12 Craft Room Furniture Tips and Tricks

Have you been dreaming of a new craft space? A craft room that’s functional, filled with storage, exceptional lighting, and all the extras that’d make your time more enjoyable and productive?

Whether your craft room is in need of a minor facelift or a total overhaul, these tips can help you achieve that craft room of your dreams.

How to Make a Great Craft Room

1. First Things First—Customize Your Craft Space to You!

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking there’s one craft room that suits everyone’s need. Every crafter will use their space differently. Take the time to really look at how you use your space and materials, and decide what’s most important to you. Assess how much work space you need and much storage space you need.

Trust me, I know crafting can get messy. My number one priority in a craft space is that I don’t want to look at that mess when I’m not working. I need doors I can close and walk away from. That’s the driving factor in how I choose my storage solutions.

I also need a significant work surface – my sewing table, for example. Everything else I put in my craft room is based off of those two needs. Pick what’s important for you, and then go from there.

2. Storage—Everyone Needs It

You can’t plan a craft room without storage. There’s no two ways about it, crafts come with an endless parade of supplies. You’ll need to make sure there’s room to store everything you need in your craft room.

I like to plan for my biggest items first. You won’t be able to squeeze those things in after the fact. If you know you need a place to cut fabric or store multiple machines, make sure you check that off the list first. It will go a long way to making your craft room functional for you.

Don’t be afraid to have your storage pull double duty. Look into a work surface that hosts storage as well and kill two birds with one stone. The Ameriwood Home London Hobby Desk is a great example of a single piece of furniture that can make a big change in your craft space.

Ameriwood Home London Hobby Desk, Espresso
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Oversized items are easily stored on the open upper shelf while frequently used items can be stored on your work surface but out of the way. Supplies you use less frequently can be out of sight and out of mind in stackable containers in the lower cubbies.

Once you’ve identified your main storage pieces, it’s time to get into the nitty gritty of organizing. Everyone loves a good container.

3. The Beauty of Containers

Like storage pieces, everyone will have containers they prefer, and each has their strengths and weaknesses. An artist might prefer an open container with pencils and brushes where things can readily be accessed.

A jeweler might like small boxes that latch and are easily stacked. Whatever you go with, factor in the dimensions of your storage furniture so the containers will take full advantage of available storage space.

In the market for some new containers? Consider something like this craft cabinet. It’s perfect for beads, buttons, thread, and other small, but crucial, craft items.

Akro-Mils 24 Drawer 10124, Plastic Parts Storage Hardware and Craft Cabinet, (20-Inch W x 6-Inch D x...
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If you need a little more variety in sizes, something like these STORi drawer organizers might be just what you need to keep things neat and orderly while still being visible.

STORi Clear Plastic Vanity and Desk Drawer Organizers | 6 Piece Set
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Looking for something that hides a little more of the clutter? Collapsible fabric cubes could be the perfect storage approach. Affordable, easy to use, and available in an endless array of colors, cloth cubes can streamline the appearance of your work space while providing the storage you need.

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You can always reach for the unsung heroes of the craft world for your storage needs. Mason jars are classic, readily available, come in a huge variety of sizes, and add an undeniable charm to any craft room, whatever it is you decide to store in them.

4. Label, Label, Label

All the storage in the world won’t do you any good if you can’t find what you need quickly and easily. Don’t be afraid of labels! Once you have your labels in place, you’ll know at a glance if what you see is what you’re looking for.

Your label options are unlimited. You can create them on your computer in your favorite font and colors and print them directly onto adhesive sticker sheets. If you’re feeling more adventurous, grab a permanent marker in your favorite color and hand-letter your labels. A label maker can make custom labels in just moments.

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Not all labels need to be permanent. Chalkboard-style labels and chalk markers can be a fun way to label your craft supplies and keep your space neat and orderly. The labels can be wiped clean and reused, so if you have rotating craft supplies, it might be the right choice for you.

5. Mobile Crafting

Keep your options open. There might be a time when you’re stepping out of your regular crafting box and want to try something new. Maybe you need a different outlet or a surface that’s heat resistant.

A mobile craft cart like this one by Blue Hills Studio could be the solution to your needs. Whether you load it up for one specific task that takes you outside of your room on a regular basis or stock it for every individual craft, a moving storage unit could be just what you need to make the most of your crafting time.

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Before you choose your mobile cart, you’ll want to pay attention to the dimensions of both the craft cart and the other furniture in your craft room. If you plan ahead and choose wisely, your craft cart can slide under your working surface, freeing up valuable floor space in your craft room.

6. It’s Not All About Floor Space

Storage furniture and containers are great, but don’t forget that your walls provide useful space as well. Floating shelves can easily accommodate more containers, binders, books, and finished pieces.

A mounted pegboard can be a great place to hang ribbon, thread, scissors, and even open containers full of writing utensils. Pegboards are great for items that tend to get pushed to the back of a drawer. You can see everything at a glance, so there’s no more wasted time searching through boxes or bins.

Use scissors, pins, needles, metal bobbins, or other metal items? You might find a magnetic knife strip is the perfect thing to help you stay organized and keep your things within easy reach.

