Best Industrial Sewing Machine

Industrial sewing machines are far stronger than domestic sewing machines. These have better power, greater dimensions and quicker sewing rates, which allows them the preferred choice for the wider towel industry. But that ought not to frighten you. Such a system can also be used for voluminous sewing activities efficiently in the comfort of your own house. It is programmed to last long hours and easily sew, so you can monitor your progress and produce it in a timely manner.

Nonetheless, these modern sewing machines are quite different and it could be very hard to choose the right one to help you do that. You have to look at a few items before switching to one, but the finest modern sewing machines on the market are here before this. Commercial sewing equipment plays a key role in fulfilling commercial textile production specifications in the manufacturing sector. For any clothing industry it is a worthwhile long term investment to own a sewing machine. But it can be difficult to find the right device to suit the business, with so many different sewing machines on the market. Industrial sewing devices are the perfect match for small or medium-scale companies and industries, but you might not be conscious of its advantages.

There are some reasons why sewing enthusiasts love these machines. They are long-lasting. These devices meet the high production demand, they have to be robust and stand up to time. They could sew enormous quantities of goods every day. Also, such systems are also very safe, security being an important aspect for all companies, so protection is the number one goal of these products. Their layout minimizes any risks, so users can stay safe at all times. A high degree of flexibility is another important factor that must be taken into consideration. These systems are designed to execute specific tasks at the highest levels of quality and not to deal with several different tasks of poor quality. Many sewing machines offer a range of customizations to allow their users to function more creatively.

Here we have a list of the top five sewing machines, but before coming to conclusions, we would like to see the advantages and disadvantages of each and every single one of them.

#1: Juki DU-1181N Top and Bottom Feed Walking Foot Sewing Machine

Juki DU-1181N Top and Bottom Feed Walking Foot Sewing Machine DU-1181 w/servo Motor,Table, lamp. DIY

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This Juki sewing machine includes a special presser foot that feeds the cotton edge. Combined with feed dogs the top and bottom feeding systems guarantee the even dragging of multilayered materials as they are sliced. The effect is smooth, perfectly spaced seams. These feeders often help you remove the fabric to make it easier for you to function together.

It is marketed as a fully assembled unit, which ensures it is prepared to be used. The package contains the face, desk, stand and engine of the machine. The clutch engine which is used to run continuously for long hours, helps you to continuously work for long periods. The top of the table offers a large work area for the stitching of heavy fabrics and other items, while the strong and stable frame tightly retains the part.

The device has a maximum stitch level of 2000 S / M, which for daily sewing projects still is quite slow. It includes a stitch length change dial up to 9 mm, enabling you to choose what to do in various projects. In fact, it has a knee foot rise to raise the foot up to 15 mm, leaving you plenty of scope to slip through dense fabrics, even if built for medium-sized fabrics.


  • It is designed to do straight stitches
  • It uses a single needle
  • It has a clutch motor
  • It runs at 2000 s/m
  • It features an automatic lubrication system
  • Its motor runs smoothly
  • It has a bobbin winder
  • It is durable
  • It is easy to use
  • It has a strong mechanism
  • It has adjustable feed cam


  • It doesn’t have wheels
Juki DU-1181N Top and Bottom Feed Walking Foot Sewing Machine DU-1181 w/servo Motor,Table, lamp. DIY
  • Knockdown Table With Servo Motor.Assembly required.It come complete with sewing machine table and Electronic DC Servo Motor 3/4 H.P, 1...
  • Max. sewing speed 2,000sti/min**Max. stitch length 9mm**Presser foot By knee: 15mm**
  • Needle DP×17 (#21), #14~#23**Thread #40~#8, B33~B92, Nm=90/3~30/3


#2: Yamata Industrial Sewing Machine FY-8700

Yamata FY8700 DDL8700 Lockstitch Industrial Sewing Machine with Clutch Motor+Table Juki .Assembly...

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The aim of this industrial sewing machine is to make lock stitches in fabrics. The 1/2 hp clutch motor is driven to just drive the needle through lightweight or heavy textiles, which makes it ideal for light denim, silk and medium dense cotton fabrics. The benefit of Clutch motors is that they can operate without disruption for many hours at high speed. This one can work with a maximum speed of 1725 turns per minute which enables the operator to make a total of 5 500 stitches per minute. Having high speed helps you to stitch a ton within a short time, reducing the time until the stitching project is completed.

