The 7 Best Lighted Magnifying Glasses for Embroidery

Embroidery is intricate work. Whether you are embroidering by hand or using an embroidery machine, you need to be able to see the details.

You may have heard that reading or working on something that requires concentration can damage your eyes. This, apparently, is not true. What it does is make your eyes tired and can result in headaches.

A lighted magnifying glass can help relieve your eyes, if they do become tired. It will also help you see your work more clearly.

What to Look for in a Lighted Magnifying Glass

There are a few features to consider when choosing a lighted magnifying glass. These include:


Good lighting is obviously the primary consideration. You want a device that will eliminate shadows and allows a clear, well-lit view of your work. Look for magnifying glasses with lights embedded around the edge of the glass. These tend to be LED lights which are battery operated. The more bulbs they have, the brighter the light will be. Some may have halogen or fluorescent lighting.

Diopter and Magnification

The term diopter might crop up when you are looking at lighted magnifying glasses. This refers to the curvature of the lens in the glass.

The more curvature a lens has, the greater the thickness and magnification will be. Having the diopter number will let you work out the amount of magnification.

All you have to do is divide the diopter number by four and add one. For example, a lens with a diopter of 4 will have a magnification of 4 divided by 4 plus 1, which equals 2x magnification.

Hands Free

Many lighted magnifying glasses will allow you to work hands free. They will clip onto a table, can be worn around your neck or on your head. This will allow you to work unimpeded without having to hold the lighted lens.


Often, a lighted magnifying glass will be adjustable in a few ways. You can adjust the angle of the lens and the light. The arms will either adjust or be flexible for positioning, exactly where you need your glass and light to be.

Lighted Magnifying Glass Reviews

There are many different lighted magnifying glasses on the market. These are our top picks.

Dicfeos Extra Large Neck Wear

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This magnifying glass can be worn around the neck, using the necklace-style string provided. It can also be used free standing. There is a small silver stand which pulls down from behind the battery compartment to allow this.

The large 3.95-inch optical lens will give plenty of vision for those intricate tasks. It has 2x magnification on the main lens, and a smaller round window giving 6x magnification.

It has two energy-efficient LED lights situated at the base of the lens above the stand. The magnifying head can be angled to obtain the perfect position.

It requires 3AAA batteries, which are not included.


  • Large magnifying area with smaller window for very close work.
  • Can be worn around the neck or used free standing.


  • No case for storage.
  • Batteries not included.

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Foldable 3X Magnification LED Portable Light

iMagniphy LED Illuminated Magnifying Glass Set. Best Magnifier With Lights for Seniors, Macular...

Owl Glass brings us this foldable, lighted magnifying glass. Compact enough to fit in your pocket when folded, it measures 3.74 by 2.75 by 1.57 inches. It opens up to stand at a maximum height of 13 inches on its built-in base.

The rectangular lens measures 1.85 by 2 inches. It has a 3x magnification acrylic lens which has crystal-clear quality.

There are nine LED lights in total, two at either side of the lens and five across the top. They can be used all together, or you can choose to use just the side lights or just the top lights.

The extendable stand allows you to position the glass and lights at the perfect height to see your embroidery. It has a simple switch to turn the power on and off. It comes supplied with a USB cable for charging. It can also be powered by 3AAA batteries, which are not included.


  • Compact and foldable for easy storage and transportation.
  • Up to nine LED lights.
  • Adjustable height and lens angle.


  • Base could be more stable.
iMagniphy LED Illuminated Magnifying Glass Set. Best Magnifier With Lights for Seniors, Macular...
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Number-One Magnifying Glass

Number-One Magnifying Glass, 3X LED Lighted Magnifying Lamp USB Powered Clip On Optical Glass...

This magnifying glass from Number One has a heavy-duty clip fitting to secure it to any desk. The flexible gooseneck arm allows for full adjustment up to a maximum of 15 inches.

The lighted magnifying lens can be rotated through 360 degrees for a perfect viewing angle. Once in position, this can be locked in so it doesn’t move.

The lens has 3x magnification and measures 3.5 inches in diameter. The 16 built-in LED lights have two, adjustable brightness levels for perfect illumination.

Powered by a 5.3-foot-long USB cable, no batteries are required for this versatile product.


  • Flexible gooseneck and 360-degree capability for perfect position.
  • 16 LED lights with two brightness adjustments.
  • Heavy duty clip for attaching to a desk or bedpost.


  • Adapter plug for USB not included.
  • No battery option.
Number-One Magnifying Glass, 3X LED Lighted Magnifying Lamp USB Powered Clip On Optical Glass...
  • 【Versatile Magnifying Glass】-- 3X Power Magnifying Lamp with powerful 8-diopter optical glass lens, and distortion-free view improve...
  • 【Built-in 16 LED Lights 】-- Illuminated with 16pcs LED lights, with 2 adjustable brightness levels. The Powerful bright light bring...
  • 【Flexible Position】-- 15-inch tall lighted lamp with flexible metal gooseneck, 360° swivels for freely adjustment, it allows users to...

Lighted Headset Magnifying Glasses

Lighted Head Magnifying Glasses Headset with Light Headband Magnifier Loupe Visor for Close...

Morduedde supplies this versatile and lighted magnifying headwear. It can be worn with arms which will even fit over your existing spectacles. Alternately, you can use the adjustable elastic headband for added comfort when wearing it for long periods of time.

There are five lenses included, ranging from 1x to 3.5x magnification. They also have their own protective case for storage. There are other options available with lenses ranging from 1.5x to 13x magnification, or 2.5x to 5x magnification.

