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The first thing to do is to determine what a heat press machine is and how it functions. This device is designed to transmit images and numbers to surfaces by pressing and heating. Some machines work mainly on flat surfaces, but others have curved fasteners that allow curved surfaces to work. The design of the item on which you work is permanently curved on this surface, as pressure and heat are used.

Such a machine is made of aluminum and other materials that facilitate even distribution of heat called an electronically heated platen. The computer can, therefore, be used to print wallets, t-shirts, mousepads and caps.

You will have to figure out the perfect time to work with different products, but this is where the press is extremely useful. Most such products will have basic instructions to get the right range of temperature so that the effect is exactly as planned.

These devices have their difference, as can be seen from different heat press analyses. While some are large and great for industrial use, others have the advantage of being small-sized and portable. They can conveniently be carried around and put in different places, depending on your needs.

Don’t be fooled by smaller sizes; even with these smaller machines, you will be surprised by the results of the product. An LCD display displays the settings so that any desired adjustments can be changed. A beeper is integrated in most models and helps you understand when the heat transfer is complete to test the project without any risk of destroying your fabrics.

Would you like to buy a heat press? See below the top five products we have picked and evaluated for you, as well as outlining their advantages and disadvantages for your convenience.

#1: PowerPress HPM-1515-BK Heat Press Machine

PowerPress HPM-1515-BK Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation T-Shirt Heat Press Machine, 15inx15in,...

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The PowerPress Industrial-quality Digital Sublimation T-shirt Heat Press Machine can be the right choice if you want to transfer numbers, letters or images on t-shirts, mouse mats, ceramic tiles, bags, puzzles, etc. It is a brand new model with a heat platform of 15′′x 15′′, so it is ideal for use with a variety of materials. The digital heat press produces heat at a temperature ranging from 0 to 750 ° F, while allowing you to press your apparel up to 999seconds.

As a result, the LCD control board showing electronic temperature and time will help you make sure your clothing and garments are safe. Better still, the machine has a signal indicator which generates a beep sound when the transfer is finished. This helps to produce perfect results while preventing damage to the images. To order to protect the clothes from electric short heating, a new fuse is included in the unit. You can, therefore, be sure it will be long-lasting. A Teflon coated heating plate is available on the unit. As a result, you no longer need a plate because the plate is safe.

Better still, you should find the coating easy to remove. The heating plate is made of a thick material of aluminum that increases strength and even ventilation. However, the heat pump is lightweight and has an outward opening layout that saves room while facilitating fast work.


  • It comes with a coated plate
  • Its plate is made of thick aluminum
  • It is stable and releases even heat
  • It has an LCD control board
  • It has digital temperature control
  • It has a signal indicator
  • It comes with a silicone pad
  • It has a large heat plate


  • Some spots on its plate are hotter than others
PowerPress HPM-1515-BK Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation T-Shirt Heat Press Machine, 15inx15in,...
  • Brand new, 15x15heat plate. Voltage: 110V. Power: 1400 w
  • Replaceable fuse: protect machine from overheating and electric short
  • Teflon coated heating plate: don't need coated sheet anymore, harmless to the cloth, convenient to clean, and provide attractive appearance


#2: Hotronix Air Fusion 16″x20″ Heat Press

Hotronix Air Fusion 16'x20' Heat Press Swing-Away Table Top Made in USA - Heat Transfer Press...

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Ok, which’s the best heat press to purchase? This device is the answer to your question if you’ve wondered this. It is planned not only to produce the best performance, but also to last. It has a distinctive aluminum cast base, which also makes this lightweight and sturdy. The machine also consists of 3/4′′ thick platens, which improve the retention of heat. You can thus certainly take advantage of the best results of transition.

Thanks to the large 16′′x 20′′ floor that is sufficiently large to hold small and big clothing, the hot press is able to be used on a variety of clothes. However, when opening or taking out the bottom plate, it will allow you to move away from the top of the plate to make it easier to use. The device adopts a live and convenient digital temperature, time and pressure reading system. However, an advanced EZ-On platter model means that pillows or sheets never need to be replaced when they are in operation.

You can also program and store the application you frequently use the machine, which records the number of completed press cycles. Thanks to the 4-hour sleep mode, which makes you sleep when not in use, you can make sure you save a lot of power.


