  • Design here, there and everywhere with free cloud-based apps for PC, Mac, ipad, and iphone


#2: Cricut Explore AIR 2 Cherry Blossom

Cricut Explore Air 2, Cherry Blossom

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The Explore Air is yet another powerful Cricut device. As it is significantly slower, the device is a level below the Air 2. That doesn’t say it’s not a powerful machine. Yes, for newcomers, it’s the best choice. It comes with useful features such as built-in storage compartments, Bluetooth connectivity and applications for development.

It also slices a wide range of fabrics quite precisely. Novices like to have a smart knob that lets you pick the cutting type. The Cricut Explore Air is one of those tools that everyone, particularly a novice, will be glad to have. It comes with all the required characteristics from a cutting machine and a little more. This computer is a good selection for most, combined with its affordable price. It is lightweight, inexpensive and related to the Space software. More than 50,000 images are included. These free photos will help you to quickly start a die-cutting project. In any project you’ll consider it helpful-design a special wedding present, a decorated home or a layout that is personalized. 

The big advantage of this system is that it operates with state-of-the-art, efficient wireless technologies. So, on your mobile you can easily develop wonderful designs that can be sent to this cutting machine. You do, though, have to purchase a Bluetooth adapter separately.


  • It can make wonderful vinyl stickers
  • It allows you to upload own pictures and patterns
  • Its software is free
  • It can be connected to smart devices
  • It is great for beginners
  • It cuts perfectly
  • It has a smart dial
  • It can adjust depth and pressure
  • It features wireless connection


  • Bluetooth adapter is not included
Cricut Explore Air 2, Cherry Blossom
  • [CREATE MORE] The Cricut Explore Air 2 is your personal DIY cutting machine. It will flawlessly cut over 100+ different types of materials...
  • [ENDLESS PROJECT POSSIBILITIES] The Cricut Explore Air 2 makes it so easy to create a wide arrange of DIY projects. Make custom stickers,...
  • [INCLUDED WITH MACHINE] Each machine includes a Cricut Premium Fine Point Blade and Housing, a Cricut 12 inch x12 inch LightGrip Adhesive...


#3: Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint

Cricut Explore Air 2 - A DIY Cutting Machine for all Crafts, Create Customized Cards, Home Decor &...

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Cricut Explore Air 2 is a device of great elegance with its bright color and its ability to cut over 100 items. It makes wireless cuts with its built-in Bluetooth software, just one of the great features. Users particularly like their Smart Set dialing function which settles for the product you are cutting the correct pressure and depth. Explore Air 2 is the best vinyl crucible device with this app.

This provides not only access to the design software of Cricut, but also helps you to import own designs onto the device. One aspect we like about the system. Additionally, the Cricut Development App for Android and IOS phones can be programmed from anywhere. A dual tool owner helps this device to read, slice and score simultaneously. The layout of the device was built for everyone who needs a simple to use Cricut tool.

The Bluetooth wireless technology is another major feature of this device. This outstanding software allows you to send your mobile phone designs directly to the unit. You don’t have to get another Bluetooth adapter for your computer in relation with Explore One. The key point of sale for this Cricut computer is its write and cutting rate. There are two different modes of operation: standard and fast mode. The regular mode helps you to cut at usual pace and the quick mode offers you 2 times cutting rate to finish the job quicker.



  • It is an efficient machine
  • It is great for home use
  • It can create various decorations and works of art
  • It allows you to upload own images
  • Its software is could based
  • It is compatible with iOS and Android
  • It can cut through more than 100 materials
  • It includes the Bluetooth adapter


  • It isn’t as lightweight as expected
Cricut Explore Air 2 - A DIY Cutting Machine for all Crafts, Create Customized Cards, Home Decor &...
  • ART AND CRAFT CUTTING MADE SIMPLE, EVEN FOR BEGINNERS - Designed with simplicity and value in mind, bust out your DIY dreams and create...
  • CUTS 100+ MATERIALS WITH EASE – The included Premium Fine-Point Blade lets crafters make precise, intricate cuts from a variety of popular...
  • APP BASED CRAFTING TOOL WITH WIRELESS-BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY - With just a few clicks, create personalized and custom designs using the...