The headlamp has two LED lights to illuminate your work. Both the lights and the lenses can be adjusted, the light through 45 degrees and the lenses through 60 degrees.

Further adjustments can be made via the sliding lens position. This allows you to make sure the glasses are just where you want them.

Changing the magnifying lenses is easy; they simply clip in and out. The magnifying glass is made from scratch-resistant, optical-grade acrylic.

The unit is powered by 3AAA batteries which are not included.


  • Choice of five magnification strengths.
  • Two adjustable ways of wearing for comfort.
  • Interchangeable, adjustable lenses.


  • Some might find it heavy to wear.
Lighted Head Magnifying Glasses Headset with Light Headband Magnifier Loupe Visor for Close...
  • VERSATILE APPLICATIONS - Lighted head magnifier with wide availability,ideal for hands-free close-up work like watch/circuit repair, crafts,...
  • 5 INTERCHANGEABLE LENSES - Strengthening lenses( H5) with 5 magnifications(1.0X,1.5X,2.0X,2.5X,3.5X) are included for your various needs,...
  • MULTI ADJUSTMENT - The light and lens angle can be adjusted for precise illumination and viewing.You can move lens back and forth to adjust...

Brightech Lightview Pro 2 in 1

Brightech LightView Pro 2 in 1 - Bright LED Magnifying Lamp Converts from Table to Floor Lamp - Real...

This corded, electric-lighted magnifying glass from Brightech is perfect for close work anywhere in your home. It is fully adjustable for use as either a floor lamp or desk lamp.

The base measures 6 inches by 11 inches, and when extended it can reach a maximum height of approximately 45 inches. The base and head are made from heavy-duty plastic, and the arms and mechanisms are metal. Weighing 15.3 pounds, this lamp is both stable and durable.

The arms, head, and neck of this magnifying lamp will all pivot, enabling perfect positioning.

The magnifying lens is 4.5 inches in diameter and is made from 3 diopter glass. It is both heat and scratch resistant. The magnification strength is 1.75x.

The lamp has a 9-watt, power-saving LED light. This can last for up to 20 years. The light can be adjusted for brightness and color.

You can choose from a range of color options including a warm white light, sometimes called a yellow light, through to daylight white. The brightness can also be adjusted through three different levels.

The company offers a three-year satisfaction warranty on this product.


  • Can be used as a desk or floor magnifying lamp.
  • Fully adjustable for position, light color and brightness.
  • Three-year warranty.


  • Higher price point than other lighted magnifying glasses.
Brightech LightView Pro 2 in 1 - Bright LED Magnifying Lamp Converts from Table to Floor Lamp - Real...
  • FOR CRAFTS, HOBBIES AND READING - EVEN WITH AGEING EYES OR MACULAR GENERATION: Crafters and hobbyists who need light for sewing, puzzles,...
  • CONVERTIBLE 2 IN 1 DESK & FLOOR LED LAMP WITH STAND: Just place the light on the pole stand and you've converted the Brightech Lightview...

Brightech LightView Pro LED Magnifying Lamp

Brightech LightView PRO - Comfortable LED Magnifying Glass Desk Lamp for Close Work - Bright 2.25x...

Brightech bring us this magnifying lamp for desktop use. It fixes with a sturdy c-clamp which opens to fit surfaces up to 2.5-inches thick. It has a cantilever triple-joint arm which swivels through 360 degrees. Weighing just 7.5 pounds, it is an ideal choice for all your close embroidery work.

The magnifying lens is a large 5 inches in diameter and enlarges at 2.25x. The long lasting, powerful 9-watt LED light is powered by an electric cord.

This item is available in black or white to match your decor. It only takes up 2 inches of desk space and can extend to a full 42 inches if needed.

The company offers a 100 percent-satisfaction-guarantee warranty for up to three years.


  • Large 5-inch magnifying lens.
  • Bright LED light.
  • Three-year warranty.


  • Some find the mechanism stiff and hard to adjust.
Brightech LightView PRO - Comfortable LED Magnifying Glass Desk Lamp for Close Work - Bright 2.25x...

EasyLifeCare Hands Free Chest Rest

EasyLifeCare Hands Free Chest Rest LED Magnifier - Neck Wear Visual Aid Illuminated Magnifying Glass...

This hands-free lighted magnifier is perfect for seeing intricate tasks clearer. It has an adjustable lanyard which goes around the neck. The magnifier then sits conveniently on the chest. Weighing just 6.4 ounces, it is comfortable enough for prolonged periods of use.

The optical grade lens measures 4.5 inches in diameter and gives 2.5x magnification. There is also a small bifocal window giving 4x magnification.

The two white LED lights are powered by two lithium batteries which are included.


  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • Large 2.5x magnifying lens.
  • Two bright LED lights.
  • Batteries included.


  • Some find the small, bifocal-lens area distracting.
EasyLifeCare Hands Free Chest Rest LED Magnifier - Neck Wear Visual Aid Illuminated Magnifying Glass...
  • Great Magnification Effect: Main lens diameter 4.5inch large field of view. Optical grade high quality 4x auxiliary & 2.5x primary...
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  • Hands-Free LED Magnifier: With a neck lanyard, chest support brace with soft-padded feet, bi-focal spot lens, lightbox, you can hang it on...


Whether it’s working in poor light or our eyesight is failing, a lighted magnifying lens is certainly a useful tool for embroidery lovers.

There are many options to choose from. Those you wear around your neck or on your head and those that clamp to a desk or are free standing. Then there is the option of battery or electric power.

Depending on where you embroider can affect the choice you make. Also consider how much magnification and light you need.

Whichever product you choose, you can be guaranteed your time embroidering won’t be so limited due to tired eyes.