  • It comes with a cast aluminum frame
  • It is durable and lightweight
  • It hs thick platens
  • It has good heat retention
  • It has large heat surface
  • It has a great operation method
  • It is precise
  • It has digital temperature control
  • Its heating element is covered by lifetime warranty


  • Its design is not compact


#3: F2C 5 in 1 Professional Digital Transfer Sublimation Swing-Away

F2C 5 in 1 Pro Heat Press Machine 12x15 Digital Heat Transfer Sublimation Swing-Away for Hat Mug...

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The 12′′x 15′′ thermal plate with a 4/5′′ heating board is equipped to provide you with the thermal cohesion the machine has to provide on the heating surface. The thick 4/5′′ board improves the heat retention while offering even heating. You can therefore certainly take advantage of high-quality transfers. The thermal layer has a Teflon coating which is not adhesive yet. This further improves precise and high-quality transfers because it prevents transfers from being scorched.

Moreover, it has a temperature and time range which can be adjusted. Thus, depending on what you are working on, you can adjust the temperature from 32 ° F to 430 ° F and the time up to 999 seconds. The 360-degree rotation and swing away design is something else you’ll enjoy about the machine. With this, you can be certain about more accurate results as it allows you to see the cloth on the lower plate completely.

If you need a best multifunctional heat press, you can get the heat press because it is a 5-in-1 heat press that comes with a bowl, platform and hat to improve versatility. It makes a great choice, thanks to its small size, if you need a compact and lightweight machine. You can choose the Fahrenheit or Celsius scale according to your tastes when using the thermal press. It means that the energy is evenly distributed over the entire heat system and clothes. The multi-spring balance machine is adjustable.


  • It has a non-stick Teflon coating
  • It has a large heating surface
  • It has adjustable temperature
  • It has multi-spring balancer
  • It has even heat distribution
  • It has both Celsius and Fahrenheit options
  • It has a compact design
  • It is highly practical


  • The instructions are insufficient
F2C 5 in 1 Pro Heat Press Machine 12x15 Digital Heat Transfer Sublimation Swing-Away for Hat Mug...
  • Non-stick surface preventing scorching of transfers, and does not require a separate silicone/teflon sheet. Detached upgraded aluminium...
  • Large 12" x 15" Heating Press, provides a big surface to create your own custom T-shirt etc; It can transfer colorful pictures and...
  • Full 360-degree rotation and professional swing-away design. Digital control ensures the high precision and sensitivity, built-in fuse for...


#4: ePhotoInc 15 x 15 Digital Clamshell Heat Press

ePhotoInc 15 x 15 Digital Clamshell Heat Press Transfer T-Shirt Sublimation Press Machine EPH15G

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Enjoy the power of the T-shirt heat transfer ePhotoInc 15x 15 ′′ Heat Press Sublimation T-Shirt. The sublimation system is a heavy-duty thermal press with a metal building. It is ideal, therefore, for those who need a hot press for regular use of t-shirts. The machine has an even heating area of 15′′x 15′′, which makes it ideal for use with many clothing. Moreover, a variable digital timer and a temperature control of up to 500 ° F are available.

This allows you to apply transfers, numbers, letters and pictures on a wide variety of fabrics used for bags, jigsaw puzzles and other items like t-shirts, mouse mats, garments. Thanks to the upwards opening design that makes it easy to use and the compact design that makes it simple to carry. The machine can be used by beginners and business people. The unit is equipped with 110V~120V power supply.


  • It has a metal construction
  • It has a durable design
  • It has a large heating area
  • It can be used on a wide variety of fabrics
  • It has a variable timer
  • It has digital temperature control
  • It has digital timer control
  • It has a beautiful design
  • It is portable


  • It does not accept any attachments
ePhotoInc 15 x 15 Digital Clamshell Heat Press Transfer T-Shirt Sublimation Press Machine EPH15G
  • Brand New T shirt Transfer Heat Press Machine by ePhotoInc. Voltage:110V Power: 1400W Heat Press size: 15" x 15" **** BRAND NEW TEFLON SHEET...
  • Heat Press Machine is fully equipped with latest digital Temperature and Time Display Controller, LCD displays show the temperature and...
  • This ePhotoInc T Shirt Heat Press machine arrives fully assembled and ready to use out of the box. Electronic time and heat control allow...


#5: F2C Pro 6 in 1 Combo Heat Press Machine

F2C 12' x 15' Heat Press Machine Pro 6 in 1 Swing Away Digital Heat Transfer Sublimation Press Combo...

