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The poet uses his mental hoard of words to craft beautiful sentences. The artist uses his palette of paint to strike brushstrokes that form out worldly images. Likewise, the sewist too does the same thing. By intricately sewing together spools of thread that span every conceivable color, what emerges is an entirely artistic expression expressed on a slightly different medium. It goes without saying that without thread, a sewist is next to absolutely nothing. 

Now while equipping your sewing workstation with countless spools of the thread is one part of the equation, keep things neat and tidy and organized is an entirely separate ordeal. Even professional workstations tend to get a little messy over time where entire spools of thread go missing under a disorganized clutter of tools, projects, and paper. Nobody likes it when their precious thread goes missing. Time and sanity are wasted after all!

Well, the good news is there’s a way to keep your thread organized with minimal effort: sewing thread racks. Coming in all shapes and sizes and configurations, these versatile tools not only store thread but can store it in such a way as to pander to your personal preferences.

In our post below, we’ve reviewed some of the most popular thread racks of their for both amateur and professional sewists. If you find yourself in need of a rack, we invite you to read on! 

Best Sewing Thread Racks in 2020

MOOACE 60 Spool Sewing Thread Rack with Hanging Hook

MOOACE 60 Spool Sewing Thread Rack with Hanging Hook, Wall Mounted Wooden Thread Holder Organizer...

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Starting our list with a fantastic option that combines functionality with a modest price, MOOACE’s take on the thread rack will enable any sewist to store up to sixty spools of thread, which should be more than enough even among the most serious sewists.

Of course, you can store other amenities here too such as bobbins, embroidery threads, hair for when you braid, sewing tools, and even jewelry. Now in terms of construction, this may look like a plain Jane, but boy is it solid. 

Crafted carefully out of the most durable beech wood, you’ll find that with its build, it not only is extremely sturdy but will last the test of time even though the years and under the heaviest of loads. Across its 15.7 x 7 x 11-inch dimensions, it should easily fit onto any workstation and you’ll be pleased to know that you can either prop it up as a stand or mount it on your wall based on your preferences thanks to its 2 hanging hooks. Of course, you’ll still need to hammer in some nails!

This combined with its lightweight of just 1.1-lbs means that this rack may be one of the most portables we’ve seen. And don’t worry about it collapsing when used at full capacity. It’ll easily withstand any weight so long as you stick within the 60-spool limit. Say goodbye to disorganized thread clutters as this rack will make sewing more about the actual sewing and less on the tiring organizing and searching.

Deluxe Embroidex 60 Spool Cone Thread Stand/Rack

Deluxe Embroidex 60 Spool Cone Thread Stand/Rack Organizer for Sewing and Embroidery Machine Easy...

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While slightly higher on the rung of price, Embroidex’s Thread Stand/Rack will offer any user a totally professional experience that’ll eliminate the needless hours spent on cleaning messes and uncovering clutter in order to find your thread of choice. So yes, frustration is taken out of the picture with the Embroidex. With its highly intuitive and effective storage system, you’ll be able to store up to sixty spools of thread here.

The best part? It doesn’t matter what sized spools you’re storing. From small to large, everything should be able to be stored here. This is made possible thanks to its extremely long pins which are also removable. This means you’ll be able to reorganize the rack’s configurations too if you fancy or store multiple smaller spools on top of each other in a stacked fashion.

Its construction is also deserving of much praise. Formed out of the best quality plastic out there, this rack will easily withstand any load no matter how heavy. And throughout the years, you won’t ever need to worry about molding too! On its storage, you can either mount it on your wall or place it somewhere on your worktable.

Neither option should take too much space thanks to its modest dimensions of 17.5 x 4.75 x 2.25-inches and 2-lbs. weight. And lastly, if you’re particularly fussy about your rack blending in aesthetically with your surroundings, it being neutral white means that it’ll match any decor as well.

HAITRAL 54-Spool Sewing Thread Rack

HAITRAL 54-Spool Sewing Thread Rack, Wall-Mounted Sewing Thread Holder with Hanging Hooks, Wooden...

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Though the overall carrying capacity of this rack may seem a little smaller with its 54 spool storage, what you lose slightly in terms of storage you gain immeasurably in construction. HAITRAL’s Thread Rack may be one of the most durable and aesthetically-pleasing we’ve seen in the market thus far.

Across its 16.3 x 12.4 x 0.8-inch dimensions, you’ll find every inch to be comprised of superior wood that won’t mold even in damp environments, will survive the occasional tumble, and will easily weather the long years of use and sewing to come. With its solid wood construction, you’ll be receiving a product that is both durable and stable.

Its wood base of natural beech also means that you can put to use your creative flair by painting or decorating the rack as you see fit to meld with your workplace’s decor. Any sewist will be able to store small and medium-sized spools here with ease though large spools, unfortunately, aren’t able to be accommodated.

In terms of mounting, with its dual-hanging holes on the back, along with an assortment of screws, stickers, and plastic anchors, mounting this rack directly onto your wall should be a non-issue. Now our favorite bit is how proud HAITRAL is of their product.

