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Think about the artist for a second – it doesn’t matter whether they use the finest brushes, most complicated techniques or even the most extravagant sets of paint, at the end of the day if they don’t give time and attention to their artwork to dry and set, everything will be gone to waste.

Likewise, when we look at sewing, irrespective of whether you’re dealing with anything from embroidery to quilting, a good tailor will always keep a steam press at hand to both bring out the polish in their creation, to maximise the accuracy of their cuts and to eliminate those inevitably unappealing creases they may find. 

Consider this – all you do is add some water and with the magic of modern technology, steam will be produced, easily bringing up your creations to the next level. The question then becomes why wouldn’t anyone want a steam press? Gone are the days of heavy, cumbersome irons and ironing boards so whip out your stream press and get working.

We’ve compiled 5 of the best steam presses out there in the market into a little list below so if you’re set on getting one for yourself, we invite you to read on! 

Best Steam Press of 2020

1. SINGER | Magic ESP-2 Electronic Steam Portable

SINGER | Magic ESP-2 Electronic Steam Portable with A Large Pressing Surface & Auto Shut-Off with...

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Starting our list with a Singer product – a universally loved brand among sewists – the Magic ESP-2 is a hugely versatile product that comes with a professional level experience which leaves users wanting for nothing more.

Easily capable of accommodating for up to 100 pounds of weight, the Singer Magic despite coming with an extra-large pressing surface (10 times larger than the average competition!) still manages to be hugely compact. So compact in fact that you’ll be able to fit its 24 x 9 inch surface into even the humblest of homes.

And even if you’re an avid traveller, it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle to bring the Singer Magic along with you given its portable nature.

Better yet, looking back at its weight capacity, not only is it respectable but it also allows users to work beyond standard sets of garments and towards entire sets of curtains and blankets. Even safety is a prime consideration here that is encapsulated in the  Steam Press Alarm which means that if the handle is left pressing down and unattended for at least 10 seconds, the Singer Magic will start warning users to ensure that the fabrics aren’t damaged through excessive heat.

Performance-wise, when it comes to the actual steam pressing, with its generous range of temperature controls and steam settings ranging from dry to moist, so long as you familiarise yourself with its extensive controls, the sky truly is the limit here.

2. Steamfast SF-680 Digital Steam Press with Multiple Fabric Settings

Steamfast SF-680 Digital Steam Press with Multiple Fabric Settings and Steam Burst...

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With an almost identical weight to the Singer Magic at 21.4 lbs, Steamfast’s SF-680 offers an equally impressive steam ironing experience that pushes the limits of performance to the extreme. Coming with a slightly larger pressing surface of 25 x 10.5 inches along with a very quick heat up tie of barely 3 minutes, if you’re looking for something that can deliver quality results within the smallest of time frames then you’ve found the ideal product for you.

Of course, speed doesn’t mean anything else is compromised when it comes to the Steamfast SF-680 though. You still get the standard industry range of 5 fabric settings from linen to silk to wool along with two steam burst buttons and safety features. And all these paired with its complementary accessories (measuring cups, spray bottles, pressing cushion, etc.), at the Steamfast’s price point, this makes for a great deal for anyone.

Further, with its 10 oz water tank capacity for its steam bursting, you don’t have to worry too much about refilling this steam press again and again – which we know can be an annoying hassle when dealing with large workloads. 

With its slick black finish and stainless steel composition, you need not concern yourself about durability at the slightest. This press coupled with its US-only warranty will be able to last for the many long years to come if taken care of properly – though it probably could withstand a knock or two in the case of an accident!

3. Steamfast SF-623 Mid-Size Steam Press

Steamfast SF-623 Mid-Size Steam Press with Multiple Fabric Settings and Steam Burst Function, Black,...

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The lesser known sibling product by Steamfast is their  SF-623 but make no mistake, while this steam press isn’t as famous as the other products on our list, you’ll still be getting a top-of-the-line experience with this press. With the SF-623 you don’t ever need to worry about using nasty chemicals or any odd solutions in removing wrinkles and bringing out the crispness in your garments.

Just load up your piece onto its 20 x 8 inch tabletop, enable its press lock and watch the magic unfold (no pun intended). 

While the SF-623 may be slightly smaller compared to the above products on our list, you’ll still receive the full set of functions you’d expect from any other product through its 5 fabric settings which are able to deal with most types of materials. Whether you’re dealing with shirts, pants, table linens or curtains, this steam press will brighten your day within a flash.

Now one gripe you may notice is its inferior water tank capacity. This is to be expected given its more portable and compact design though you may find yourself having to make more refill trips with its 5 oz water tank.

Like the other Steamfast product, any purchase comes equipped with essential accessories from a spray bottle to measuring cup along with a very generous total warranty of 2 years (so long as you are based in the US).

