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It doesn’t matter what type of artist you are. Whether you’re a sewist, writer, knitter, painter, or even a jeweler, the one key thing that all these fields hold as essential is having a good source of light. Light reveals, shows, and guides and so without light, it isn’t a stretch to claim that there can be no art of any kind, be it a painting or sewn masterpiece. Period. 

Likewise, when it comes to sewing and your loved projects, having a good source of lighting is essential for every step of your crafting journey. Not only will it help guide your hands through the most complex of patterns, but it will also ensure that your eyesight is subjected to minimal fatigue which will pay off dividends in the long run in terms of your physical health.

Too much light risks casting annoying shadows and too little may lead to excessive darkness. While we absolutely adore our sewing machines, one problem that comes up time and time again is how most sewing machines aren’t fitted or equipped to provide enough lighting. Thankfully, this is a problem that is easily remedied.

The market is filled with all sorts of adhesive lighting strips that are specialized just for the sewist in mind. It can be daunting to navigate your way through such a dense market, but this is where our list comes in. We’ve reviewed the most popular options out there so just read on below and take your pick from our little selection! 

Best Sewing Machine LED Light of 2020

Notoo LED Sewing Machine Light Set

Led Sewing Machine Light Set,15 inch Working Lighting Strip Kit + 5ft Cord with Touch Dimmer and USB...

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Kickstarting our list with a product that’s loved by sewists from every corner of the globe, Notoo offers a lighting strip kit that’ll bring solid lighting to the dimmest of workplaces. In this set you’ll find a 15-inch long strip that’s fitted with powerful LED lights.

Securing it to your machine is a breeze too thanks to its VHB adhesive tape that’ll keep things fastened even as the years roll on by. The strip itself is not only durable but is totally bendable and flexible so you never have to break a sweat about it snapping as you adjust it to fit your sewing machine.

In terms of power, you’ll find that it comes with a USB Type-A head along with a 5-ft. power cord which should be adequate for any type of sewing workstation. Brightness here is also provided as a cold white 6500k configuration with adjustable brightness settings while the strip itself is totally cuttable based on your preferences. 

Now the best thing about this is how it does not produce any shadows thanks to its small footprint and solid luminosity! No need to worry about shadows from obscuring your handiwork here.

All this being said, we do have to note that when it comes to powering it, you can’t simply use it without an outlet. It has to be plugged into either an outlet on your wall or to a separate power bank which isn’t included in the kit, making a separate purchase a necessity if this applies to you.

VIMLITE Sewing Machine Light 11.8 inch

VIMLITE Sewing Machine Light 11.8inch, Sewing Strip Light Kit with Touch Dimmer,Waterproof,Cold...

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Another fine addition to any sewist’s arsenal would be the VIMLITE Sewing Machine Light. Much like other similar products in the market, it comes fitted with a 3M adhesive tape which will tightly affix itself to any sewing machine irrespective of model. And even as the years roll by, you will never once worry about it falling off.

You won’t find any annoying shadows here too thanks to its luminosity that’s powered by a bright LED light (6000K, cool white) that provides a soft yet sufficiently illuminating light to your sewing workspace. It goes without saying that installation couldn’t be easier here and will take a couple of minutes at most.

And yes, even if your household has kids and pets running about, know that this product is totally safe and won’t ever be a fire hazard. You’ll also be pleased to know that the strip is totally waterproof so don’t hesitate to have a glass of water near you or stress out about the accidental spillage.

Now the strip in terms of length isn’t the longest by far compared to other products on our list but at 11.8-inches, it should do the trick for the average sewist. And much like the VENKYO, this product is powered up by a Type-A USB connector, so you better have either a power bank or a power outlet near your workplace.

Beyond all this, you’ll also find adjustable and dimmable brightness settings here and even adhesive clips which when properly used will ensure that even the busiest of workstations is kept well organized. Nobody likes a messy workplace where things go missing for ages after all!

Madam Sew Bright Sewing Machine LED Lighting Strip

Madam Sew Sew Bright Sewing Machine LED Lighting Strip Dimmable Self-Adhesive USB Sewing Machine...

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A great choice product in the eyes of both Amazon and professional sewists, Madam Sew’s LED Lighting Strip will live up to its one aim – to open your eyes. Here, though it’s clean, white light that also mixes in a tinge of blue along with a subtle hint of purple, your eyes will be subjected to a perfect balance of light that’ll keep both strain and fatigue far away.

Simultaneously, you’ll also find more than enough light shone onto your workstation that’ll bring your sewing projects up to the next level. This is all made possible thanks to the 12-inch strip that is fitted with 24 LED lights that’ll bring much-needed light to any darkroom. 

You’ll be able to easily fit the strip onto any type of sewing machine as well as even quilting machines thanks to its universal compatibility. And with its strong adhesive cord clips that attach themselves to the back of your machine and its flexible structure, it’ll easily conform to the unique contours of any machine while keeping things neat and tidy. With its adhesive clips and cord organizers, you’ll never have to fret about a messy day of sewing or losing an essential tool ever again.

