EverSewn Charlotte Computerized Sewing Machine Review

As one of the newer kids on the block, EverSewn are creating quite a stir with their versatile range of sewing machines. Sewing bloggers, sewing studios, and celebrity bloggers are all talking about the company’s high-quality, modern products.

Having teamed up with the established Crown Technics, producers of sewing machines for over 20 years, EverSewn appear to be going from strength to strength.

On the surface, the EverSewn Charlotte seems to be an excellent choice for beginners looking for a computerized sewing machine. Let’s look in more detail at what it has to offer.

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The Charlotte is a lightweight, versatile, computerized sewing machine, and while it is geared towards the beginners’ market, it has enough features to be suitable for any intermediate or experienced sewing enthusiast.

It’s at the cheaper end of the scale when it comes to sewing machines, but that does not mean it has compromised on what it offers. Time to delve into its features.


The Eversewn Charlotte boasts 70 stitch options and a one-step buttonhole function. These are easily programmed via the computerized LCD number display and touch panel. You can also select the width of your stitch ranging up to a maximum of 7mm.

The stitch you choose is displayed on the panel, making it easy to remember which stitch you’re using. There is also a pull-out stitch library built into the machine. It gives you a visual reference of all the stitches available to make selecting the perfect one for your projects even easier.

There are both standard and decorative stitches to choose from to keep your projects varied and interesting.

The machine also has a dog drop feature which speedily converts this machine into one that’s suitable for use by quilters and embroiderers. It’s as easy as lowering the feed dog to unlock a free-motion quilting capability.

The drop-in bobbin has a clear cover plate, enabling you to visually monitor when the bobbin needs refilling. There is a built-in light to illuminate your work area.

The automatic needle threading system eliminates the frustration which can happen when trying to manually thread a needle. There is also a thread cutter located on the side of the machine just above the needle.

The computerized settings allow you to adjust your stitch speed using a slider on the front of the machine. The maximum stitches per minute on this model is 850. There’s also a stop/start button to pause the needle whenever you need while stitching.

With all this control easily at your fingertips, there’s no need to use a foot pedal.

There is even a control button for the needle, positioning it up or down. With 7 presser feet and 6.5” of sewing space, it’s easy to see why this model is so popular.

In today’s modern world we are often concerned about the quality of items we buy, as well as their fitness for use. This machine’s components all meet ISO 9001 and the complete unit is also certified. This means the company ensures their product meets the industry standard.

The metal frame ensures the machine is sturdy, however, it remains lightweight at just 13lbs. It is capable of dealing with heavy-duty materials like denim and leather, so is suitable for more demanding projects.

Despite durability and capability, the strong motor is not noisy; you could easily listen to your favorite music or watch your television while operating the machine.

Finally, the instruction manual which accompanies this machine is very easy to navigate and understand. It includes sketches and tables to get you started. You can view the instruction manual here.

The Positives and Negatives

While my experience with this machine was an overwhelmingly positive one, I thought I would take a look at what others thought.

To be honest, finding negatives were extremely difficult. Some have found an issue with the automatic needle threader being a little temperamental. But they seemed quite happy to manually thread the needle until they got used to it.

The positives in respect of the features and function of the EverSewn Charlotte were numerous. Beginners find it easy to get started, seasoned pros find it has the functionality and sturdiness they need.

Is the EverSewn Charlotte a Good Investment?

The overwhelming positive responses to this reasonably-priced workhorse is that the quality and durability are well worth investing your hard-earned cash in.

The 70 stitch options, ease-of-control, computerized stitch settings, and easy-to-read manual are some of the many positives.

Add to that the many online tutorials from EverSewn, as well as the one year warranty on electric parts and labor, and the 10-year warranty on mechanical parts, and you could be onto a winner.

EverSewn Charlotte: 70-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine, Professional Quilting & Free Motion...
18 Ratings
EverSewn Charlotte: 70-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine, Professional Quilting & Free Motion...
  • 70-stitch package, 7mm maximum stitch width, LED stitch panel
  • 6.5 inch wide sewing space with feed dog drop for both quilting & embroidery
  • Automatic needle threader, drop-in bobbin with clear cover plate & 7 standard presser feet

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