Best Stabilizer for Applique

Sewing and embroidery have evolved throughout the years and become one of the most acknowledged art forms in the modern world. With each day that passes, people have been coming up with newer ideas to create ornamental designs that cab fit their households. One of these designs that seem to be the crowd favorite is what we would like to call an “applique”.

If you are not familiar with the term, an applique is a form of artistic needlework in which several patches of spare fabrics are sewn onto a larger piece of fabric to form an image. Doing this requires a lot of patience and skill, as well as the right tools to execute the method properly, such as stabilizers.

If you are looking for the top choices when it comes to these handy fabric backings, you came to the right place.

Best Stabilizer for Applique of 2020

Apliquick Fusible Stabilizer

Apliquick Fusible Stabilizer for Applique - One Piece 3 Yards Long - 108 Inches by 35 Inches Wide,...

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The Apliquick Fusible Stabilizer is one of the best and easily-applied stabilizers out there. With a simple design made of high-quality materials, you will not even feel that the stabilizer is there. Enjoy your embroidery sessions more with this baby, because once you are done, you will feel as if you are a famous artist.

It has a nice texture that is flexible enough to fit any kind of fabric and improve your overall experience. It can be easily applied by ironing to the fabric. This stabilizer is so soft and lightweight that you won’t notice it is there, even after you have washed the fabric


  • Highly recommended for turned edge application methods
  • Lightweight and soft
  • Can be used with any fabric


  • Not water soluble
  • It is better used with other Apliquick tools

Stabilize It Fusible Applique Stabilizer


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If you are looking for a stabilizer that is friendly to your budget but can do the job well, the Stabilize It Fusible Applique Stabilizer may be the right choice for you. It is a simple cut-away stabilizer, perfect for application to any kind of fabric. It can provide sufficient stability and support during your embroidering sessions, allowing you to finish the job in an easier manner.

It can be used for printers and eliminate background shadow if the main fabric is light-colored. It provides a more organized experience without the added bulkiness.


  • Easily applied by ironing it to the fabric
  • Affordable
  • Sufficient stability


  • Non-removable (since it is a cut-away)
  • Kind of basic compared to other stabilizers

Applique Magic Fusible & Sticky Machine Embroidery Stabilizer

Appliqué Magic - Fusible & Sticky Machine Embroidery Stabilizer - 12'x10yd Roll

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If you are looking for a more secure stabilizer to avoid sudden slips, the Applique Magic Fusible & Sticky Machine Embroidery Stabilizer can be the next big thing for you. Since the word “magic” is in its name, you can surely expect great things from this stabilizer.

It can be easily fused to any kind of fabric, especially with its double-sided adhesive backing. You won’t have a problem with it slipping away, since it sticks perfectly to the cloth you are using. When you are done with your applique, you can use it as a patch, since the other side of this stabilizer is made of a sticky adhesive that can attach itself to almost any material.


  • double-sided adhesive backing (fusible on one side and self-adhesive on the other)
  • Eliminates your need for other adhesives
  • Bonds permanently with any kind of fabric
  • Sufficient enough for long time use (size is 12 inches in a 10-yard roll)


  • The stickiness may be an issue 
  • Some people may have a problem with the double-sided backing

FSL Plus Self Adhesive Water Soluble Stabilizer

FSL Plus Sticky Self Adhesive Water Soluble Applique Embroidery & Quilting Stabilizer Backing (12'...

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Stickiness may not be the thing you are looking for when it comes to stabilizer, but what if there is one that’s water-soluble? With the FSL Plus Self Adhesive Water Soluble Stabilizer, you can finally create beautiful appliques without worrying about the permanent backing.

It can be easily removed since it is a wash-away stabilizer, but it still provides a secure backing to any kind of fabric out there.


