Best Sewing Thread Organizer

To any tailor out there, it doesn’t matter whether you’re working on high fashion outfit, a humble embroidery or even just sewing for the sake of sewing – your spools of thread will be akin to gold to you. Likewise, if you’ve been sewing for a while now, you’d relate to the image of the messy tailor: countless threads of every color imaginable sprawled about a messy and dimly lit workshop. Let’s be frank, being disorganized is not good.

After all, a cluttered workspace makes for a cluttered mind. Nowhere is this more important to not have then in a field where neatness, intricacy, and organization is paramount – sewing

Thankfully, there is one very obvious solution to messiness: keeping your spools in dedicated thread organizers. Here, given some proper organization, you’ll be able to neatly store your beloved spools of thread without much hassle to any configuration or layout that suits your needs.

With everything located in just one place, you’ll find sewing to be a far more relaxing task without the stresses of fumbling around your workspace just to find a single color of thread. 

Out there in the market, there are numerous types of thread organizers all differing in size, shape, and material so we get that it can be confusing at first. After all, they all seem to be doing the same thing right? Just storing thread, right? Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple – each box has its own nuances.

Thus, this is where our list comes in, as avid tailors, we’ve used countless thread organizers and reviewed some of the best out there so check out our list below to find something that matches your needs! 

Best Sewing Thread Organizer of 2020

1. ArtBin Thread Box- Super Satchel Storage Container

ArtBin Thread Box- Super Satchel Storage Container with two removable trays for thread spools,...

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Kicking our list off with one of the most popular options in the market, ArtBin’s Thread Box-Super will be able to serve as any tailor’s mini treasure chest of precious spools of thread.

With its more than generous dimensions of 3.5 x 14 x 15 inches, you’ll find that this box will have the capacity to store up to x224 20 mm spools, x108 32 mm spools or x30 45  mm spools depending on your arsenal. Just load them up in any arrangement, shut the lid and you’ll find your spools to be protected from dust, pets, and even unwanted liquids.

It’s construction consists of purely high-quality grade plastic as well so you can rest assured that this thread organizer will survive either the wear and tear of the years to come or any nasty fall.

The only con with this product is how at times, depending on the size of your spool, you won’t be able to store all of them fit neatly next to one another. You may find this box better suited for small to medium-sized spools as opposed to large ones as we’ve seen numerous reviews mention!

2. Creative Options 5315 Thread Organizer

Creative Options 5315 Thread Organizer

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Creative Option’s 5315 Thread Organizer adds an element of height to the mix when it comes to thread organizers. Unlike Artbin’s Thread Box, you’ll be able to stack up to two levels of thread on separate surfaces here at up to 3 x 1.5-inch sizes in its 46 separate compartments. Further, its dimensions measure out at 10.25 x 3.25 x 14.125 inches, ensuring adequate storage space for any tailor. 

A big plus to this product is how it comes built with two separate hinged doors. So, if you want to access a certain type of thread placed on the lower level, you just open the lower door, saving the hassle of going through the upper stack! 

One thing we’ve noticed from our experience is how this thread organizer functions as storage for so many other things. We’ve seen people effectively use this for toys to essential oils to makeup products so if you ever think you use the organizer for more than thread, you should give this product a serious thought.

3. Hemline M3100 Tall Embroidery Thread Box

Hemline Tall Embroidery thread box

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Staying true to the trend of clear, durable plastic builds, Hemline’s M3100 Tall Embroidery Thread Box is no exception. What you’ll immediately notice is that this box is designed not to store a large number of spools but rather, a smaller quantity of large-sized spools.

It can hold up to x30 spools of ‘mini cones’ but there is also the option of storing up to x100 smaller cops in its box measuring out at 10.8 x 12.2 x 3.2 inches. 

Durability and storage also are further complemented by its snap-lock, hinged cover and high-quality plastic build that guarantees a long shelf life assuming adequate care is given to it. These boxes are also reportedly stackable so you’ll be able to organize several boxes according to your preferences should you purchase more than one (which we strongly recommend)! 

4. Bins & Things Stackable Storage Container

Bins & Things Stackable Storage Container with 30 Adjustable Compartments, Clear, X-Large

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If the first thing that popped into your mind when looking at this box was girl’s toys, you could be forgiven. Its dazzling pink finish tends to impart that impression on tailors across the board. Make no mistake however, Bins & Thing’s Stackable Storage container will more than be able to serve as a handy sewing thread organizer. 

With its robust, durable plastic finish stretching over a dimension of 10 x 6.5 x 7.2 inches, you’ll find that it’s 3 levels of storage totaling 30 individual compartments, will be able to do just fine for any tailor.

Further, each compartment has removable dividers, giving you the option to add your own flair of customization depending on the size/color of your threads.

Of course, the cost of being able to store so many different types of objects from toys to plushies to spools of the thread is that it’s simply not optimized for any one thing.