All parts, including the sewing desk, cabinet, engine and belts, are provided here. The machine head, board, engine and the rest have to be installed upon delivery. It’s delivered in sections. However, it is quite easy to put the pieces together with a decent assembly manual, which enables it to be used a few minutes after packing. The included sewing table provides you with a nice space to put your clothes as you feed them into the device. This table has a heavy metal base that firmly holds all the other components, while the thick woven top supports the neck, the fabrics and everything else on the device.


  • It creates 5mm long stitches
  • It has a 13mm knee presser foot lift
  • It has a 5mm hand presser foot lift
  • It has a max. 13 mm lift
  • It has automatic lubrication
  • It has a pressure foot pedal
  • Its motor speed can be easily controlled
  • It has a silent motor
  • It has a bobbin winder
  • It has 5 bobbins includes
  • It includes 10 needles and a screwdriver


  • It doesn’t work for vinyl boat upholstery


#3: JUKI DDL-8700-Industrial

JUKI DDL-8700-Industrial Straight Stitch Sewing Machine,Power Stand Ship Assembled + Chair

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A fully installed sewing table plus a servo motor comprise the Juki ddl 8700. After unboxing, only the head of the device needs to be placed on the table and this cuts the installation time significantly to almost directly after unboxing. The sewing table has a heavy metal frame that is very sturdy and secures each piece in its place. The mounted servomotor offers unrivaled output which allows the device to reach a full speed of 5500 points per minute. It helps you to sew faster and more efficiently every single time.

Furthermore, servo engines are renowned for their quiet silence when in operation, so that you can even whisper at such great speeds and still be heard. The silent motor makes it ideal for home use, although it was designed for commercial use. The computer is very easy to operate in addition to its smooth operation. It has a knee foot rail that raises the foot rail 13 mm, which makes it easy to balance light and medium materials. This model allows more space for your hands to do certain activities on the top of the table, which is very handy for such jobs. It features a marked needle plate that helps you make straight stitches by feeding the fabric with feed dogs using the marked grooves as guides.


  • Its motor is extremely quiet
  • It has an efficient servo engine
  • It features adjustable stitch length
  • It has automatic lubrication
  • It features max 5mm stitch length
  • It has a presser foot
  • It has a single needle design
  • It has a max. Speed of 5500 stitches per minute
  • It has a wide working surface


  • It does not cut the thread
JUKI DDL-8700-Industrial Straight Stitch Sewing Machine,Power Stand Ship Assembled + Chair
  • The Juki DDL-8700 is a single-needle, straight stitch, industrial sewing machine. Manufactured by Juki, a world leader in sewing quality and...
  • Included accessories in the machine DDL-8700 head: : Bobbin Winder ___Thread Stand ___Machine Oil ___ Instruction Manual ___ Oil Pan ___Knee...
  • Juki DDL-8700 Single Needle Lockstitch Industrial Sewing Machine ( NOT a walking foot)


#4: TechSew 2900

TechSew 2900 Leather Patcher Industrial Sewing Machine with Assembled Table & Servo Motor

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This tool was specially designed for leather patching and sewing for shoe and pocket repairs, for instance. It has a 12-inch cylindrical neck, allowing you both in footwear and other leather items to enter hidden places.

The pressing foot will turn 360 degrees and you can stitch from any angle or direction. The stitching takes place at a slower pace (500 S / M), suitable for the hard leather product. It has a U-table that offers the whole device strength and keeps everything in place. The U form is positioned just below the cylindrical arm so that you can operate for big shoes and big bags etc. You have enough room under the mattress. All of these are meant to promote or encourage leather stitching.

This unit is well configured when it comes to power. It is fitted with a 1 HPservo motor that can drive the needle through the stiff cloth. Furthermore, as a servo motor, it’s very quiet and simple to use even in your household. It allows you to operate at your own pace. The speed of the motor is variable. The unit has a hand wheel that you can use to manually stitch when items are out of the way and you need more power. The rough fabrics that could otherwise be broken if scoring at high speeds can be easier to work with.