  • Available in various sizes for most embroidery hoops
  • Doesn’t leave sticky residue on needles
  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • Easy to remove thanks to its water-soluble feature


  • Not recommended for Fast or Durkee frames
  • The stabilizer may dissolve accidentally if mishandled

Sulky Tear-Away Stabilizer

Sulky 751-12 12-Inch by 11-Yard Tear-Easy Stabilizer Roll

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The Sulky Tear-Away Stabilizer is one of the best choices if you do not like one that stays after you are done with your applique. It is made of non woven materials, so you will not need to deal with stretching, and it can back all types of appliques for a more stable experience. It removes all the unnecessary shifting or sliding from the main fabric.


  • Perfect for stretchy or knit fabrics
  • Can be easily applied by ironing onto the fabric
  • Holds down fabric to avoid stretching


  • Tear-away stabilizers are prone to damaging the main fabric
  • Not recommended for beginners

New Brothread Wash-Away Stabilizer

New Brothread Wash Away - Water Soluble Machine Embroidery Stabilizer Backing & Topping 10' x 3 Yd...

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As far as wash-away stabilizers go, this is probably the most efficient one you will find. The New Brothread Wash-Away Stabilizer is perfect whether you want to use it as a backing or a topping. That way, you can create more beautiful appliques, and you can make sure that they are as neat as possible thanks to the extra paddings.

It can be easily dissolved when immersed in either warm or cold water. It is made of 100% natural materials, which means it is friendly for your skin.


  • Lightweight, 
  • Very easy to use
  • Leaves no traces of backing or topping after removal


  • Best used for washable fabrics only
  • May dissolve accidentally if mishandled

What are Stabilizers?

Stabilizers are a form of cloth or fabric that is stuck underneath the foundation of an applique. These are commonly used to avoid damaging the main fabric, since they are mostly sensitive or prone to wearing and pulling. If you want a more secure and stable embroidering experience, using a stabilizer will help you achieve that with ease.

Generally, there are four types of stabilizers. For you to know more about them, here are their easiest descriptions:

Cut-Away Stabilizers

These are not temporary and they stick on the fabric to keep it intact during and after the embroidery session. They are one of the favorite choices, especially since they prevent the designs from wearing out even if you wash them all the time.
These stabilizers are commonly built with a lightweight feel since most people do not remove them after they have finished the applique. They stick with the stable and natural look of the needlework, making it cleaner to look at especially when it is framed.

Tear-Away Stabilizers

These temporary stabilizers are easy to remove whenever you are done with embroidering, hence the name. Just remember to be careful when you are doing so, since you might accidentally rip or stretch the main fabric.
Tear-away stabilizers are very helpful when it comes to providing a solid backing. However, beginners are not advised to use these since they might accidentally damage the fabric of the applique and ruin the entire needlework.

Heat-Away Stabilizers

These stabilizers are perfect when it comes to more sensitive and high-maintenance projects. As the name suggests, whenever you are done with your embroidery, you can use heat to remove this kind of stabilizer. Make sure to stay cautious when you are doing it, though, since the material may get soaked by the fabric and ruin your creation altogether.

Wash-Away Stabilizers 

These are the stabilizers that are easiest to remove. Whenever you are done with your applique, you simply wash it off, and the stabilizer will dissolve along with the water. It also comes in different forms, such as soluble paper, film (plastic-like), and liquids that turn hard when applied.

Final Thoughts

Embroidery is one serious art form that should not be taken lightly, especially if you are doing appliques. This serious method of needlework needs thorough attention, patience, and of course, the right tools to come out perfectly. If you are planning to create your first applique, then you should start practicing and getting the correct equipment right away.

One of the most vital parts in the process of making your applique is to choose the perfect stabilizer for the job. If your stabilizer is not that good, you might ruin the entire project and waste all of your exerted efforts. Make sure to choose the right one for this specific needlework by checking out the list above, and carefully weigh out their specific features for you to make the right decision.

Little by little, you will witness the adorable changes you will make as you progress into the successful creation of your personal applique.