Best HTV Vinyl

When you read this post, it is probably safe to say that you have chosen recently to delve into the design of heat transfer vinyl–or you’re talking about it at least. The potential for creative and financial opportunities in the personalization industry is growing with the customization of clothing and vinyl production. Never before has your love for clothing design been so easy to turn into a full-time gig, and we are pleased to see that you benefit. Vinyl (HTV for short) is a handy tool to apply customized touches (including labels, names, and pictures) to garments and accessories. HTV makes it unbelievably convenient. This is why so many craftsmen and small businessmen are first and foremost involved in the heat transfer vinyl industry. But it’s a very good idea to get familiar with HTV to learn how it is used before warming up your Silhouette CAMEO cutter and start to flex your development muscles.

Heat transmission vinyl is a special type of vinyl material for the design and personalization of clothes and fabric. It can be trimmed, weeded and applied with a hot iron or heat press to tissue products. HTV is produced and available in rolls (or in pre-cut sheets) with a plastic adhesive support torn away from the cut-off vinyl design before pressing the vinyl into a garment.

You have to know everything about HTV if you want to do your own t-shirts or start up your small business. It is also good to know what choices are available on the market. We have selected and reviewed five of the market’s most popular products to simplify your decision, emphasizing the advantages and disadvantages. We took personal experiences and customer reviews into account when analyzing them.

#1: ImPRESSED HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl

HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl: 20 Pack 12' x 10' Iron-on Sheets – 2 black, 2 white and 16 individual...

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In a semi-hard plastic packaging film, the Impressed vinyl 20 kit of heat press vinyl sheets guarantees both that the vinyl is not destroyed in transport and provides adequate long-term protection on the HTV sheets. The cutting instructions for Silhouette and Cricut cutting machines on the website did not appear on the vinyl 20 pack ImPRESSED Vinyl Heat transfer but could find instructions for cutting both. ImPRESSED Vinyl vinyl heat transfer was one of the simplest heat transfer vinyl products we tested.  The HTV lifted without problem from the carrier board and the cut lines were sufficiently deep to remove the excess vinyl without any problem from the remaining image. 

ImPRESSED Vinyl has iron and heat press instructions for its packaging.  Their website contains specific instructions for our Cricut EasyPressTM sample. In ironing the vinyl transfer to the shirt, ImPRESSED Vinyl advises the use of backheat. Backheat pushes the material over and presses the sheet for a short time (in this case 15 seconds). The material is pressed again. The ImPRESSED Vinyl thermal vinyl pressing process produces an excellent fit on our shirt, as shown by the lines in the t-shirt fabrics in the vinyl. We’re “DISCOUNT.”  The heat transfer vinyl has been selected very well and it slashes, grows and holds well. We like the Teflon ® and the storage folio, which both are practical complements for this heat transfer vinyl bundle (note, their single color packages do not include Teflon ®). The only few limitations are that, although they still outweigh many others, we want more detailed product details and some consumers may be inappropriate to use backheat.


  • It is affordable
  • It includes 20 sheets
  • It is ideal for clothing customization
  • It is easy to cut and weed
  • It is washable
  • It is a cold peel
  • It does not require heat
  • It is eco friendly
  • It is covered by worry free guarantee
  • It is made of high quality vinyl


  • It is not recommended for advanced users
HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl: 20 Pack 12" x 10" Iron-on Sheets – 2 black, 2 white and 16 individual...
  • CUSTOM DECAL CRAFTS: Customize t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, hats, and other apparel using this professional-grade heat transfer vinyl;...
  • COLORS: Includes 2 black and 2 white sheets, plus Silver/Grey, Gold, Brown, Grass Green, Light Pink, Fuchsia, Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple,...
  • EASY TO WEED & MACHINE WASHABLE: Made from high-quality polyurethane, our professional-grade vinyl allows you to create elaborate designs...


#2: Siser EasyWeed HTV Sheets 12 inch by 15 inch

Siser EasyWeed HTV Sheets 12 inch by 15 inch - 12 Pack Starter Bundle

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Ironically we don’t think that all that easy to weed is Siser EasyWeed ® Heat Transfer Vinyl. Siser EasyWeed ®’s greatest feature is the simplicity and value it presses with, which could be much stronger if Easypress is not taken. Generally, the vinyl 12-color starter bundle of Siser EasyWeed ® Heat transfer is tested and we would expect the goods of Siser HTV to do so. Weedability, price and lack of instruction, are the three weakest areas as mentioned above. This 12 color starter package is not off-the-charts on a per square inch HTV basis, but you don’t get more from this product–such as long-lasting packaging / storage, free cut files, Teflon TM sheets and so on. Overall, you know what you get with the famous brand name EasyWeed ® vinyl transmission heat help from a strong online art community, don’t expect it to become easy to weed.