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Did you ever wonder what the best heat press device with multiple functions is? We recommend that you try F2C Pro 6 in 1 Combo Heat Presser, if you need an answer to this question. It is a CE accredited6-in-1 heat press. It means not only that it is safe to use, but that you can always rely on its performance. The unit has a broad 12″x15″ transfer feature, enabling you to transfer dissolved and sublimating ink color images and characters onto glasses, textiles and ceramics.

The removable heat plates and other components that facilitate the dynamic and effective transition of objects and characters are another great aspect of the system. With the adjustable temperature range 32 ° F to 430 ° F and a temporary check which allows adjusting the set time to 999 seconds, this can be used with a range of materials. The machine also comes with a 4/5′′ heating board that improves the retention of warmth while improving the even pressure when the platter is closed.


  • It has a large heat transfer element
  • It has adjustable temperature
  • It has a wide temperature range
  • It has adjustable timer function
  • It has a thick heating board
  • It has good heat retention
  • It has even pressure distribution


  • Its price is quite high compared to other similar products on the market
F2C 12" x 15" Heat Press Machine Pro 6 in 1 Swing Away Digital Heat Transfer Sublimation Press Combo...
  • Full 360-degree rotation and professional swing-away design.Note: If the heating plate is not flat, pls check first if the machine is placed...
  • Non-stick surface with detached upgraded aluminium alloy cradle for use of the mugs, hats & pads elements
  • Power input:110v - with US-standard grounded plug;Wattage :1000W



Why use a heat press machine?

Well, as we have already noticed, the combination of heat and pressure makes prints permanent. This leaves a lasting mark and allows people to enter the t-shirt printing business when compared with other processes. Such systems are also quite cheap and can therefore launch any company quickly. Are you an amateur looking for new ways to improve your gifts or to build a business having the main objective to create inspired prints? A heating system can really change your way of displaying your work. Most of the devices are prepared to be used right from the container. You don’t need any mounting so you save money and/or time.

They also come with thoroughly explained handbooks so you can’t figure out how to use one alone. Only read the supplied content and see it!  You realize how much mess you will make when you think of a screen printing machine requiring the use of solvents and dyes. You must be conscious of every move so that no ink is spilled or the whole game is altered.

With heat transfer machines there are no concerns like that since you don’t have any contact with ink. All you have to do is pay attention to the hot plating and a swing-away design will prevent this concern. Heat transfer machines come in a wide variety of shapes and forms, with different purposes and capabilities. You might get an automatic type or manual that works well for your needs. Those with attachments can work on both curved and cylindrical surfaces, so that what you can achieve the right results. Even prices vary according to specifications and fittings from one unit to another.


What to consider when buying a heat press machine?

Once you have selected the heat press for your company, you will have to take into account the specific features of the marks and models on the market. Here are some issues you will need to take into consideration when testing the heat media. A t-shirt heat press of high quality will likely cost more than a product that is not meant to satisfy professional needs. In order to finally achieve better quality, a t-shirt thermal pressure  machine needs to resist constant movement and clamping. A broken T-shirt heat press does not help your business, and it’s important to get a broken press back up and running quickly.

You can rest assured that you know who you are buying from and what their business looks like if you invest in a model from a renowned manufacturer. Time is one of the key components for efficient applications for heat transfer so that a precise timer is necessary. You will also save many headaches on a t-shirt heater in the long term. Precise temperature is the key to a durable application of heat transfer. Pressure is another key element in the proper application of heat transfer and it’s important for the device you work with to be able to release the right pressure (light, medium or heavy).


What is the best heat press machine for you?

The style of the t-shirt heat press that you like depends on what you print with your heat press. Whilst every type of heat press has the same basics, other features are to be taken into account when buying a heat press. When you look at things such as temperature preciseness, ease of use, the guarantee available and the available technological support, you can make the best decision based on your needs.


A heat press for t-shirts is the foundation of a good message printing company. In a spare bedroom, garage or even a dining room table, many decorators could make thousands of dollars per year. And actually, many artists and crafters have discovered the benefits that such a business can bring. Furthermore, you will see that the T-Shirt Heater is worthy of its price when you will analyze major retail brands, sports goods shops and embroidery businesses that use heat printers as key equipment for their business.

This is an investment you’re not supposed to take lightly in your business.  A bad heat press for t-shirts can quickly lead to ruined garments, lost customers, bad reviews and business termination in the end. Your investment begins with the quality of what you create.


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