#4: Cricut BrightPad Light Box Mint

Cricut Bright Pad - Mint

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No Cricut device matches with the Bright Pad when it comes to weeding. The tool illuminates the creations to prevent discomfort in your hands while working. This is used for knitting, drawing and quilting. This allows you to easily finish all your craft projects. It is lightweight, compact and very versatile. However, it has a slip base that is simple to use on any desk or table. We can not forget that it comes with a USB cable, a wall power adapter and a guarantee.  Even though the Bright Cricut Pad is not flawless, it is great when it comes to protecting you, especially while sewing, from eye strain. And we also consider it to be the finest wrapping and tracing device from Cricut. The item is delivered in a pleasant white box. You just need to open the box to see three items–the plate, the power cord and a guide.

The pad is flanked by shock-absorbing features that make it comfortable for you. In fact, a compact, shock absorbing side-padding holds it perfectly in place. Another thing that we want to mention is that Cricut seems to be quite concerned about the value of its packaging. It’s almost like Apple’s goods, everything’s closely and perfectly fit. Under the pad is a discreet tucking of the manual and control cable. Obviously, if you already understand how these tools work, you don’t have to read the manual. If anything, the chord has to be connected to a power source and just push the power button. There are two +/-keys next to the power button. These are helpful for changing light settings. Only click the + or the-button to decrease the light level and increase the light output. You just have to choose one that better suits you from the five grades of brightness.


  • It is the ideal accessory for Cricut machines
  • It illuminates the working surface
  • It allows you to work more efficiently
  • It is scratch resistant
  • It comes with a booklet
  • It is easy to use
  • It is elegant and nicely designed
  • It has 5 brightness settings
  • It has a long cord
  • It is lightweight


  • It doesn’t have its own case
Cricut Bright Pad - Mint
  • Lightweight, durable Cricut bright pad with adjustable LED light
  • 6 feet USB power cord with wall power adapter
  • Nonslip base for ease of use on desk or table


#5: Cricut 2000293 Cuttlebug Machine

Cricut 2000293 Cuttlebug Machine, 14.4 by 12-Inch, Green

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The Cricut Cuttlebug is right on your doorstep if you’re searching for a brilliant, but inexpensive cutting and embossing tool. A variety of fabrics, from silk paper to soft leather, can be sliced and embossed. The Cuttlebug offers professional results as we have developed anticipating from Cricut devices. It is valued by users to have an A2 directory for the baby, two metal dies and a pad.

It is also ideal for the fast-paced life of many city residents. It comes with an integrated pop-up handle and a fold-n-store design, making it extremely compact. Use the Cuttlebug to build your sandwich with your file of pruneing and die with the spacer and slicing sheets. The sandwich is then bent through the device with the handle cranking, where the product is embossed and cut off. Simple and simple slicing and trimming. Kids can also be used securely. You could insert components on either side of the machine so that everything functions the same whether you want to use your left or right hand. Like all the cutting systems, the dies are inserted into the plates. Such plates will be damaged and bent over time. It is better to mark a specific plate as the “cutting board” and leave the other plate on the surface. When the plate starts to show signs of tear or wear, move it to use its other surface.


  • It has a practical design
  • It works with your own existing dies
  • It can cut a wide variety of materials
  • It can be used for embossing
  • It includes two cutting pads
  • It comes with a spacer
  • It has all the cutting pads you need to start working
  • It has a bonus embossing folder
  • It includes a comprehensive user manual
  • It occupies less space than other Cricut machines


  • It does not have variable size ranges
Cricut 2000293 Cuttlebug Machine, 14.4 by 12-Inch, Green
  • Cricut Cuttlebug accepts the dies you already own
  • Cricut Cuttlebug loves the materials you love, freeing you to cut and emboss from a wide range of crafting materials.
  • Compact fold-n-store profile allows storage in less space than other leading machines




How to use the Design Space App?