A single white cardboard folder is placed into the Siser 12-color EasyWeed ® heat transmission vinyl starter pack. That’s it–no directions, no details, nothing more. We received the least creative / impacting vinyl heat transfer packaging by far from Amazon. While buyers on Amazon seem to be wondering whether this is Siser EasyWeed ® Heat Press vinyl, suppose it is (more on this later) right now and speak about the company.  Siser has existed since the 1970s and many of them are known as the name in vinyl heat transfer. The global history of Siser goes back to Italy, with many of the products bought in the US originating with its Siser NA division (North America). Siser, in short, is a well know player in vinyl heat transmission space for many years.


  • It includes 12 x 15 inches sheets
  • It has 12 sheets
  • It is inexpensive
  • It is great for garment decoration
  • It is pressure-sensitive
  • It is thin
  • It is durable
  • It can be washed many times


  • It is not as easy to weed as other similar sheets
Siser EasyWeed HTV Sheets 12 inch by 15 inch - 12 Pack Starter Bundle
  • 12 most popular Siser EasyWeed colors on the market
  • Easy and Ready-to-cut material designed for custom garment decoration
  • Pressure sensitive carrier allows you to weed small letters and fine designs easily


#3: Cricut Iron On Lite, Black

Cricut Iron On Lite, Black

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Does a company known for producing excellent cutting and pressing machines also produce large vinyl heat transfer? In this review, we tested vinyl heat transfer from Cricut Iron-on Lite ®. The outcomes are not too surprising: Cricut Iron-on Lite ® thermal transmission vinyl is pricey… Cricut Iron-on Lite ® HTV has been shown to be much easier to weed than many other HTV signs. This is not due to anything technical (e.g. tearing, dropping the carrier sheet, etc), it is because the heat transfer vinyl REALLY Cricut Iron-on Lite ® sticks to the carrier sheet. Weeding is a training!

The vinyl is sold in the form of single 12″x 19″ HTV sheet, and packed as a roll shrunk around the pane of the cardboard. Cricut Iron-on Lite ® is sliced vinyl. It has an outside band that holds inside commands and guidance. In general the packaging is sufficient for the vinyl transfer from the vine manufacturer to the consumer, but it does not grant you the ability to store the HTV for a long time and B). Neither are they deal breakers,’but for a home crafter they are no perfect buying experience.


  • It is compatible with all Cricut machines
  • It is rolled, not flat
  • It includes cutting instructions
  • It has application guidance
  • It is easy to weed
  • It can be washed and dried safely
  • It comes in a wide range of colors


  • It requires more pressure than other similar models
Cricut Iron On Lite, Black
  • For use with all Cricut machines
  • One 12" x 19" roll Cricut Iron-on Lite material in Black
  • For best results, carefully follow the cutting and application instructions found within the Cricut Iron-on packaging


#4: Firefly Craft Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle

Firefly Craft Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle - Basic HTV Vinyl Bundle - Iron On Vinyl for Cricut and...

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Firefly Craft vinyl has some difficulties, but appears to be “good” overall. Furthermore, their issues were missing or vague cutting instructions and pressing directions, which could lead to wasting the vinyl. The overall efficiency of the prices (prices per square inch + accessories + quality) can essentially be different from those for other heat transfer vinyl labels as Firefly Craft reaches into the highest price range with a price per inch of vinyl per square inch. 

Contrary to many more HTV multi-color packs that we’ve checked, the Firefly Craft iron-on vinyl Standard 6 Pack comes with roll-up sheets.  This was not a problem for our sample as the material was unrolled perfectly without any hollowing or issues. This table outlines the actual color of the sheets contained in this vinyl package (HEX, RGB and CMYK) and their thickness. Where several sheets of one color are given, the information in the table is an average of any noteworthy variances for each color with comments after the table. Basic 6 Pack is available in 12′′ by 20′′ sheets, which is approximately twice as large as the standard vinyl sheet.   While it is nice for large projects, it can lead to waste for an average shirt design.


  • It has beautiful colors
  • It includes 6 rolls
  • It is compatible with all cutters
  • It is easy to weed
  • It is larger than similar products
  • It is compatible with leather


  • It cannot be used on Chiffon
Firefly Craft Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle - Basic HTV Vinyl Bundle - Iron On Vinyl for Cricut and...
  • WORKS WITH ALL PLOTTING CUTTERS: Cricut Explore Air, Silhouette Cameo, Graphtec, Sizzix, US Cutter, etc. In short, any die-cut machine...
  • EASY WEEDING: Our premium HTV is engineered to be easy-to-use! It has the best stretch so it moves like part of the shirt and thin, light,...
  • LARGER SIZE: While many companies will sell you iron-on vinyl sheets in 12x12 or 12x15 pieces, ours are a full 12x19.685 (or 12x20 for those...


#5: GIO-FLEX PU Heat Transfer Vinyl

GIO-FLEX PU Heat Transfer Vinyl 10' x 12' - 33 Sheets HTV Assorted Colors Bundle/Variety Pack,...