Upon installation, you will also notice several other features that are common among the best of the best. A pair of dedicated dimming buttons will enable you to adjust the brightness to your personal preferences and with its USB attachment and adaptor, gone are the days of being tethered to your standard wall outlets.

BOESVHO Sewing Machine Light LED Strip

BOESVHO Sewing Machine Light LED Strip, fits All Sewing Machine, with Touch Dimmer and USB Power,...

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With its 11.8-inches of powerful LED-lit strips, it is certainly no stretch to say that you’ll have a mini sun to illuminate your sewing workstation with ease. Who doesn’t like a well-lit workspace? Not only will your eyes fare better in the long run, but you’ll get to impress onlookers on what you’re working on and with the added accuracy with better lighting, even your finished product is bound to dazzle.

Here, through the BOESVHO LED Strip, you’ll be able to attach it onto any machine irrespective of the brand with its powerful adhesive strip. So, don’t worry if you have a low shank machine or a large, heavy-duty SINGER. This strip will fit like a glove here and with its flexibility, it’ll match the contours of just about anything. Dimming settings via a touch button is also included. Simply press the button down for a couple of seconds and you’ll have full reign over its brightness. 

In terms of power, you’ll find that it powered by a standard USB Type-A input so it goes without saying that just about any household will be able to take advantage of this strip without much hassle. The type of light produced here is predominantly white light with minimal hues of purple or anything else.

Regardless, the light produced here is incredibly soft and eye protection is a prime consideration taken seriously. This also means that there will be practically no shadows produced anywhere throughout its 18 premium LED lights scattered throughout the strip’s entire length. 

LED Sewing Machine Strip Light Box Shape

led Sewing Machine Strip Light Box Shape, Energy Saving LED Machine Light for Drill Press, Desk,...

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Sitting as the most uniquely shaped LED light on our list and coming as a set of either two or one, SEWTCO offers a unique but respectable take on sewing machine lights. Instead of a single long stirp, you’ll find a single square here spanning 7 x 3.9 x 1.5-inches that’s jam packed with thirty high-end LED lights that will provide more than enough light for any sewing workstation but still remains soft enough so as to offer proper protection to the eyes even during the longest of sessions. 

Much like the strip-variant, you’ll find a powerful adhesive sticker on its back that’ll securely fasten the SEWTCO onto any sewing machine. Of course, adding additional glue is always an option if you ever find yourself unhappy with how it sticks. Safety is also another key consideration taken into the design of this product.

Not only is it energy efficient, capable of saving up to 90% of electricity, but its power supply system ensures that the mainboard utilizes the current constant voltage input which ensures that any annoying strobes never occur. What this means is that the light’s output will be delivered in a highly stable and consistent manner so as to not cause any unnecessary distractions. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When will I have to replace the lights on my strips?

The answer is simple: almost never. Sewing machine LED lights are built to last for a very, very long time. We’re talking about years here. This means that you won’t ever have to replace your lights unless it suffers from heavy damage. We say heavy because these lights are often built to withstand even the roughest of workplaces!

Of course, if we’re being pedantic, you’ll find the lifespan of your light being far shorter if you tend to sew on a very regular basis which means that you’ll need to pick up a new set of lights sooner. Again, we emphasize that it’ll still last for years and with how affordable these lights are priced, we don’t expect it to be a problem to even the most frugal of sewists.

Why can’t I just get a normal lamp for my workplace?

While nothing is stopping you from using a normal lamp (like those desk lamps) for your workstation, there are a few reasons as to why we think they’re inferior. First, normal lamps are large and unwieldy, and tend to take a lot of space on any workplace.

Dedicated sewing LED lights on the other hand, are extremely compact and will go totally unnoticed even in the smallest of areas. Second, normal lamps can cause annoying shadows to pop up depending on how you angle it. Not only is it difficult and time-consuming to find the proper, most optimal angle for your sewing workstation, when you consider how easy it is to install a sewing machine light and not worry about shadows, it seems odd to opt for the more troublesome option.

How much do these sewing machine lights cost? 

We love it when people ask this question and seeing their faces react to the good news. These dedicated lights despite how fantastic they are in bringing any sewing workplace to the next level are extremely cheap when all things are considered. You’ll be able to find more-than-adequate products for as little as $25 to as much as $75 if you’re looking for professional-grade lighting.

How do I stand to benefit from giving my workplace proper lighting?

With good lighting, you’ll stand to benefit in two equally important ways. Good lighting ensures that both your eyes and body are exposed to a minimum amount of strain. With good lighting, your eyes will be less engaged when sewing while your body won’t need to move to strange angles that induce tension and poor posture in your back.

And on the actual sewing, with good lighting and by being able to see everything with increased clarity you’ll be able to keep mistakes to a bare minimum.