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Using a sewing machine foot is absolutely imperative for any type of sewist from the casual hobbyist to the most seasoned of professionals in order to bring the best out of any sewing project. They come in all shapes and sizes, each doing something entirely unique and at the end of the day, they serve to make your sewing all the more precise, accurate, and all that closer to your ideal project. Without a good sewing foot, life would be far, far harder. 

Among these different sewing feet, the zipper foot stands out to us as one of the most important to own and use. In essence, they do the obvious: they allow any sewist to sew on zippers with precision and accuracy, as close to the teeth as possible. This is made possible due to the little notches you’ll find on both sides of the foot.

Of course, even beyond simply inserting zippers onto sewing projects, you’ll be able to do so many other things as well that will bring your sewing projects up to the next level such as adding piping or even cording.

So, if you find yourself wanting and lacking a good zipper foot, read on and check our take on the hottest options out there in the market right now!

Best Sewing Machine Zipper Foot

AC Online Pack of 1pcs Zipper Foot and 1pcs Invisible Zipper Foot

Pack of 1pcs Zipper Foot and 1pcs Invisible Zipper Foot for All Low Shank Snap-On Singer, Brother,...

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Bringing a big thing is a seemingly small package, AC Store’s take on the zipper foot provides sewists with both a standard zipper presser foot along a complimentary invisible zipper presser foot.

Measuring out at just 2 x 1 x 0.2-inches and with a paltry weight of just 0.63-ounces, this zipper foot still manages to bring out everything one might expect from the best of the best. With a snap-mechanism, you’ll be able to equip this zipper foot to your machine on its bracket with a single click. No need for any burdensome tools like screwdrivers here. And when it comes to compatibility, you will be pleased to know that it’ll fit the vast majority of standard sewing machines.

So, whether you have a Brother or a Singer machine, it should do the trick though do note that it is only intended for low shank models which may require you to get a low shank adapter depending on the model of your sewing machine. 

Now the invisible zipper foot is also a solid addition. It’ll allow any sewist to seamlessly attach professional-grade concealed zippers without much effort onto any project and if anything, only adds some extra value to an already fantastic product. For both zipper feet, you’ll also realize upon the first touch, how solid of a product it is in terms of its build quality.

Composed out of high-grade metal, it is no exaggeration to claim that zipper feet like these will easily last for the many long years to come, even under the heaviest of loads by the most seasoned of sewists. 

Stormshopping’s Zipper Sewing Machine Presser Foot for Low Shank

Zipper Sewing Machine Presser Foot for Low Shank Snap on Singer Brother Babylock Janome Kenmore...

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Providing sewists both young and old with one of the most sturdy and durable zipper foots out there, this product in particular will offer a 100% solid experience to just about any sewist. Stromshopping’s take in this regard does not disappoint. And coupled with its already generous price point, you’ll have almost nothing to lose by giving it a try!

Now it operates as any standard zipper foot does. With a snap mechanism that totally eliminates the need for screws and additional tools, you’ll be able to fit your presser foot onto any standard sewing machine within the blink of an eye. The same can be said about removal as well when the time comes for that thanks to its straightforward yet highly practical design. 

And yes, you’ll find tons of tutorials on the internet if you still find yourself confused. Moving on, in terms of compatibility, it doesn’t matter whether you own a Janome, Toyota, Singer, or Brother. So long as it falls under the ambit of a normal domestic low shank machine, the Stromshopping Presser Foot should fit like a glove.

Further, its footprint is tiny too. Taking no more space than its prescribed dimensions of 2.01 x 0.59 x 0.39-inches along with its weight of 0.32-ounces, even if you plan on sewing while traveling across the country or the globe, storing this little tool will be a walk in the park. 

SINGER 2123 Verticle Needle Zipper Foot

SINGER 2123 Vertical Needle Zipper Foot

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In the world of sewing, there are a select few brands that are so trusted, that to not give proper mention to their products would be a crime in itself to the entire world of sewing. It goes without saying much that Singer takes the podium here.

Known and loved by countless sewists across the world and with a history that spans entire generations, they have translated their meticulous craftsmanship that’s often associated with their machines into the more modest pressing foot. We see this quality just as clear in their Verticle Needle Zipper Foot that combines and stuffs full, their love for sewing into a humble and unassuming product. 

Composed out of solid metal that is both durable and entirely stainless, this silver-colored zipper foot will offer all the high-precision stitching any of your projects may need when the time comes to fit on a zipper. At just 0.87 x 2.95 x 5-inches, it doesn’t needlessly stand out from the crowd with an unusual size though we should say that its weight is slightly heavier than usual, at 0.64-ounces.

Of course, this is still a paltry point as you probably won’t even notice this. With this zipper foot, you’ll be able to install it on any standard Singer Vertical Needle machine. And if you don’t own a Singer, don’t worry. With the aid of any fastening thumb screw like the variants Signature and Kenmore produce, even you will be able to take full advantage of this particular product.