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Gio-Flex vinyl heat transfer could be a version of the Ford F-150 in the world of HTV.  The vinyl transmission itself appears to be good enough, but there are very few guidelines for use, which offer us more time / energy to cut vinyl and may contribute to some minor problems when we press vinyl. Finally, a very similar Gio-Flex heat transfer vinyl product is being sold on Amazon which gets significantly worse reviews–we still have to look at this product and don’t know what the differences might be.

A fairly straight forward listing is available on Amazon from the Gio-Flex 33 heat transfer vinyl kit.  The list clearly describes the colors and the basic instructions included in the kit. The Gio-Flex HTV package was packed into a carton envelope with photos of the colors of vinyl on the back and basic instructions for use.  Note that it must be pressed at a temperature of 160 ° Celsius, which is about 320 ° for people using Fahrenheit, in the heat transfer vinyl indicated. With the Gio-Flex 33-blade heat transfer packaging there is no cutting instruction included and no instructions could also be found at the Gio-lite website.  Nonetheless, a snapshot of the proposed Silhouette configuration is included in the Gio-Flex page and we used it for our trial break.


  • It is smooth and soft
  • It is eco-friendly
  • It is ideal for professional printing
  • It can be used with polyester, cotton, lycra and cotton blends
  • It is durable
  • It includes 33 sheets 
  • It is washable


  • It cannot be used on leather
GIO-FLEX PU Heat Transfer Vinyl 10" x 12" - 33 Sheets HTV Assorted Colors Bundle/Variety Pack,...
  • 【SOFT & DELICATE】 - Thin and soft polyurethane heat transfer film that is light and stretchable. Adhesive sheet that is perfect for...
  • 【ECO-FRIENDLY & PROFESSIONAL WORK】 - PET film and polyurethane film has excellent adhesiveness, and is ideal for cutting delicate...
  • 【DURABLE】 - We recommend using on COTTON, POLYESTER, COTTON/POLYESTER BLENDS, LYCRA fabric for best performance. It works on normal...



Is it practical to use a vinyl cutter?

One of your most important pieces of equipment is a vinyl cutter, so let’s help you pick the right one for your heat transfer. First, we can explain briefly if you’re not sure what a cutter is. A vinyl cutter is a tool that uses sharp blades to vinyl transfer, to create patterns, letters, numbers and more quickly. Cutter makes it possible to weed and the rest of the heat transfer cycle, so it is very important to pick a performance unit. Choose a cutter which can accommodate the same or greater width than the cutting material. 

You may want to check how much pressure a cutter can use depending on the type of material you use. Therefore, if you have more room, certain product becomes easier to use. Of starters, we would suggest a 24′′ cutter that gives you more room to work and helps you to run the product by the sheet if you deal mostly in glitter. We recommend going to the cameo if you want to use the cutter to carry out hobby-related side projects. If not, look at the organization and (really!) decide how much you are going to do now and in future. As with anything else in which you look, a cutter can be on the spending side. But if you intend on producing high quantities of goods, view this transaction as an expense— you will get what you are investing in. There are also cheaper options. If cash is very close, check the options you give before you choose one, showing all cutters that come within your price range.


What should you consider when buying the best HTV?

Today, different quality of thermal transmission vinyl is available on the market. Try to get the best one possible before the built goods frustrate you. It is durable, does not dissolve or crack, and above all, it does not peel away regardless of how long it is washed. These are some of the key features of high-quality vinyl, which allows you to work easier. Look for user reviews to get the best of it. It is more than enough to stay away from it if you find peeling, bubbling or melting issues in your review.

When you know the right conversion functionality for vinyl, easy transfer could be the most important point here. The vinyl transfer time is the time required to be fully attached to the substratum under the correctly defined parameter, such as temperature and pressure. It gives you also a rough idea of how long a piece will take. Some vinyl has to be rigorously pressed during the transfer process. Seek the pressure to be completely passed by the vinyl.


Does the color combination matter?

Each vinyl pack is supplied with a different color mix, so that what choice you choose totally depends on you. The packages are available with a wide range of colors from basic gray tones to all the tones found in the rainbow. Pick a kit that provides you with different and fashionable colors, while keeping your plans realistic.


The solution to your individual projects is heat transfer vinyl. Heat transfer vinyl is one of the least expensive and easiest of all available clothing decoration methods. HTV is a material that comes on a clear sheet of vinyl chloride, or polyurethane, or polyvinyl chloride, (PVC). Designs are cut off while the carrier is left intact for application. Siser heat transfer vinyl is available in a wide range of colors and finishes like glitter, flock, dark glow and even designs! Many HTV cutting techniques are available, such as the Silhouette Cameo & Cricut, the Roland GX-24 & Graphtec Expert and the low-tech approach to the hand cutting with an X-Acto knife or paper pins!

The surplus material that is not included in the design is removed or “weeded” away after you cut your design. Weeding is the process of removing an instrument and extraction from the carrier of excess material. You can heat a variety of fabrics using a heat press or household iron in the right fabric setting if your design is cut and weeded for a look of a kind every time! Heat vinyl transfer is so long lasting that it outlast the shirt cloth when properly applied.