Magnetic Knife Strip w XL 18" Design- Powerful Magnet Wooden Knife Rack for Easy Wall Mounting-...
  • Magnetic Knife Rack- Extra strong magnetic strip keeps your knives and utensils secure and close at hand- free up valuable counter space!
  • Knife Strip- Protects your knives from nicks and dulling, and keeps them sharper and cleaner- better than a knife holder, block or stand!
  • Wooden Knife Rack- Crafted from all natural beech wood

If you think it’s the ideal storage solution for something you use that’s not metal, you can always add a magnet to your items with a little bit of glue. Like the pegboard, it’s a vertical storage solution that takes up a little bit of space while offering a lot!

Have more than enough storage room already? Your craft room is your private oasis to create. Enjoy it! Put up some art or meaningful pieces you’ve made on your walls and make your craft room pretty as well as functional.

7. Crafting Is More Than Just Supplies

Crafting supplies might take up a lot of your time and space, but you’ll also need to set aside room for resources you might not consider when thinking of your crafting tools. Take a good look at your crafting accessories and plan how to incorporate them in your space.

If you’re printing out patterns and looking up directions on the internet you’ll need a desk for your computer and printer. Books and binders full of patterns and techniques will need a place to call home. Add storage with a bookshelf that’s deep enough to hold your items without taking over the room.

If you like to listen to music or stream your latest obsession on the television, make sure you account for where those electronics will fit in your craft room as well. Plot out where you’ll have the television sit, or if you have the space, mount it on the wall.

Plug in a portable speaker for your phone, tablet, or computer, and you can have a sound system that taps into your existing electronics.

You’ll find you spend more time in your space doing what you love if you tick the little things off your list. Turn your craft room into your own inspiring place of creativity!

8. Crafting with Others

Crafting alone is great, but there are plenty of times you might want to invite someone to craft along with you. Whether you’re working on a joint project or just getting some social time in while working on individual projects, having a space that can accommodate two can be a lifesaver.

Limited on space? Folding chairs can be a great way to make room for others without hogging space in the room when they aren’t in use. Spray paint them a complementary color and hang them on the wall and you have an instant focal point as well as a useful item.

Robin 4-PC Folding Chair Set - Parent
  • Folding occasional chairs
  • Solid wood sturdy construction
  • Natural wood finish

If you have children keeping you company while you craft, give them their own corner. A child-sized table and basic art supplies can go along way to supporting future crafters—and giving you the time you need to craft as well!

Keep inviting them to craft with you and you won’t be surprised if you need to replace those crayons and coloring books with a little sewing machine in the future!

9. Stay Comfortable

You can’t craft if you’re uncomfortable. If you sit while you craft, make sure you invest in a supportive chair that won’t leave you hurting. This is one time where it’s in your favor to make sure it’s function over fashion.

If you don’t like the look of the chair you go with, consider a cute throw blanket, slipcover, or throw cushion. At the end of the day, you’ll be sitting in the chair—not looking at it.

Many crafters stand while working, and if that’s the case, look into an anti-fatigue mat that will ease some of the discomfort on your back and hips. If you both sit and stand, try to make two distinct spaces to keep comfortable.

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10. The Power of Light

Don’t underestimate the importance of good lighting. We can’t all be fortunate enough to have craft rooms with an abundance of natural light, or guaranteed daylight crafting hours. If you have access to those things, you’re one step ahead of the game! Even if you don’t, you can (and should) make your space as light and bright as possible.

Lighting can save you from headaches and eyestrain, and if you don’t have good lighting in your space, you might find those colors you put together don’t work quite as well as you thought.

Don’t waste your time or call it quits early. Instead, bring in plenty of light in a daylight-style bulb. Use both overhead and desktop lighting. An adjustable lamp means you can point the light right where you need it most and eliminate frustration.

You’ll find you can craft well into the night with excellent results with just a few new light fixtures and bulbs.

Extra lights may lead to some extra heat. Adding a fan during the warmer months is an easy and inexpensive way to ward off uncomfortable temperatures and keep you crafting.

Another handy and versatile product is a lighted magnifying glass.

11. Easy Cleanup Means More Time for Crafting

Scraps of fabric everywhere? Beads embedded in the carpet? Paint splatter? Whatever kind of mess your crafting leaves behind, having a floor that’s easy to clean up will get you back to the fun parts faster.

Skip the plush carpets and go with something that’s easy to sweep and mop. There are a whole range of options from engineered vinyl plank to wood or tile. With a little bit of research (and maybe a little bit of help!) you can have a new floor that entirely transforms your space in as little as a day.

12. Ambiance Is Everything

Don’t be afraid to make your craft room a place you want to be. Pick out a wall color you love. Add photos and art. If live plants are your thing, pick out a few to pop near the window. If Christmas lights and candles are more your speed, make sure there’s a spot for them on the shelf.

Set the stage to put your creativity in high gear and you’ll find you’re crafting more than ever!

The Craft Room of Your Dreams

Whether you choose to do it all or pick out one or two things you’d like to try, I hope you’ll go ahead and put that transformation you’ve been planning into action. Everyone deserves to have a space to call their own—it might as well be your crafting space!