So proud in fact, that they promise a total replacement within a month of purchase should any customer feel unsatisfied with their product (or encounter any defects or damage for that matter)! You really have nothing to lose here so we do invite any sewist to give the HAITRAL a try at least. 

HAITRAL 60-Spool Thread Rack

HAITRAL 60-Spool Thread Rack, Wooden Thread Holder Sewing Organizer for Sewing, Quilting,...

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If you liked the HAITRAL product above but want just a little more in terms of storage space, we invite you to consider HAITRAL’s sibling product: the 60-Spool Thread Rack! Across its extremely well-designed dimensions that span 16.9 x 13.6 x 2.3-inches, you won’t ever find a single inch to be poorly constructed.

Everything here is carefully crafted out of the best natural beech wood that’s available in the market and with its smooth finish, it’s no boast to claim that a rack like this is one that can accompany one’s entire sewing life. Of course, with its beech construction, painting over it so as to match your workstation should also be entirely possible.

Now in terms of storage, between each of its 60 spools is 1.6-inches of empty space. And along with its 1.6-inch tall pegs, this is a rack that is specially designed to accommodate only small and medium-sized thread spools. If your thread collection comprises many large spools, unfortunately, the HAITRAL will not before you. Regardless, you’ll also find the spool holders to be perfectly suitable to store a range of other necessities including hair, beads, and so much more. 

When it comes to actually place the rack in your workstation, you’ll be able to either prop up its organizer’s legs down below for an easy setup on your table or simply fold it and hang it up somewhere on your walls.

Of course, nails and hammers aren’t included so you’ll have to do a little DIY-magic for this. Finally, note that it includes a 30-day return policy. If you find yourself either with a damaged product or simply one that does not meet your expectations, feel free to contact their premium service hotline to arrange for a swift return.

ThreadNanny Hardwood 120 Spool Thread Rack

Hardwood 120 Spool Thread Rack with Wall Hanging Hardware for Sewing Quilting Embroidery Threads...

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For the sewists among you who consider themselves a little more ‘heavy-duty’ and are armed with well over a hundred different spools of thread at the ready for any sewing project, we think ThreadNanny’s Hardwood Rack is a match made in heaven for you.

Across its more than generous dimensions of 26.7 x 16.5 x 2.9-inches, what you’ll be getting is a king-sized rack that’ll accommodate even the hoarders among sewists. With a total carrying capacity of 120 spools of thread, it goes without saying that it’ll do the job. Of course, with its plan wood construction and color, staining and repainting it so as to match your intended aesthetic will also be a breeze. Now here’s the most interesting part. 

Despite being so large, it only weighs 3.44-lbs. Sure, this may be heavier than the other, more modest options on our list, but this is no less remarkable. And even more surprising is how even at full load, you’ll be able to either mount it on your wall or use its free-standing configuration. Never once will you have to worry about it collapsing under the pressure of the load it’s carrying! But there are two little caveats to note.

First, mounting it on a wall requires you to do a little hammer and nailing on your wall so if this isn’t an option for you, consider just using its freestanding mode. And second, it’ll only fit mini king cone-sized thread. Anything else with a larger spool base such as those Robison-Anton cones will unfortunately not fit so you’ll be slightly limited here as to what you can properly store.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the material of my sewing thread rack matter?

Absolutely! The vast majority of racks will be made out of either wood or plastic (as seen in our list above). Both are great options but the best material for you may depend on a few, more personal things. If you love the overall aesthetic of your workstation and want your rack to match it, consider getting wood as you’ll be able to paint on it and decorate on it far more freely than if you had a plastic rack. Plastic too has its own perks too though! You’ll never have to worry about molding from excessive humidity and the weight if often a little lighter. 

Why can’t I just organize my spools on my table without a rack?

While you certainly can – there isn’t a rulebook or anything that outlaws not using a rack – we think that without a rack, even the most organized of sewists will be missing out. Especially so when you consider how affordable even the largest of racks can be. You really only stand to gain if you get yourself a rack. Everything will be organized and right by your side when needed without the risk of ever losing your spools of thread. Messiness will also be kept to a minimum thanks to the lack of tangles and knots which we all know, plague even the most seasoned of sewists among us.

Can I mount my sewing rack on the wall?

Not all thread racks are designed to be wall mounted and are rather, intended to be propped up on your table. However, so long as you stick to our list, all the options we’ve reviewed are totally wall mountable. Just note that wall mounting requires you to nail a couple nails into your wall which are usually a separate but totally affordable purchase. If you’re living in a rented unit or don’t fancy damaging your wall for the sake of your sewing, you’ll still be able to use any rack without issue do don’t worry too much on that end!

Which size rack is the best of them all?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this as it depends entirely on your sewing needs. That being said, the sweet spot for most sewists is around sixty. Sixty spools of thread should be more than enough for the vast majority of sewists. Of course, we still suggest you make an honest assessment of your sewing habits before purchasing anything to avoid any disappointment.