Best Embroidery Hoops

Embroidery is one of the finest forms of art you will ever see in this world. Even back then, seamstresses will do their best to create fine clothes and aesthetic designs for household items. To this day, embroidery is still a running tradition for most people, which is why they do their best to come up with newer ideas for their creations.

To successfully pull off a fine piece of embroidery, sewists or seamstresses often get unique tools to make the job easier and more beautiful. One of these tools are embroidery hoops, and these are used to hold the fabric together for a more flawless sewing session. If you are looking for these simple but effective hoops, read on to find some of the best selections in the market.

Best Embroidery Hoops of 2020

Morgan Products Plastic No-Slip 7” Hoop

Morgan Products Plastic No-Slip Hoop 7'- (123)

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You do not have to go all out when you are looking for this specific embroidery tool. With the Morgan Products Plastic No-Slip 7” Hoop, you can effectively make those beautiful creations without breaking the bank.

It has a simple design as far as embroidery hoops go, and it can deliver the necessary requirements people usually look for in these tools. If you are looking for a cheaper but efficient option, then the Morgan Products Plastic No-Slip 7” Hoop is the right choice for you.


  • Simple design
  • Non-slip technology with excellent assistance during embroidery sessions
  • Comes with a lock to secure its position whenever in use
  • Affordable


  • Made of plastic and could easily break anytime
  • Kind of basic compared to other embroidery hoops

53 Pieces Embroidery Starter Kit

53 Pieces Cross Stitch Tool Embroidery Starter Kit, Includes Bamboo Circle Cross Stitch Hoop Ring,...

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If you are a beginner in this field and you are planning to start your adventure with a more extravagant toolset, then the 53 Pieces Embroidery Starter Kit might be your next new embroidery buddy. Filled with all the necessary tools for the perfect sewing sessions, you will find everything you need inside this kit, and you can use all of them for your amazing creations. 


  • All of the items are made with excellent craftsmanship
  • Premium materials are used for crafting each item
  • You can save more since you will not have to buy each item separately anymore


  • Some of the items may be unnecessary for your preference
  • Some of the items might be left unused in the long run

Dritz 3202 Plastic No-Slip 12-Inch Quilting Hoop

Dritz 3202 Plastic No-Slip Quilting Hoop, 12-Inch

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If you are looking for a bigger embroidery hoop than the first option, the Dritz 3202 Plastic No-Slip 12-Inch Quilting Hoop can prove to be a better choice. As its name suggests, this hoop is 12 inches in size, which means you could fit bigger fabrics inside.

It is made with high-grade materials, and it can prove to be very helpful in the long run, especially with its no-slip technology.


  • Unique but simple interlocking design
  • Hold any fabric in position with its tight grip
  • Smooth texture, but it has a strong grip thanks to its no-slip quality
  • 12-inches in size, which means it can hold fabrics on a larger scale


  • Made of plastic that could break anytime
  • Has a basic design compared to newer embroidery hoops

Morgan Products Plastic No-Slip 14” Hoop

Morgan Products No- Slip 14' Hoop, Beige

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This embroidery hoop is the same brand as the first option in the previous items. With a beige-colored no-slip design, it may be the perfect option for your sewing needs.

This hoop is is 14 inches wide, compared to the last items, which means you could get to work on a much bigger scale. You could allow yourself to make excellent progress thanks to the added space which means there is more space for you to work on.


  • It has a simple design
  • It has a safety lock to securely place the fabric inside it
  • Its no-slip quality is perfect for long term use


  • The plastic material may deteriorate over time
  • It is kind of basic compared to other embroidery hoops out there


Martelli 8” Embroidery Hoop

Martelli 8' Embroidery Quilting Hoop

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The Martelli 8” Embroidery Hoop is one of the most attractive hoops you will find in the market today. With a sleek, black-colored design and dual-lock feature, this hoop can assist you on your embroidery sessions more effectively compared to other basic hoops out there.

The soft padding underneath is built with a non-slip material, making it the perfect tool for your sewing needs.


  • Simple but unique design
  • 2 locks to firmly secure the fabric within it
  • Non-slip padding underneath it, so that you can do your work easily
  • Made of high-quality materials


  • It is kind of pricey for an embroidery hoop
  • It is only 8 inches in size

Similane 5 Pieces Bamboo Embroidery Hoops

Similane 5 Pieces Embroidery Hoops Bamboo Circle Cross Stitch Hoop Ring 5 inch to 10 inch for...

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Some people are just not content with one hoop, and they tend to use different sizes to do their jobs well. If you are one of these people, then the Similane 5 pieces Bamboo Embroidery Hoops are perfect for you.

These unique embroidery hoops are made from bamboo wood, which means they are natural and friendly for the fabrics you will use. With secure stainless steel screws, these hoops can perfectly lock the fabric within them, allowing you to work in an orderly fashion.


  • Have sizes ranging from 5-10 inches
  • Made entirely of natural bamboo, which means they are light and good for the hands
  • They have secure locks for easier work
  • They are perfect for kids who want to start doing embroidery


  • Some of the hoops may not be used in the long run
  • The bamboo may break easily if mishandled

StitchIt 6-Piece Bamboo Embroidery Hoop Set

StitchIt 6 Piece Embroidery Hoop Set | Bamboo Embroidery Hoops for Cross Stitch and Embroidery

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Do you know what is better than 5 pieces of embroidery hoops? 6 pieces of them! With the StitchIt 6-Piece Bamboo Embroidery Hoop Set, you will have one more additional hoop to ease your embroidering experience. Now, you will not have to worry about sticking to one hoop anymore.

Simply choose one when you are doing your work, and change it if you are not comfortable with it anymore. You have plenty of options to choose from since the hoops are 5-10 inches in size. The hoops are made with premium quality, thanks to the lightweight bamboo material


  • The locks are built with stainless steel screws, securing the fabric whenever you are using it
  • Can be used for activities other than embroidery (murals, wreaths, frames, etc.)


  • Some of the hoops may be unnecessary, especially in the long run
  • The bamboo is lightweight, which means it might break easily with one wrong move


What To Look For In The Best Embroidery Hoops


High-Grade Material 

If you are planning to use an embroidery hoop for the easement of your sewing sessions, then you should consider getting the perfect one right away.Check the materials used for its creation, so that you will not struggle with faulty functions in the long run. If you do this, you will secure your sewing experience more, and you will have an easier time doing it than you used to.


Great Functionality 

People doing embroidery usually struggle with the cloth’s stubbornness, which is why they turn to embroidery hoops for assistance. If you are planning to use this tool, make sure to check its functions if it will fit with your style. If one hoop is lacking certain qualities that you are looking for, check the next ones until you see the perfect choice for you.


Price Range 

Embroidery hoops are useful, but it does not mean that you should get the one with the highest price just to fulfil your needs. Sure, there are more modern hoops out there, and they may have special features for an easier labor. But sometimes, the best hoops are those who are in the lower price range, so make sure to check that as well.

Final thoughts

Although they are not always necessary, embroidery hoops are created to provide easement when it comes to doing these aesthetic creations. They have assisted a lot of people, and they go way back than you would actually expect. If you are having a hard time holding down fabric (especially the smooth and stubborn ones), then having an embroidery hoop may be the logical solution for you.

Choosing the right hoop or set of hoops is not that hard. Thanks to this list of the best embroidery hoops in the market, you will get an idea of what to get and what to look out for when it comes to buying them.

Make sure to read all the necessary details when you are choosing one, and carefully weigh out which one is the best option for you.

Eventually, you will come to a decision that could change the way you do embroidery.