4. Speedy Press Oversized Iron Press

SpeedyPress Oversize Pressing Iron/Steam Press | Ultra XL Electronic Iron Press w/ 100LBs. of...

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The final brand we’re going to be introducing to you on our list is a brand that is just as respectable as anything by Singer or Steamfast – Speedy Press. Accordingly, their Oversized Iron Press is no exception to this notion. The hallmark of this particular product is in how it is able to accommodate far larger and heavier materials than the average competition out there in the market – up to 100 lbs to be precise.

So, if you have lengthy drapes or even king sized blankets, the Speedy Press will eliminate all wrinkles and creases without breaking a sweat.

Functionality and ease of use is also a key consideration taken  in the design of this product. You’ll be able to easily control the heat settings based on the type of material you’re working with and will able to even control whether you want your bursts of steam to be automated or manually induced.

And best of all, you’ll find this product comes with free accessories – who doesn’t like free stuff anyways? Safety is also a pretty big factor in the Oversized Iron Press and while you won’t find an alarm system like the Singer, the padded heat reflective cover will do the trick for most occasions –  especially when you work with more delicate materials. 

The only caveat we feel worth mentioning is in its name: its size. This particular product is pretty unwieldy given its staggering weight of 33 pounds and product dimensions of 35.5 x 12 x 12.5 inches. This means you probably won’t be able to lug this thing around easily and for those of you living in smaller, cramped environments, perhaps consider an alternate product if that is an option for you.

5. Speedy Press Extra Large Digital Ironing Steam Press with Stand

Speedy Press Extra Large Digital Ironing Steam Press with Stand, Including Extra Cover! 1800 Watts!...

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While not quite as large as the Oversized Iron Press, standing at a product dimension of 31.5 x 12.2 x 11.5 inches, the Speedy Press Extra Large Digital provides an alternate experience for those still looking for something to work with large pieces.

With a pressing weight of 100 lbs, even the most stubborn of creases and wrinkles will be totally eliminated with the toggle of a button when it comes to this product. It also is built with portability in mind.

If you’re moving around, just close it up and lift it by its attached carry handle! It shouldn’t be too much of a hassle with its 33.1 lbs weight though it may need a little bit of arm strength.

Functionally, not only does it come with your standard, easy-to-use temperature controls to deal with all types of materials but you’ll find that it also comes with a handy collapsible press stand that makes for ease of placement along with a nifty little digital display to make for an easier reading experience.

Safety is also a serious feature in this device given  its automatic shut-off feature so if you have a little toddler or cheeky pet roaming around your home, you don’t have to worry too much about their safety.

One gripe we have with this device however is the height of the stand. If you’re particularly tall (6 feet+), you may have to bend down a lot when steaming your pieces so keep this in mind before you make a purchase!

Frequently Asked Questions


What does a steam press even do?

A steam press essentially takes advantage of a large working area by bringing down an entire press onto whatever is placed below. Usually weighing between 20 to 30 lbs, by harnessing the power of temperature, steam and gravity, they work to eliminate wrinkles and creases in one fell swoop.

A little vacuum of air is also created during the process which helps significantly in drying the material. They’re almost synonymous to a waffle iron so think about that if you’re still confused.


How do I properly use a steam press?

First, the obvious step is to switch it on and allow it to generate adequate heat. Once done, you then load up your piece and pick the temperature setting based on the type of fabric you are working with (don’t mess up here otherwise burns may ensue).

Once done, you pull down the top compartment onto the material and voila! All creases and wrinkles should be eliminated in a short moment of time.


Are steam presses better than conventional irons?

Generally speaking, steam presses are far larger than a conventional iron but what they sacrifice in size, they gain in results. Conventional irons take far more effort and time to use when getting rid of wrinkles and tend to damage materials under unskilled hands as they don’t usually come with safety measures.

Conversely, a steam press gets rid of all these little problems and takes some stress out of your routine. Though if you plan to travel around frequently, a conventional iron may be more suitable for you given its smaller size.


How can I take care of my steam press?

One thing you should never forget to do is to clean your steam press. We suggest you clean it every week at bare minimum to prolong the life of your steam press. It isn’t rocket science – all you have to do is wait for the steam press to cool down entirely then wipe it down with a towel (or anything similar) that is damp with water.

If you find annoying stains that can’t be removed through this method, consider using a mixture of baking soda along with water.


What are some key safety tips I should know about steam presses?

Always remember that steam press temperatures can reach up to 100 degrees Celsius which can cause nasty, permanent burns – just don’t ever touch the surface when it is hot, and you should be fine.

If you have a pet or toddler around though, we heavily suggest you consider looking for a steam press that comes with additional safety features for their sake.

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