quilt sizes explained

Quilt Sizes 101

Why Quilt Sizes Are Hard

If you’ve ever done a search for ‘how big is a queen size quilt?’ you might have ended up comparing two websites with slightly different information. Annoying!

Contrary to popular belief, the mattress and home furnishing industry DOES have a basic standard measurement for mattresses, sheets, and covers. Nevertheless, there are exceptions to every rule, variations in different countries, imperial vs metric measurements – and don’t even get me started on IKEA.

So use the data on this page as a guide – we hope an accurate one! – but understand that some slight differences are inevitable.

Quilt Size Comparison Table

Bed TypePre-Cut BattingMattress SizeQuilt Size Dimensions
Baby30 x 40″
Crib45 x 60″28 x 52″36 x 52″
Throw50 x 65″
Twin72 x 90″39 x 76″70 x 90″
Double/Full81 x 96″54 75″85 x 108″
Queen90 x 108″60 x 80″90 x 108″
King120 x 120″78 x 80″110 x 108″

Quilt Size Infographic

How big is a king quilt? What are the dimensions of a twin size quilt? How long and wide is a baby size quilt? Find out here!

Formula to Find the Best Quilt Size

This formula should provide enough quilt to cover the top of the mattress, the sides, and ends:

For the width: mattress width plus two times its depth.

For the length: mattress length plus one times its depth.

Formula to Find the Best Quilt Size