YEQIN 7306-2L Sewing Machine Zipper Presser Foot

7306-2L Sewing Machine Zipper Presser Foot for Low Shank Brother Singer Janome Kenmore Viking

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While the YEQIN isn’t exactly a Singer in terms of international repute, it still just a fantastic zipper foot as the Singer. Now what you lose in popularity, you gain in customizability. The YEQIN comes in all shapes and sizes that’ll fit the specific needs of any home sewist.

You’ll find presser feet with slants, a 3-way hinged zipper foot, an invisible zipper foot, and so much more. Just stick to what your sewing project goals are if ever in doubt and you should be fine.

Now regardless of which type you opt for, you’ll still get a product that is both compact and light so as to go unnoticeable even to the most pedantic of sewists. This same uniformity applies to its compatibility. They all take the shape of a narrow snap or use a similar snapping mechanism and they’ll work perfectly with most low shank vertical needle machines out there irrespective of brand.

This means that it doesn’t matter much if you’re a proud owner of a Singer, Bernette, Elna, or even a Pfaff – all should be perfectly acceptable for this little presser foot. Of course, if ever in doubt do make sure to cross-reference your machine’s specifications with the YEQIN before making any purchase to avoid any disappointment! 

Kalevel 4pcs Zipper Foot Sewing Machine Presser Foot Set

Kalevel 4pcs Zipper Foot Sewing Machine Presser Foot Set Invisible Snap on Narrow Zipper Foot...

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Sitting as perhaps the best value buy product on our list, for the price of what often a single zipper foot costs, with the Kalevel, you’ll be in for a pleasant treat. Here, you’ll be the proud owner of not one but four feet!

Strip its contents open and you’ll find it jammed packed with an invisible zipper foot, a normal wide zipper foot, a narrow zipper foot, and a concealed zipper foot, all of which will equip any sewist with an arsenal of zipper feet that’ll be suitable for anything from amateur home-sewn projects to full-on professional level creations.

Now all of these are made out of the highest-grade metal out there which forms a product that is extremely durable and will withstand all sorts of forces including rough treatment and even the wear and tear of rust and heavy feet, all the while retaining its bright metallic luster.

Likewise shared among all four feet is its mode of installation. Using a snap mechanism, you’ll be able to insert any of the feet onto the bracket of your sewing machine without the need of a screwdriver or any other tool.

That being said, while the zipper foot will fit almost all machines that have a low shank such as Kenmore, Euro-Pros, and Babylocks, for some Singer models, an additional low shank adaptor may be required. These aren’t particularly expensive and are readily available on Amazon, so we don’t think that it’ll be a costly barrier to anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I really need a zipper foot? 

Technically no. You certainly can get away without ever owning a zipper foot even if you intend on sewing on zippers onto your projects. After all, many sewists have done so for years before they were even invented.

But to do so in this day and age is in our opinion, a waste of time and energy. Zipper feet are a fantastic quality of life improvement to any sewist’s toolkit. They make it easy to adjust your needle without ever using a presser foot when sewing on zippers which is a huge step towards improving the accuracy and precision of your zipper sewing.

Plus, it makes things so much quicker and you’ll save entire swathes of time by using a good zipper foot.

Will I ever need to replace my zipper foot?

Despite how affordably priced zipper feet are, they aren’t meant to be a one-time-use sort of tool. Built out of durable metal and tempered to withstand the rigors of even the most intense sewing workplaces, zipper feet are absolutely built to last a lifetime.

Of course, this only applies in theory. In reality, your zipper feet will be exposed to a whole host of hazards including humidity, the accidental tumble, heat, cold, and countless other nasty things that can detract from the long lifespan of your zipper foot. There is no one way to ensure your zipper foot survives a lifetime but if you start to spot signs of excessive rusting or denting, note that they are telltale signs that the time has come to seek a replacement. 

Can I use my zipper foot for anything else beyond sewing on zippers?

Yes! Beyond zippers, you’ll be able to play around with your zipper foot to do so much more. For instance, you’ll be able to sew on some piping if you’re working with say, a pillow project. Beyond this, anything else that involves sewing on some trim which normal pressing foots can’t do generally can be done by a good zipper foot.

Are there any little things I should be wary of when using or installing my zipper foot?

One little mistake we’ve seen recurring time and time again, even under the hands of the most experienced sewists, is when no ample attention is given to the little screw that protrudes from the surface of the zipper foot.

Most zipper feet will require you the loosen a screw as part of the installation process. Now here’s the silly bit – many forget to actually retighten the little screw! This means that using it will feel extremely wobbly and unstable under the foot and can cause unnecessary vibrations that’ll cause some serious damage to your precious creation.

Of course, this doesn’t apply to all zipper feet but do check the unique specifications of your intended purchase before installing it to minimize the risk of any unfortunate accidents from ever occurring in your sewing workspace.

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