What Is The Best Sock Knitting Machine

Knitting your own socks seems like such a strange concept, in the world we live in. We can just go to the store easily enough, and buy a pack of socks whenever we would like to, or need to. However, knitting your own socks is really the best way to go. Why you may ask? Let’s stop, and think about it for a second.

There are so many reasons on why knitting your own socks is the better decision. You get to pick the fiber mix that’s best for your feet. Choosing the right fiber mix to knit your socks in means your feet could stink from sweating.

Also, sometimes socks that you buy from a store run a bit small, or just overall shrink, after you wash, and dry, them. They just do NOT fit right, which is an issue. It causes you to have to go purchase more, and more socks, for it to happen all over again. Whereas, if you just knit your socks yourself, you won’t run into the issue. You make them for the size of your feet specifically.

Knitting your own socks also means that you’re able to make more comfortable socks for your feet. Everyone wants to have soft socks on their feet. Making your own pretty much ensures that, because you’re choosing the fiber, or materials, that you’re making them out of.

You can express yourself too, by making pretty socks. It’s all up to you, and what you want, and like best. You wouldn’t regret knitting your own socks, and would decide to make all of your socks that way from now on, if you just give it a chance.

Best Sock Knitting Machine

Jamit Knitting Machine

Knitting Machine, Smart Weaver Knitting Round Loom, Knitting Board Rotating Double Knit Loom...

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This is a 22 needle knitting machine, that is made for making socks. It’s super easy to use, all it takes is just a crank of your hand, to get it started. It does flat or round stitches.

This knitting machine has 2 modes. It has flat and ring weaving. This machine can also make things other than just socks, but it can especially make socks, which is definitely what you’re wanting it to do. The price is very affordable, and should be cheap enough to give out a try.

There are a few cons. It can only fit yarn that’s 1-3mm thick. You hand crank this knitting machine, and with doing so, if you do it too fast, you will drop the stitches very easy. Sometimes the crank gets stuck too.

However, this product is affordable enough that is would be fine to give it a try for knitting your own socks.

Ensunpals Knitting Machine

Ensunpals Knitting Machine 48 Needles,Smart Weaving Loom Knitting Board Rotating Double Knitting...

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The Ensunpals knitting machine is a 22 needle knitting machine. It’s also pretty affordable as well. It’s almost $10 more than the one listed above. It’s a great knitting machine for beginners to use.

It also has two weaving modes, flat or ring. You can use this make things like hats, and other circular things, but it’s perfect for making socks, which is what we need it to do. It has a hand held crank, that’s easy to use as well.

However, like with the other you cannot hand crank it too fast, or it can drop the stitches, which would suck. The crank can sometimes get stuck too, and do not get aggressive with it if this happens, because you can damage the internal gears.

Once again, this would be a great beginner knitting machine for sock to use though, because it’s simple to use. It’s affordable to learn how to knit socks on too.

Addi Express Knitting Machine

Addi Express King Size Knitting Machine, Black, 890-2

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So, the Addi Express is no joke. It’s a lot more expensive than the others are. The other 2 have been under $45, where as this one is $110. It’s a 22 needle knitting machine as well. This knitting machine seems to work better with chunky yarn, rather than thin, skinny yarn.

This one is battery powered, which means that it counts the rows itself as you crank it by hand. This does simplify the process a lot, by it counting the rows with batteries inside it. It’s beneficial for you, when you are knitting your socks.

The Addi Express has a few cons. For one, it costs so much more than the others one that’s been listed, and it works almost the same. However, it is battery powered, and counts the rows itself. It can still drop stitches sometimes, unfortunately.

It also only works best with thick, or chunky, yarn, which can be a bummer if you don’t like that type, or kind, of yarn best for your socks. However, if you have the extra money to spend, then this could be the one for you.

Zeya Knitting Machine

Knitting Machine, 48 Needles Knitting Loom Machine Kits with Row Counter, Smart Rotating Double...

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We are now moving on to the Zeya knitting machine. This is a 48 needle knitting machine, that is back in the affordable price range of $45. It also contains a lot more needles than the other ones listed do. It’s great for beginners, just like all of the others. It has the same 2 weaving modes as the other ones as well.

Since this knitting machine contains 26 more needles than the others on here, it is able to make socks quicker. This is a literal time saver, and helps you get your socks knitted, and made, at a much faster pace.

This one is still a manual hand crank, but it’s an affordable price, with more needles. It does have some cons though. Stitches are still possible to slip, and you have more needles that you have to watch for now with this knitting machine. However, it has less reported stitches dropped than the others do.

Awperex Knitting Machine

Knitting Machine 48 Needles, Rotating Knitting Loom,22 Crochet Kit,Soft Tape Measure

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The Awperex knitting machine is another 48 needles knitting machine on the list. It’s on the list at the affordable price of about $53. It’s another amazing knitting machine for beginners. It weaves the same 2 modes as all of the other ones on here.

Like with the Zeya, it has 26 more needles, and that means that knitting machine will make socks a lot faster than the other ones will, which is definitely what you want. It allows you to make a pair of socks faster this way.

Manual, hand held crank is how you work this knitting machine. It still works great, but it can drop stitches, and like with the Zeya, you do have more needles than you have to watch out for. It also seems to work better with thinner yarn, rather than thicker yarn.

However, if that’s how you want to knit your socks, then this would be perfect for you.

Why Should You Choose A Knitting Machine?

A knitting machine to make socks is so much easier than making them by hand, that much should be clear. It saves you so much time, and effort. You’re already going the extra mile, by knitting your own socks, you should definitely make it easier on yourself by using a knitting machine to get it done with.

It’s quite easy to use a knitting machine. They come with a set of instructions, and even if you are still unsure how to set it all up, then it’s still a simple fix. You can find videos, and tutorials, of how to set them up online.

Just do a simple online search for the model that you get, and watch the video on how to get it all set up, and there you go. It’s much simpler today to set things up, than it was years ago. Thank you, technology.

How To Find The Best Sock Knitting Machine

Alright, so you need to be able to find the best sock knitting machine, but how do you do that as a beginner? There are some things that you need to look for, that way you know that it’s the best of the best sewing machine for socks. Things to look for while trying to decide what the best sock knitting machine for you:

  • Decide what kind of yarn/fiber you will be using.
  • How much are you wanting to spend on one?
  • The type of socks you are wanting to make.

Final Thoughts

I hope this helps you understand a little about some of the best sewing machine for socks that are on the market today. Knitting your own socks can be super fun, and a great experience. You may find that it’s a fun hobby to get into.

Have fun in your sock knitting adventure.