While organizing thread may be an easy task with this product, you may find it moving and bumping around a lot if you plan to move around with this container frequently. This is certainly a minor issue but something you should consider should you purchase this item.

5. Plastic Organizer Box with Dividers

Plastic Organizer Box with Dividers - 36 Compartment Organizer - Bead Organizer - Best for Bead...

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Returning back again to more ordinary and simple color schemes, Expressive Accent’s Plastic Organizer box with it’s clear, see-through durable plastic build and respectable size of 10.8 x 7.0 x 1.7 inches, will make a fine addition to any tailor’s inventory. 

Fitted with 36 compartments that again, are customizable to your personal preferences as a result of its removable dividers, you can tailor the box to fit what you’re looking for (no pun intended). Further, with snap-tight latches and its strong plastic construction, you don’t have to worry too much about dropping the box or even its shelf life for the years to come.

It will be more than able to do all of this without a hitch! 

6. SINGER 01661 Sew Essentials Storage System

Singer Sew Essentials Storage System, 166 Pieces

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If a single word could describe SINGER’s Sew Essentials Storage System, it would be multitudinous. Spanning 9.8 x 7 x 11.8 inches and despite its lightweight of just 1 pound, you’ll be able to store not just 40 spools of thread (polyester spools are included) but be able to easily fit in a range of other basic sewing notions.

This, of course, includes your scissors, pins, needles, seam rippers, tape measure and all sorts of other sewing essentials.

The design is also incredibly intuitive to use and slick looking. Once you load up your threads and basic notions, you click the box shut and can carry it around as you would a small suitcase. While it is undisputedly by far a complete kit but if we really had to be nit-picky, the only thing that might be a quibble to some is its opaque casing.

It is not transparent at the slightest so once shut you won’t be able to see your beautifully arranged threads until you open it up once more.

7. Sulky Universal Slimline Box, Clear

Sulky Universal Slimline Box, Clear

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Sulky Universal’s Slimline Box immediately imparts an air of professionalism upon first glance. Intricately designed to resemble a corporate briefcase, it is fully capable of storing up to 64 spools of thread in its generous dimensions of 14.5 x 3 x 14.6 inches.

Just fit in your spools of thread, close the cover, lock it with its closing mechanism and you’ll be set. It isn’t entirely opaque too, so you’ll be able to constantly look at your carefully organized spools of the thread if that’s your thing, unlike the SINGER.

Portability is also made a breeze given its attached handle so you can easily lug this around wherever you go! On that note, coming at a weight of barely 2.2 pounds, it shouldn’t burden anyone too much.

And lastly, you can either choose to lay it entirely on its back or even prop it up as you would any suitcase thanks to the feet on its bottom. 

8. Simthread Machine Embroidery Thread Polyester with Storage Box

Simthread Machine Embroidery Thread Polyester 63 Colors with Plastic Storage Box for...

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With a size of 10.7 x 7.9 x 7.3 inches and coming at a weight of around 4 pounds, Simthread’s Machine Embroider Thread Box is probably one of the larger boxes on our list. Able to store up to a whopping 63 spools of embroidery thread over three separate and divided levels, you’ll find that his product is ideal for almost any type of thread (though some of the optimal threads include that ideal for Brother, Singer, Husqvarna and Bernina Sewing Machines).

It also boasts a very affordable price point despite its size and given the strong reputation of Simthread when it comes to sewing, quality and durability of the box are practically guaranteed.

Do note that it does come in smaller (x50) and larger (x80) variants so if you think you need more or less space, you could look at its sibling products.

Three Things to Consider in Thread Organizers


Size directly plays into how many spools of threads you will be able to store and will impact the types of thread organizers you can purchase. If you are just a hobbyist or someone starting out, there’s no need to go all out in purchasing the largest box you can find. Likewise, if you’re a veteran to all this, you might need to purchase a larger box to store your presumably vast collection of threads.

Regardless, the best solution to this is to look to your own needs and situation first – carefully count what you currently have and plan to have in the future and then make your choice accordingly.


 Thread organizers while brilliant for helping tailors keep organized first and foremost are boxes. They are meant to store and to protect your spools of thread. Accidents will almost certainly happen in any sewing workspace – whether you carelessly bump your thread organizer around or spill water over the thread, you should ensure that your thread organizer can actually protect your thread in the first place.

Now every box on our list is not only durable but is capable of lasting for years given their high-quality build so this is a non-issue for our reviewed products.

However, should you choose to look elsewhere, keep this factor in mind at all times to avoid unnecessary pain!


 As you’ll have noticed from the list, some boxes differ from others in terms of their compartments. Some have removable walls that allow you to play around with the configuration of the organizer to suit your needs while others are far more rigid and fixed into place.

This may be a make or break thing for you depending on the types of threads you have so you should certainly check how flexible your desired thread organizer is before making the plunge.