  • It has a practical design
  • It has a silent motor
  • It has a rotating presser foot
  • It can stitch in any direction
  • It has a 12-inch long arm
  • It has a powerful 1HP motor
  • It has a fully assembled table
  • It includes bobbins
  • It includes tools and needles
  • It has a U-shaped table
  • It includes a hand wheel for manual operation
  • It can be used for shoe repairs


  • The instructions are quite vague
TechSew 2900 Leather Patcher Industrial Sewing Machine with Assembled Table & Servo Motor
  • 360 degree rotating presser foot for sewing in any direction
  • 12" Long cylinder arm
  • 1/4" sewing capacity


#5: Techsew 1460

Techsew 1460 Leather Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine with Assembled Table & Servo Motor

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The TechSew 1460 represents an improved model based on the older TechSew 0302. It is a heavy-duty model sewing machine and is specifically designed for fabrics such as upholstery and cotton. It doesn’t say that for the cloth, plastic and other synthetics you can’t use it–it will handle them like a champion. You can actually do this with this device if you are into some very hard sewing material like seats for airliners or ships. If you stitch a synthetic pad such as rexine or a real surface such as cloth, the TechSew 1460 is safe. You can even build case or hold case for large items–all you need to do is manage the product weight! The device is comprised of rotating presser hands, a needle stream, and a feeding dog for helping you feed heavy, dense items.

You can reverse stitch for even better grasp if you repeat back on stitches. Changing the duration of the stitch is also very simple. This is a self-lubricating tool, like the TechSew 0302, programmed every day to operate without problems. The main difference is that this sewing machine has a much more powerful motor that can do up to 3000 stitches a minute. When stitching together multifaceted heavy-duty cloth sheets, particularly when several pieces of material come together, like the internal edges of a table, the speed and strength of this device becomes noticeable. The unit has a lifetime guarantee and free software aid that will be valid throughout the machine’s lifetime.


  • It has a powerful motor
  • It has a great sewing capacity
  • It is great for thick materials
  • It has 3000 SPM sewing speed
  • It can work with needle sizes between 18 to 24
  • It works with thread sizes between 46 to 138
  • It has 13mm presser foot clearance
  • It features reverse feed
  • It has large capacity bobbin
  • Its table comes assembled
  • It has adjustable speed


  • It is pricier than other similar products on the market
Techsew 1460 Leather Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine with Assembled Table & Servo Motor
  • COMPOUND WALKING FOOT FEEDING MECHANISM: For feeding thick and bulky materials such as leather, heavy fabrics, nylon webbing, canvas, denim...
  • REVERSE FEED: For easy back tacking



Do you really need an industrial sewing machine?

Some of the top models are very good for home use. Just as great so. The response then depends on how much the machine is going to be used. You can probably only stick to a home sewing machine if you’re mainly looking for nice features including loads of stitches. Some of today’s top models are packed with great features and thousands of innovative factors are brought into discussion. And you won’t be pleased with the professional sewer unless you do a bit of stitching every day. You need a professional unit if you are going to use it every day (as your day work).


What are the differences between industrial and domestic machines?

The size and weight of industrial sewing machines are the two elements that differentiate industrial and domestic machines? So, how heavy is a device for commercial sewing compared to one for home use? Many commercial sewing machines are much more robust than your home standard version. These can weigh up to 100 pounds (50 kilos), but handheld devices for industrial applications can also be identified as much lighter. There are valid reasons why larger sewing machines are so common in industrial applications. They’re not made with portability in mind, but rather considering practicality and performance.

They have been built to be firmly placed on a table and sit there for many years. Furthermore, this is not the usual device that you will take to your home from time to time. They’re far broader, too. It can be twice as large as your home unit. It is typically due to the fact that the arm is bigger, more capable to carry on larger projects and allows for more room on the other end of the needle. You must therefore absolutely devote a space to the sewing machine unless one of the small and compact versions that also exists is available.


Does an industrial sewing machine come threaded?

The unit is often threaded when it is received. If you have a device  that is used, just ask the seller to thread it before it ships to you. How the different thread channels are designed varies greatly, so you have to consult the manual here.Nevertheless, the bobbin is typically similar to one that you would normally see in a home machine. Nevertheless, it is placed outside the unit occasionally.

This depends on the device model with which you work Yet you won’t normally find it difficult to connect your modern machine’s bobbin. There are two other small differences around the needle area: you always move the thread (through your needle eye) from the left to the right in the industrial versions. You always do this from the front to the back on your home sewing machine. You can also see that the needles are somewhat different. The thread is flat on one side of the shaft (top of the head) on a small sewing machine. Nevertheless, the needles are full sized on commercial models.


Several specific type commercial sewing machines are available on the market, as you can expect. Just like there is a wide range of home models. But we often consider sewing machines that are connected to a table if we speak about commercial designs.You should realize first that the engine is often installed outside the unit in manufacturing machinery. Usually this means they need a bigger motor. 

This is why many people believe that industrial machinery is only for heavy work. However, that is false.  The commercial versions designed for the creation of small pieces of clothing are just as often seen on the market as those that are used for larger clothing.



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