The Design Space software, currently fully released on iOS and on trial for Android devices, will certainly be suggested for download. The software is cloud-based, enabling you to view your layouts and profile on any app’s phone. It’s perfect even if you don’t have internet access, to people who travel or want links to their Cricut page. To layout the photos and fonts you would like to use offline, simply check that you upload them first. Click on the “save as” button to save tasks for offline use, then save on your computer (in addition with cloud). to save works.

You just have to pull down the category list and pick My Projects on this iPad (or whatever phone that you have) and open it there when you want to access your projects while you are offline. If you’re in online mode, you can notice only hundreds of different projects that you can enjoy in the app and the chance to create designs entirely from scratch using the’ old canvas.’


How easily can you change the blades on a Cricut machine?

You will see that the cutter is already built-in and prepared to cut when you first collect your brand new Cricut machine. But, the blade will sometimes get rusty and less powerful, and you will need to remove it at that stage. How long it takes depends entirely on the rate in which you use the device and standard materials. We would note that the high-quality German Cricut carbide blades are of great strength, though.

Fortunately, it is very easy to change the blade on such a machine, so there is no need to worry.This operation is carried out on the cartouche which is split in two sections: A and B. A is the replacement cartridge pre-installed by an adaptor that can also match Cricut models, rating types and various accessories. B is the covering for the knife. You must first cut the housing of the knife in order to change the weapon. Just open the gray clamp B and slide the cartridge straight up.

You will see a small plunger at the bottom of the frame. Move it in and carefully remove the narrow knife from the bottom of the box. Care to safely disposed of it. Instead cut a fresh blade’s green protective cover and place it in the blade case’s base, which should be locked into place automatically. Then lower the blade container in cart B and open the gray lock, making sure the package is flat on top of the clamp. All completed!


What is the fast mode?

Another of Cricut’s fantastic characteristics is the fast mode. If you are in Quick Mode, the machine can cut up to twice as quickly, compared to regular models, saving you a lot of time. Nonetheless, it is not appropriate for all components and is only used to simplified styles.

The following Materials can be used in Quick Mode: Vinyl, iron and light cardstock. To activate quick mode, you need to go into the settings, Load and the Go Screen must be displayed. Then,the box under the dial location indicator must be checked.

When you start to cut and forget to trigger Quick Mode–or if you want to stop the machine, you only need to click the Pause button in the Intelligent Set dial or turn it off in Design Space.

Another thing you should know is that when the device is in Quick Mode it operates really loudly-probably the best way to stop using it late in the evening when you don’t live alone!



Each Cricut is provided with a specific set of lean or dense materials that are cut by the device. On the other side, many Cricut cutting devices will slice thin materials such as parchment, vellum, vinyl and much more. Thousands of faux leather, chipboard, felt or cloth fabrics (check out fabric cutters) may also be used for other designs. Such units have rendered this incredible cutting feature worth their money and can be so invaluable, especially for skilled craftsmen. When using Cricut software, you can do a wide range of tasks. The cutting of thin and thick materials with these tools has proved effective. The Cricut design software included in the press often allows photos to be reproduced on the printer. Then, in order to cut clip art, printed pictures and other objects, you can use a cricut tool.

To different tasks, Cricut machines may be beneficial. Their durability and reliability make them popular for die cutting choices. Therefore, particularly when you’re a skilled artist, you need a Cricut device. If you are a beginner, the most powerful cutting device you can use is the multi-functional one.

All these 5 Cricut cutting devices have amazing capabilities and are outstanding. Growing ensures high quality and efficiency. You are also designed to boost the imagination with modern, advanced features. Go to the design with the appropriate characteristics. Each of the above Cricut devices varies from the others, so find out which version fits the design exactly.


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